The letter by Carole Gard ("Republicans opposed, Democrats passed, COVID billions," The Daily News, Oct. 8) got my attention. I too agree that voters need to remember a lot of things on Election Day.

Remember the botched exit from Afghanistan; 13 dead Americans; loss of France as an ally; high gas prices; supply chain shortages; intrusion by the IRS into private bank accounts; FBI investigations of parents; and the invasion of criminal, unvaccinated illegal aliens.

Why hasn't Biden or Harris gone to our southern border? I'm sure there will be other things to recall on Election Day 2022 and 2024. Do you want to continue as a democracy or become a liberal/socialist Third World country?

Yes, voters need to remember.

James Cleveland

Texas City


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Claudia Burnam

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Charles Douglas

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David Hardee

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Don Schlessinger


George Laiacona

January 6th the day the wannabe Dictator Trump decided a coup was necessary to destroy our democracy. This is what voters need to remember come voting day. As long as the Republicans are infatuated with the TV celebrity we will have to accept the fact that the distortions of truth will continue. Very few Americans wish to change their minds as to what has happened, therefore we will have to wait for the results of the next election to see if we remain divided or try to return our democracy as to what it really should be.

Claudia Burnam

[thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown][thumbdown] When are you liberals going to admit that you are trying to turn this country into a socialist/communist nation? E G Wiley

Bailey Jones

When are you Trumpsters going to learn what the words "liberal", "socialist", and "communist" actually mean?

David Hardee

Those words mean you, George and any that voted for BIDEN and his covey of imbeciles. Biden's a money dispenser, a prompter reading puppet, stumbling, nepotistic/enabler to an addicted mooching family, and icon of inept management.

The liberals, communists and socialist voters are all the same as enemies of every democracy. These Biden voters should be rewarded with a the ownership of an illegal immigrant family, the inflated grocery bill, a chip less computer, an oscillating on off mask, and made read the 2700 page Infrastructure bill.

Then lets hear them praise their vote for Biden,

Don Schlessinger

We witness liberalism, socialism every day in America. Communism is the next step.

Paula Flinn

Say, Bailey, you forgot “Marxist.”

Trumpsters don’t like looking up words. They just like to call names because they are juveniles. They don’t argue valid issues, just spew childish name-calling.

Carlos Ponce

Liberals make up their own definitions to fit their narrative. Look at Merriam-Webster redefining "anti-vaxxer". Knowing whom they cater to discredits them.

David Hardee

Paula, like Bailey's rendition of other political and economic theories Marxism (Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, later developed by their followers to form the basis for the theory and practice of communism.) is an enemy of democracy.

Why Paula, as you flaunt frequently, being a teacher, would you mistake a theory as comparative to a system. Your and Baileys submissions are political and economic theories. Systems are operations like Absolute Monarchy (absolutism)

Limited Monarchy (Constitutional Monarchy), Representative Democracy., Direct democracy., Dictatorship., Oligarchy., Totalitarianism., or Theocracy.

A teacher should be more exact in producing a tutorial.

Paula, I entreated you, as a long time teacher, in a prior thread to produce a rendition on the conditions of teaching and education. Since you ignore the request let me give my experience and conclusions that you can respond to.

Several member of my family have thrilled me by going into teaching. All have eventually left because the profession is self serving and the student's learning is an incidental priority. The teaching activity since the legislation of the Great Society has become a unionized, administration top heavy, counseling, where students are transported, warehoused, fed and indoctrinated. schools are a bastion of weird curriculums, robotic syllabus and cultural racism. Certainly the objective of a school and the employed teachers is to produce a student that has been taught. So the bench mark of effectiveness is in the result of testing. If the students are not passing the tests the teacher was inept. Ergo the statistics reporting on the efficacy of education in the USA shows that the teachers are awful. Consequently any teacher that was active in the education system since the Great Society usurped our societies local control over education has collectively been part of a failed system.

More money for teachers, buildings and etc. have been the progressive liberals solution for the last 60 years with no success.

What is the need and or cause of the education systems failure, Paula.

Paula Flinn

David Hardee, I disagree with your entire premise about public education. Your relatives may have left the teaching professions for their own reasons.

There are many good public schools across the country, and great public school teachers who would rather teach than do anything else, ever. The system is not failing students. It is other things failing students that the teacher or a public school has to supply, like breakfast. A good teacher still tries to help every child reach his/her potential.

We cannot reach all children because of the many distractions in today’s society, but we try. Attendance is a problem. We have to accommodate every student, so there are special programs tailored to the needs of each child. Students who are willing to study and follow the rules will be able to achieve in schools, just like you did in your school setting.

I resent your saying that I “flaunt” the fact that I was a teacher. I have never “flaunted” that I was a teacher. It is not something teachers normally do.

