Recent weeks have been filled with discussions of adding city marshals to answer complaints at short-term rentals at a cost of about $2 million annually. The city is considering the cost could be paid by annual fees on the owners of short-term rentals.

How absurd.

There is no data to show short-term rentals have more police complaints about trash and disorderly conduct than hotels, or private homes, or residents, or day tourists.

I have had a short-term rental on the island for several years and there has never been a complaint filed on our property.

Where is personal responsibility for businesses and homeowners?

If a property is having numerous complaints filed against it, the city should issue the homeowner or violator a warning or a fine.

Before the city considers a solution, it needs to spend time to determine whether a problem really exists.

Lynn Donovan 



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Don Schlessinger

"Where is personal responsibility for businesses and homeowners?" There is no personal responsibility that's why we need our Constables' help.

Bill Broussard

Council is a legislative body. Marshals and police are enforcement bodies. As things stand right now, the absence of str legislation give marshall’s little to enforce at the property level other than “ please turn down the volume. Thank you”

The real constraints reside in the rental agreement between the owner and renter. It would take a private security force paid for by property owner to enforce the rental agreement. The west end has such a group called GARM made up of off duty law offices and paid for be charges made to the renter if the owner uses one of five realty agencies to lease.

The core problem is to get this milk toast council to legislate anything that benefits residents. See council, in America legislation typically come before enforcement and right now there is precious Little $2 Mm worth of new Marshals can enforce

How much ya wanna bet that when tougher legislation becomes the topic this council drops it like a hot potato. Remember the Golf Carts!

George Laiacona

Marshals is not the reason. City council needs to survey and document just who is actually a vacation rental land lord. With this list they can send out a couple of law enforcement officers to make sure renters are using the properties. An ordinance can be made the legal way of auditing the books.

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