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Carlos Ponce

This Letter does not help things. It's mean spirited.

Gary Scoggin

Thanks for illustrating Mr. Love’s point with your inane comment.

Raymond Lewis

Mean spirited?? Someone evidently wrote before they read.

Charles Douglas

Come together? No thank yall! Coming together like this? With yall? Yall hate everything connected to conservatism and have demonstrated it the whole time TRUMP was in charge until yall railroaded him out AND NOW YALL WANT TOGETHERNESS? Ahhha-hahaha. That is sooooooah rich! I know some conservatives act stupid and trusting most times by walking along with RADICALS but that does not mean we all are monolithic....like that. So yall seem to have power now so you have a taste for togetherness? Lololo, Remember that old story about the Frog and the Scorpion at the river, when the Scorpion came to the river, knowing he could not swim and made a deal with the Frog to let him ride across on the frog's back? Well sir they got three quarters of the way across before the Scorpion couldn't resist his inborn desire to sting, so he did it right behind the frog's head. The frog screamed in pain, and asked, " Why did you do that,...now we both gonna die?" The scorpion said, "You stupid fool you knew I was a scorpion when I crawled up and asked you for a ride!" The moral of the story, looking at the vicious double-crossing, spying, fraud, and HOAX ...treatment pulled on TRUMP by the LEFT,...keep your togetherness or sell it to the Chinese! I consider this my most polite mode of saying this because of the kids who might be looking on.

Jeremy Hope

Charles, thank you for your honesty. Neither side is a monolith and generally, the country is in the center, neither far right or far left on any particular issue. Republicans use the far left as though they speak for all Democrats and Democrats use Trump as though he speaks for all Republicans which we know is not true, on either side. Democracy is about debate, and debate can be heated, but as long as we are debating ideas and not attacking people's character, we will come out somewhere in the middle. You may get the better side of the deal this time and I may get the better side next time, but we move the country forward. Nobody is going to let this Country become Communist, nor Fascist, Socialist, nor Autocratic. The pendulum swings every 2 , 4, or 8 years, but it swings through the middle twice as often as it spends on the left or the right. We don't "come together" in that we agree on a particular idea, but we can come together for our Country because we all agree on that. Just one more thing, I believe the scorpion didn't attack the frog's character, I believe he said, "I couldn't help it, it's my nature!"

Carlos Ponce

Raymond Lewis. It is mean spirited. Does "I believe Republicans would lead the U.S. through Donald Trump to an autocratic dictatorship." sound like a love poem? I guess if you are a Liberal loon it does.[whistling]

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hope with all due respect I think you should look at what's going on in California, New York, and other places where laws & values are changing to accommodate socialism in this country. Somebody better hurry and head that off.

This country is moving toward Socialism everyday as much as I hate to admit it. However, I will give your assessments the benefit of the doubt, but I fully expect that with all the Congress people, Media, Billionaires, & sportspeople in bed with China, & Russia, the Road to Socialism here is well on the way. Other countries and people living there probably thought the same thoughts as you, but they live in under communist or socialist governments now. Think on that.

Bailey Jones

I agree. I know for a fact that my conservative neighbors would be there for me in an emergency, as I would for them. We must come together if we are to heal this country. The problem is that we see the world differently. Part of that is just the nature of a "liberal" personality vs a "conservative" personality. That gulf is easy to bridge. Just as I don't need to understand why two people are attracted to each other in order to honor their right to their relationship, I don't need to understand why someone believes in X or Y policy in order to respect their right to hold that opinion.

And we need each other. Left and right are yin and yang. Gas pedal and brake. We define ourselves by what we are not. And both perspectives are valuable.

The larger issue - the new problem - is that we live in different realities. Conspiracy theories run rampant. QAnon, for instance. The far left and the far right follow alternative dystopian realities, each with their own version of history and their own heroes and villains. It can be challenging to find common ground with someone who believes in a reality that you know is not true. You can be civil - but it's harder to be respectful.