People criticize our schools and teachers when they have never taught in front of 30 diverse young students in a classroom. I don’t tell others how to do their jobs. Most teachers are doing their best and care about the students first. I don’t know of any “self-serving” teachers. I believe what Gov. Ann Richards once told me is that, “Teaching is the most important job in the world.”

David Hardee

Okay Paula, If you were a teacher and your students got the lesson taught and passed the test, you proved you were, by the result, effective. But Paula on a general basis the education system in the NATIONAL results is proven by the results to have been awful, right?

The vocation of being a teacher is commendable and I like most applaud and appreciate their dedication. But when the conditions are set by controlling entities (government, school boards, unions) that are over time proven to be detrimental to the students results of learning the repetitive correction of more money has failed then the system needs fixing - i.e. start with getting rid of the federal intrusions, etc.. As a teacher with pride in her abilities and result you deserve to flaunt and you will be more aware of where the flaws are and more credible than us parents in making the powers react to constructive criticism. With all that said, if you are advocate to social engineering i,e, CRT, Identity indoctrination, WOK or social advancement, please stay away from impressionable minds, students.

Carlos Ponce

More Bizzaro World rhetoric from George Laiacona. What the Liberal press is reporting is a mixture of hyperbole and downright lies. But George believes....[rolleyes]

Charles Douglas

I would rather remember the year of 2021 where "Runaway Joe China", made a fool of himself & those who supported him by impersonating a leader, and setting the stage to bring-down & destroy what was probably the greatest, most powerful free nation which was ever assembled. He and his crew are systematically tearing down in short order, what it took hard, dedicated work, immeasurable sacrifices, blood, sweat, tears, lives lost, and decades.. to build! Those dead now who contributed to the greatness of America, must be turning over on their graves with disgust!

Ted Gillis

Don’t forget caravans, monuments, mask mandates, Hunter Biden, emails, birth certificates (long form), Benghazi, Lois Lerner. Those are just a few of the false outrages that come to mind when conservatives went to the polls the last few times.

Carlos Ponce

Ted Gillis - another Bizarro World denizen.

Jim Forsythe

If a person is a true Republican, they will not be voting in ’22 or ’24.

“If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020 (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented), Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24,” trump wrote. “It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.”

Bailey Jones

Jim, no one will be voting in 2022/24. Haven't you been following the Cult45 breadcrumbs? Trump is going to invalidate the 2020 election and regain the presidency. (Just you wait and see!) That can only happen by means of an extra-legal political action - i.e., another insurrection by this mob of conservatives/fascists/nazis/voldermorts/daleks (I understand from the EG and DH that words have no meaning and it's OK to randomly conflate vastly different political views). There won't be an America anymore - only Trumpistan, so no need to hold elections.

Oooh - maybe I should write a letter about this clear and present danger!

David Hardee

Bailey - you can understand this hopefully - your voting cadre has a president in office, Biden - RIGHT! So quit moaning and celebrate your victory. Tell us of the wonderful thing your president has accomplished so we can praise your accomplishment of electing Biden. Thump your chest with pride in being a Biden-eer.

As to your insurrection claim it fits perfectly with the your other parroting of the liberal concocted imagined renditions coming from Anderson Cooper, Lemon and Maddow, Shepard Smith and the other LGBTQetc, fouled mouths. CNN, MSNBC, PBS are filled with the deep throated personality's. One needs only to observe what is happening at the local level to known the conditions are foul. Murdering is everywhere, shoplifting is a privilege, schools are indoctrination centers, prices rise and commodities are scarce, babies are have no nuclear family and are aborted by thousand, public spectacles of females with a penis invade gyms, boys in skirts rape girls in school bath rooms, demonstration become riots - burn and plunder, hundred of thousand walk across the boarder with federal assistance, needles and feces from drug addicts and homeless foul sidewalks. All while pandering progressive liberal leaders blame society, want to appear benevolent with more money to squander.

The scowl on the faces of the couple you adopted to use for your ID tells the story of disgust for these times in our society. Horrid.

Word have meaning when they are appropriately used. It is your cult that bastardizes meanings like gay is now queer, replace gender specific pronouns as discriminations, white means racist, marriage is convolute, etc.. The intellectual linkage of liberalism, socialism and communisms is established as diametric opposed to democracy, Your presentation off these (conservatives/fascists/nazis/voldermorts/daleks) are also opposed to democracy, Ergo once more you jabber makes no sense, Go try again to create sensible retort.

Don't fear Trumpistan because as we recall the clarion was MAGA and that means returning to the democratic republic that was recognized as the "best hope of humanity.

Bidenistan where your vote has taken the USA is a swampland of pandering liberal/socialist/communist leaders. Shame on all of us for letting it happen.

Charles Douglas

[thumbup][thumbup] ...Home Run!!

