It’s not about Artist Boat, kayaks, or trailer storage for a marina.

A Planned Unit Development allows flexibility within the constraints of zoning. In addition to adding value to a property and its developer, a PUD should add value to the community and the neighborhood where it’s located.

Potential benefits of a PUD to a community include neighborhood improvements, efficient site design and usage, additional or preserved open space, lower costs for street construction, or lower maintenance costs for the municipality.

A poor reason for issuing a PUD is to use it as a mechanism to clean up a mess, or to bring non-compliant properties into compliance by changing the rules.

The PUD then rewards the property owner’s non-compliance, increasing the utility and the market value of the property at cost to the value and integrity of the neighborhood.

The neighbors and neighborhoods who fought for residential zoning during the Land Development Regulations revision pay the price today and for the future, long after the current tenants leave, or the property is sold. The PUD stays, the neighbors are stuck with whatever and whoever comes next, and the property owner learns that pushing the regulatory envelop is OK.

Paul Sivon



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Don Schlessinger

Well said Mr. Sivon. To me it's a shame that homeowners, having made the effort to buy and maintain residential property, have to contend with a NON-PROFIT NON TAX PAYING INTITY reducing the value of your home. But we must remember Galveston homeowners are at the bottom of the food chain in the eyes of the city.

Allison Buchtien

The area around the property in question is not exactly all residential. Diagonal from the property in one direction is Kempner Park and the other direction is a church that takes up a whole block. GISD's football stadium is just a block away as well. This property has been a school and a church in the past. I doubt they paid much taxes either.

Don Schlessinger

Call me old fashion, but schools, churches and parks are things you expect in a neighborhood.

George Croix


Allison Buchtien

You just mentioned non profits and non tax paying organizations. So pretty much anything accept Artist Boat would be acceptable? I have a corner store/meat market around the corner from me. I think it's a great asset to the neighborhood.

Don Schlessinger

Gee Allison, I thought I made a point that churches, schools, and parks what we expect.

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