Letters like the one referenced are not helpful. I know who the radical left is - it's me. Labels like godless, socialist, and communist, or fascist, Nazi, and totalitarian are not useful in creating a dialog. These are words you use when you want to demonize and dehumanize people you don't agree with, not when you want to find common ground. I don't claim to be innocent of this.

Let's talk about ideas. Let's talk about policies. You may want less immigration than I do, but we both want control over our borders. You may want fewer government services than I do, but we both want honest and efficient use of our tax money. You enjoy socialist programs like social security, Medicare, and a public school system, and I enjoy the benefits of a capitalist economy. We can talk about how to fund social security and our schools, and what constitutes reasonable regulation of our corporations.

But none of this is possible if one side sincerely believes that the other side is less than equal, less than valuable, and less than the "all men" endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.

I don't know what to do about conspiracy thinking - I honestly do not understand it - yet it's rampant even in my own family. I don't know what to do about the demagoguery that plagues our politics. I don't know how to convince people to turn away from radicalizing talking heads who feed a steady diet of hate and dehumanization. But I do know that engaging each other in the real world of political policy is something that all of us can do. And I hope that we can do more of that in the future.

A couple of resources that I've found helpful in attempting to understand the other side are this article in The Conversation - https://theconversation.com/coronavirus-responses-highlight-how-humans-are-hardwired-to-dismiss-facts-that-dont-fit-their-worldview-141335 and the short book Patriots of Two Nations: Why Trump Was Inevitable and What Happens Next by Spencer Critchley. If you are of the conservative persuasion, I recommend the much longer A Promised Land by Barack Obama for a glimpse (who am I kidding, it's Obama so it's a dissertation) into the ideology that underpins the "leftist" worldview.

But coming together requires one thing that is in very short supply these days - the ability to acknowledge even the possibility that you might be wrong.

Gary Scoggin

Well said, Bailey

Paula Flinn

Excellent letter, Bill & Excellent response, Bailey!

Carlos Ponce

Bailey posts, " but we both want control over our borders" Apparently Bailey did not hear Biden's promise for NO deportations.

Don Schlessinger


Gary Scoggin

As usual, Carlos can’t see the forest for the leaves. He has nothing substantive to say so he nit picks.

Carlos Ponce

You too, Gary Scoggin. Sit back and watch God at work.

Jeremy Hope

Thank you for this!

Craig Mason

Wow Carlos, that is not what I took from that at all. What I got from that letter, is that we each have a personal responsibility to foster relationships, even with people we don't agree with. I disagree with you on almost everything, but I know we probably agree on a lot of things and I bet a few of those things are probably freedom of speech and freedom of religion and the 2nd amendment. I enjoy reading your comments and respect your right to express your thoughts. Americans in general, have much more in common than they probably think.

Carlos Ponce

So Craig Mason likes "I believe Republicans would lead the U.S. through Donald Trump to an autocratic dictatorship"? It's mean spirited.

Craig Mason

That is his opinion, that is in contrast to the letter writers opinion of democrats leading the country to socialism. I didn't think it was mean spirited at all, just his thoughts. By the same token I don't think the letter writers opinion of democrats as socialists is mean spirited either, just his opinion.

Carlos Ponce

"That is his opinion" which is MEAN SPIRITED.

Craig, you don't find the statement mean spirited because based on your previous posts you are a Trump hater and agree with it.

Emilio Nicolas

The far left and right, extremists, leave no room for the majority of Americans that are in the middle. Use of fear tactics, such as claiming we are on a road to Communism, Godlessness, etc. are an example of extremism and should be given no respect for their divisive and irrational intention. Those of us in the middle are tired of the constant whining, yes, from both extremes, but mostly from the radical right.

Craig Mason

Good Point Emilio, I have been saying that for a while as well. As the parties have gone further left and right they have abandoned many people in the middle.

Dan Freeman

Thank you, Bill Love and Bailey Jones. I may or may not agree with what I read in this and other forums, but respectful commentary gives a path to a positive future.