Bailey Jones

"The scowl on the faces of the couple you adopted to use for your ID tells the story of disgust for these times in our society. " Now that's hilarious, David.

David Hardee

Many interpretations of "The American Gothic" have for 90 years been submitted. To depict them a scowling over the conditions today is consistent with the most popular interpretation of Wood's intent to portray "depression era" couple in that time of national stress. that national stress exist today. And across the country the is little humor and much scowling (an angry or bad-tempered expression).

Your hilarious comment resembles the giggling of our silly VP Kamala.

Claudia Burnam

You assume to much Bailey! E G Wiley

George Laiacona

Differences between the Republicans and Democrats will always be here . We can only hope that the intelligent Americans see just where the truths and untruths really are. January 6th showed us just where the Republicans stand as far as democracy is concerned. Now all we can do is hope that the next voting day will settle some arguments.

Charles Douglas

I will cover your January the sixth, and raise you the year 2021! Remember the South Border? Yeah, where Joe China told the world's crooks, drug cartels, Sex Trafficking experts, and every illegal who can get here "TO COME!" There were no requirements for masks or tests for the Red China Virus, nor were there any pre-qualifiers for having VACCINATIONS!

Remember the mass killing of Americans going on even now, in Afghanistan caused by Joe China leaving them behind so he could stick his chest out on 911 ....claiming he stopped a war? Remember all the looting and killing in Democratic Strongholds where Old women were being kicked around and beaten with 2x4s during the summer riots when Democrats, even Kamala Harris were raising bail money to get those few who were locked up out of jail?

Remember your President stabbing the Leader of France in the back with a submarine deal with Australia and the NATO Leader of France withdrew his Ambassador in disgust? Remember that? Remember Joe China shutting down the Keystone Pipeline coming out of Canada costing thousands of jobs, but helped Russia finish theirs bringing millions of gallons of oil/gas to Europe, and putting millions & millions of dollars in Germany's and Russia's pockets to boot? Remember that? Remember how Trump had us energy independent with gasoline under $3 a gallon? Remember when we did not have to beg the SAUDIS to pump more oil to cover our butts? Remember the billion dollar deal the bank of China gave Hunter Biden & the Big Guy? You didn't think I was gonna forget that one did You? Remember the Big Sum of change Hunter & Joe got from the Mayor of Moscow, Russia's wife?

Remember the Lt. Colonel who Joe had arrested without being charged with anything? Remember the solider who risked his life on the walls at the Afghanistan airport lifting a baby across to safety, and then returned home to be investigated by the FBI for going to a Trump rally? I bet you don't remember none of this! Do you? Do you remember when bacon was at a decent price in this nation & taxes along with inflation was at decent levels? What happened? Can yall see any of what going on? Also as far as January 6th, who was that Black guard who was quick on the trigger and shot that lady coming through a glass window unarmed? Why was his name withheld for six months? IF that was a clean shooting ( and it was not ) ....what was there to hide? Oh talk back to me if you can!!!!!! That womam, was not protesting any more violent as what BLM, ALTIFA were doing in Portland and Minnesota, and they was not gundowned! So why was the lady shot, and why all the trouble and effort to hide what happened? I'll wait................[whistling]

Paula Flinn

Just twisted, spinning logic and thinking, Charles. You might be credible to some people here, but not all. As long as you call President Biden “Joe China,” I don’t believe a word you say.

Very lucky the Capitol Police did not kill more people breaking and entering the Capitol Building which was closed to the general public that day, for obvious reasons. That building belongs to everyone, not just the people willing to destroy and desecrate it to get in there shouting, “Get Pelosi,” and “Hang Pence,” and using American flags and their fists as weapons.

Carlos Ponce

"You might be credible to some people here, but not all. " Can't fix stupid.

Carlos Ponce

The Liberal posts remind me of Ronald Reagan's quote: “It isn't so much that Liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”

Jim Forsythe

Since you like Ronald Reagan's quotes, here are a few more.

“In the last few decades we have indulged in a great program of social progress with many welfare programs. I’m sure that most of us in spite of the cost wouldn’t buy many of these projects back at any price. They represented forward thinking on our part.”

“Any person in the United State who requires medical attention and cannot provide for himself should have it provided for him.” That year, he supported an alternative to Medicare called the Kerr-Mills Act that gave federal funds to states so they could help poor senior citizens pay for medical care, even writing to a longtime friend that “if the money isn’t enough I think we should put up more.”

“Those who, through no fault of their own, must depend on the rest of us” would be exempt from budget cuts.

Carlos Ponce

First quote was from 1958.

Second from 1961.

Last quote "Those who through no fault of their own must depend on the rest of us, the poverty-stricken, the disabled, the elderly, all those with true need, can rest assured that the social safety net of programs they depend on are exempt from any cuts.''

