County Judge Mark Henry claims to have saved Galveston County money under his reign, but did he? Henry voted to raise my property tax up to 25 percent resulting from Hurricane Harvey. He cast a deciding vote to refuse my property value reappraisal. I paid property tax on the full value of my house four months after the house had 2-feet of water destroying property value and still living in an RV.

Galveston County has the highest tax rate of all the surrounding counties. The county taxes on an average home increased 35 percent, 2010 to 2017. He hired an expensive international legal firm for nearly $1.5 million needlessly to defend himself against a temporary restraining order since the county already spends $1.6 million on six full-time in-house attorneys.

When Tax Assessor/Collector Cheryl Johnson was named in a federal lawsuit in 2012 by an ACORN affiliate “Voting for America,” at that time Henry only allowed the assistance of an in-house staff attorney to defend the Galveston County Voter Registrar’s Office and Johnson.

Regardless of all the rhetoric, expensive political signs, political postcards showing up in my mailbox, truth matters for my bottom line.

K.C. Broyles

League City


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Mark Stevens

Now about those legal "fees"...The expression among lawyers is "cutting a fat hog." I've seen the bill summaries and much of the itemized (but redacted) time sheets. To give one example, a single lawyer in one month (August 2015) billed over $98,000 for "analyzing" something which was redacted. When the lead lawyer in Houston wanted to talk to his "appellate" guy in Austin, did he phone, email or Skype? Heck, no!! He flew the guy down to Houston, then back to Austin, and billed for the travel. 3 hours down, 3 back. And then did the same thing a few days later--at $470 per hour. Do the math.
Mark W. Stevens

Pete Nanos

Yes, by doing something most government officials don't have the courage to do. He eliminated 5 JP's and related positions in Galveston County. Anyone who reduces the size of government has my vote. The only complaint I have is that he removed Nelson and left in Schwitzer. We have the opportunity to rectify that in this election.

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