Charles Douglas

Is that what I've been reading on this forum concerning DJ Trump? Naw I didn't think so! It just like I stated above! " We RADICALS have power now ...So lets get together!" "Let's roll as one..now THAT we have the power!" No, No I say! Lolo.

Charles Douglas

I see where they just voted to strip Abraham Lincoln's name of a local high school in California! They say he did not deserve his name to be memorialized like that. See, as I said on another thread, they have linked Trump and Lincoln together with insatiable, unconscionable hate of the worst kind!

I guess Old Abe should have left those SLAVES ...in slavery! He would have RATED more love than he is getting! If Trump had kept those Historical Black Universities coming to DC like OBAMA'NEM did year after year begging for money, or kept minorities on welfare, and food stamps, and locked up in prisons unjustly, he would have cruised into another four year term too! Well, just goes to show you, "POBODY IS NERFECT!" Lololo.

Where is HUNTER? Swalwell? How bout "Fang-Fang?" Fang-Fang is a patriot ...bring her back....she fits right in with where we are now. I am glad my kids are grown and out of these sub-par PC Laden schools who brow-beat and intimidates kids to believe they are inferior because of the color of their skin or to believe they are racist because they are White!

They make up stuff and when reality does not fit their narrative, they simply change history or the past by tearing down what can be seen and eradicating and expurgating what cannot be seen! Ahhh what a country! WHAT A NATION!!!!!

Jack Cross

Putting aside the love for each other I would like to make some points.

1. Mr. purpose for for submitting the letter was to express his disagreement about

Bill Fullen's concern for the country's turn to the left and adopting socialist


2. That being the case, then isn't it fair to assume that Bill Fullen and the other writers

on this issue in this thread don't think the country is or will be moving toward

socialisms under a Biden administration.?

Have we not forgotten the democrats own words? Didn't every presidential

candidate pledge to give free heath care to illegals?

Joe Bided just announced that he was going to give citizenship to the 11 million

DACA immigrants. They have been using that 11 million figure for 20 years,

twenty or 30 million may be a more accurate number.

The democratic socialists' have quite a laundry-list of promises with enormous costs: "Free college" ($807 billion); Social Security expansion ($188 billion); single-payer health care ($32 trillion); guaranteed jobs at $15 per hour plus benefits ($6.8 trillion); infrastructure ($1 trillion); student loan debt forgiveness ($1.4 trillion). Economist estimate this cost alone totals $ 44.5 over 10 years.

To vote for socialism is to vote for national bankruptcy, a loss of freedom, a lower standard of living and an end to innovation. And be forewarned: As Venezuelans, Zimbabweans and Nicaraguans are now discovering, once socialists control things, they never give up power peacefully.

This is what democrats tell us they want to do. Bill Fullen is concerned, Bill Love sees no problem here. You Decide.

Don Schlessinger


Jack Cross

In the first sentence Add Love behind Mr. and Substitute Bill love in place of Bill Fullen.


Michael Moriarty

When Government contractors came to Galveston to clean up after Ike, that was "Socialism!" Socialism exists at nearly every level of American life. Recent COVID related payouts to individuals and businesses, some very large and profitable businesses, is socialism. And, similar examples exist throughout our history, at least since the Great Depression. Are we all "Communists?" I think not!

Carlos Ponce

What percent ARE "Communists", Michael Moriarty?

Gary Scoggin

There are a lot fewer Communists than there are right-wing wackos, I can tell you that.

Carlos Ponce

And there are a lot more Communists who call themselves Democrats than that, Gary Scoggin.

Charles Douglas

I am appalled at the number of Radical LEFT Congress people who have become SPIES for China! China has tracked and handled Eric Swalwell every since he was in city government! The minute he got to DC, with no experience and no knowledge, he was place on the most powerful, sensitive, committee on the Hill, by Nancy Pelosi! Why? I will tell you why! China has a firm grip on California! They have more SPIES IN CALIFORNIA than anywhere else in America! This is why Nancy placed Swalwell on the Powerful Intelligence Committee, because she was told to by China! That means she is being handled by China to and Swalwell probably knew it, or He had been told! China brags about how they have America staked out over an ant-hill.