The social programs up to 1961 cannot be compared to what has incurred since 1961.

And Jim LEFT OFF " the poverty-stricken, the disabled, the elderly" from the third quote. Hmmmm... No need to wonder why he left that part off.

Jim, who do you think you're fooling? It makes you look like a con artist.

Bailey Jones

Jim, America always does better when it elects a real actor rather than an amateur reality TV star.

Cultists will object to your statement “Those who, through no fault of their own, must depend on the rest of us." In Trumpopolis poor people are poor on their own account - so they get nothing.

Carlos Ponce

Again, more nonsense from Bailey.

Charles Douglas

"Don't ever underestimate Joe's ability to to [censored]..things up!"...Barack Obama.

This is the first time I have ever agreed with Obama on anything, but I got to say he "KNOCKED THIS THING OUTTA THERE!"

Charles Douglas

How about that $6 a gallon gasoline Ace? That good? That good for the poor? How about the "PO?" Oh better do what I said back in January, put on your seatbelts and BUCKLE your helmets, for JOE CHINA is just getting started!!! Seems like this "Buckerroo"is going to be stepping on the very individuals who he conned into voting for him!

George Laiacona

It very much humors me when I see comments that included the words socialist, communist, and Marxism included in their choice of words They evidently have never read or understand our constitution. Our founding fathers intended to keep those policies as well as Dictatorship out of our Constitution therefore protecting our democracy. Naïve commenters are trying to make us think that the Republicans will be able to rewrite the constitution in order to include these policies. For 200 years political leaders have tried but failed to change our Constitution. Ted Trumpers came close on January 6th, but our Patriotic leaders quelled the coup.

Carlos Ponce

There was no coup on January 6. The coup occurred November 3.

David Hardee

Mr. Laiacona, please stick to your bloviating and moaning about Trump and the Jan. 6 insurrection. You have a constituency there and consequently have some standing. You have elected your president Biden, and the Jan. 6 participants have been subjected to the Department of Justices most atrocious conduct.

Those that wander into discussions on subjects that require other than opinion and hypothesis calls into service the Peter Drucker principle - people tend to rise to “their level of incompetence.”

Mr. Laiacona, there are some items in your statement that require clarification. You say, “For 200 years political leaders have tried but failed to change our Constitution. But the history is, “More than 11,000 amendments to the Constitution of the United States have been proposed, but only 27 have been ratified. The first 10 amendments, known as the Bill of Rights, were ratified in 1791.”

Please note George - the ratification of the Constitution was On June 21, 1788, the Constitution became the official framework of the government of the United States of America when New Hampshire became the ninth of 13 states to ratify it. ... Until the new Constitution was ratified, the country was governed by the Articles of Confederation.

Also, George - A modern dictatorship did not exist till 1789 when Napoleon Bonaparte is the first modern dictator. Napoleon was a general during the French Revolution, a period of huge social and political upheaval in the country. Beginning in 1789, France evolved from a monarchy to a republic, and then to an empire.Apr 2, 2008

Also - Marxism, Communism originated in 1864. The first self-conscious socialist movements developed in the 1820s and 1830s.

Ergo their was no fear of Dictatorship or other philosophies of governance.

As to the FEARS of the founding fathers - The founding fathers feared that the government they had created would destroy itself. They also feared that an existing Monarchy might invade and overthrow the government.

Consequently the founding fathers - They rejected a pure democracy because the common man was too selfish (want free stuff) to be trusted to constantly vote for the good of the country. So they opted for a democratic REPUBLIC so the common man voted for an honorable accomplished man to be THEIR STATE and DISTRICT representative in the federal government.

In summary - The collective fear - was that the stupidity of the population in using the democracy of voting and a corrupted electoral college could destroy the REPUBLIC (states rights) and give too much POWER to the FEDERAL.

Well let's consider how prophetic the founding fathers were in anticipating a government destroying itself relative to what voters have elected as leaders.

1, the size and power of the federals has grown exponentially and the states rights and citizens personal freedoms have been usurped.

2. The federal Great Society has accomplished control over the Health, Education and Welfare of the citizens

3.The population has been identified by segments in the constitution as to races, colors, religions, genders and sexual peculiarity for entitlements and or privileges.

4. Selfish is rampant as the segments of the population are groveling for FREE STUFF. 5.Pandering leaders are enticing the invasion of the country by opening the boards to any that want to walk across and become a ward of the taxpayers

6. The trust in government can be illustrated by the fact the last 3 presidential elections have been fiascos that have created animosities that are daily reflected across the country - and on this and other media comment sections.

Seems the founding fathers were prophetic since we are now experiencing a selfish population consuming itself with the FREE STUFF that is pandered by the progressives' liberal leaders and use to get votes.

Shame on us.

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