The 3-foot rule is important, but for much more than enforcement ("Citing enforcement, council defers bike safety vote," The Daily News, Sept. 14). It's about awareness and showing that Galveston is a bicycle-friendly city. The ordinance, along with signage, will make drivers aware and, hopefully, entice them to follow the law.

It's enforceable, but unfortunately, the bicyclist has to be hit. Drivers can literally get away with murder because they can always blame it on the bicyclist. Yes, there are expensive devices that can check the distance, but you could also use the video from police cars to record an infraction. Those videos can be analyzed, and you can take measurements from it to calculate distances.

The city council needs to pass this ordinance if it is serious about making Galveston a bicycle-friendly town.

It's not about enforcement.

John Kirwin



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David Schuler

All laws are about enforcement. Otherwise it's simply an ineffective 'feel good' placebo that gives the impression of improved safety when in fact there is none. At least Council was smart enough not to pass the proposed ordinance and then publicly pat themselves on the back for a job well done.

Don Schlessinger

It ain't over David!

David Schuler

You are correct. Yet.

Steve Fouga

Then how about simply posting signs showing a rear view of a car passing a bike, with the distance between them labeled "3 ft," with no force of law? The almost universal signage showing a bicycle icon has no force of law, but it raises awareness among motorists that they might encounter bicycles.

George Croix

We are in extremely bad shape in this country if there are any people who do not already know they should not get close to a cyclist when driving. A 5 year old knows not to run his tricycle into another kid or somebody gets hurt.
The root cause problems look to be:
(a) inattention - just gotta do something besides watch the road while driving
(b) DGAS - just don't CARE about others, or, worse, enjoy scaring or even hurting people

Already got laws against (a), and (b) will always be among us...........

It doesn't HURT to post signs and try to 'raise awareness'....but one has to wonder why we've issued a license to drive and pilot 2000 pounds, plus, of vehicle if that person is so clueless they need to be told to not get near 200 pounds, plus, of bicycle and rider.....
It's waaaaay too easy to get a drivers license in this state....that's easily seen by just watching traffic merge onto or exit a freeway......

Jarvis Buckley

Everyone you see texting , while driving should be arrested & their car should be impounded. Take cell phones away permanently . Just my thoughts......

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