I enjoyed Bill Cherry’s letter about Roger "Bo" Quiroga’s bid for the mayor’s slot in Galveston ("Quiroga has the experience to lead Galveston," The Daily News, Oct. 9). I also have known Bo and the Quiroga family for years and they're a very good Galveston family.

Quiroga will make Galveston a very good mayor as he did the time he served before.

Then there are a few incumbents who have opponents such as Sen. John Cornyn, Rep. Randy Weber, State Sen. Larry Taylor, State Rep. Mayes Middleton, District Judge Lonnie Cox, District Judge Jared Robinson and Sheriff Henry Trochesset. I believe they've done a great job for Texas, Galveston County and the city of Galveston.

The old saying is, "if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it."

Yes, I've voted for President Trump already and just one of the big reason’s is we don’t need a socialist country. Stay safe. 

Eddie Janek



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Jack Cross

Good Article by Eddie Janek but it's unfortunate that the Galveston News Copy editor screwed his article up with the headline he put on it. Janek praised Bo Quorga for Mayor and supported his election. But the story headline said "If it's not broke don't change it" This could mean that the current acting Mayor should stay in office. but Eddie was referring to the list of state and national elected officials that he listed further down in his article.

Gary Miller

Jack> Janek provided a list of people to vote for we should carry when we go vote.

Jarvis Buckley

I agree mr. Miller! If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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