China pays the salaries of many people working for Big Tech! They give billions to Big American Universities like Harvard, & Yale, so thryncsn send thousands of Student Spies over here to steal secrets! They pay absurd salaries and product deals to the NBA players and League Officials! Which means they are bought and paid for! So are those in Hollywood! China censors many of Hollywood's pictures and tell them what to cut or how to edit! This is one reason when Trump criticized China in the beginning of the Pandermic outbreak, Pelosi rushed down to CHINA TOWN kissing [censored] ..like it was no tomorrow defending China! She was all out in the streets inviting people to come out and PARTY with her! Fang-Fang was a handler who made Swalwell employ other Chinaese spies in his operations, and she got smooth out of the country after being discovered without being arrested or questioned, which means the FBI was not doing their job! Now,...Wonder Why?

Bill Broussard

Charles. Ever wonder how pure and un-Chinese infiltrated we might have stayed were it not for Richard Nixon? In retrospect, we can be pretty sure he was handled by Fang-Fangs grandmother Why, I bet Nixon’s Southern strategy came directly from Beijing

Carlos Ponce

What you write is unsubstantiated speculation, Bill. When Nixon went to China is was to de-escalate Chinese and American tension, nothing more. While several presidents contributed to the Chinese trade negotiation dominance there are two which stick out as more "in bed" with the Chinese. You have Bill Clinton who relaxed the prohibition of selling high powered computers to China. Prior to that the Chinese lacked adequate missile and rocket guidance. After that Barack Obama in the span of eight years managed to allow China to dominate in trade to the detriment of American jobs and workers. Republican presidents, however, made this possible through trade negotiations but Clinton and Obama are the clear winners leading to Chinese dominance.

Bill Broussard

Of course its unsubstantiated, Carlos. Its meant to be funny and ironic and while Nixon did go to calm troubled waters, he also is credited with opening trade on what was then a very primitive society. As I recall, he got high marks for that.

I just get so very tired of all this 007 stuff that seems to preoccupy our minds while its very apparent that History and time really does not have favorites but rather cycles consisting of creation, maintenance and dissolution.

I think the US is in a maintenance part of our cycle and we best attend to economics, principles, Founders vision and preservation of Freedoms inside of the day to day forces--like a pandemic-that threaten to move us to the dissolution part of the cycle.

We have too much to do and concern ourselves with other than look for monsters under our bed or worry if some nondescript California Congressman ate rice noodles.

As a country,we have about as much chance of going full blown Mao as we do of winning the World Bank lottery so we best get on with what we can control and quit these idiotic diversions. My god, if we listen to this blog, we should all be practicing hiding under school desks like we did in the 50's.

Here's a question for you Carlos. You seem to b a man of letters.Why do you not write an editorial or two instead of lurking in the blogs. I b3t a few folks would like that. Have you ever submitted an Editorial?

Carlos Ponce

Bill, an editorial is written by an EDITOR. I am not an editor. Looks like you are confused.

Ted Gillis

You conveniently forget to mention Mitch McConnell and his wife's Chinese business connections.

Bill Broussard

Not confused except by your refusal to put your ideas out for public review. Try this: 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for editorial, like: essay, column, commentary, article, editor, editoral, Op-Ed piece, exposition, newspaper column, journalistic and newspaperish.

Pick one but keep it to 500 words. Oh, and enclose a snapshot cause I’m sure we all would love to see ya

Carlos Ponce

Bill, my ideas are out for public review unless you do not consider those of us who choose to express our ideas on these forums part of the "public".

Definition of "editorial":

n. An article in a publication expressing the opinion of its editors or publishers.

n. A commentary on television or radio expressing the opinion of the station or network.

adj. Of or relating to an editor or editing.

Yes, indeed. You are confused.

Ted Gillis

Oh gosh, do we really have to see his face?

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