Paul Sivon’s entreaty, that getting rid of beach trash cans would ensure their cleanliness, is pure fantasy ("Want a trash-free beach? Get rid of the trash cans," The Daily News, Sept. 9).

The cleanest place in America is Disney World, where in the entire park one will never be more than 30 feet from a receptacle. Sivon is unfortunately under the impression that being punitive creates the world he wants to see.

We agree it’s imperative to create a culture of caring for the beach, but I believe in leading by example. Creating more cleanliness infrastructure provides guests the opportunity to do the right thing.

Does Sivon suggest our money is better spent paying police overtime for ticketing? Surely the money it would take to increase police enforcement of littering would be better spent adding trash cans and sanitation runs.

Not to mention the selective enforcement that comes with minor infractions would likely put Galveston back in national headlines. Getting rid of trash cans communicates that we don’t care enough as a community to do the work, and we seek only to punish our guests.

If trash collection is under budget, then there are better ways to fix it. Adding trash cans will make beaches cleaner, draw more visitors and increase city coffers.

Coral Beach



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Bailey Jones

I agree. I remember reading that Walt Disney studied other amusement parks before opening the original Disneyland. One of the things he noticed was how littered they were - so he designed Disneyland specifically to make it easier to keep litter off the ground. One rule is that every Disney employee agrees to pick up any trash they see - even Mickey. We don't have an army of costumed movie characters on our beaches for some reason, but placing more trashcans will encourage beach goers - especially our locals who go regularly - to pick up a piece of litter and carry it to the next trashcan they pass. The more litter there is the more entitled slobs feel to add to it. Easier access to trashcans makes it easier to keep the beaches clean - and the cleaner the beach is, the less people will feel that it's OK to litter.

Paul Sivon

The fantasy is reality in many Parks and beaches throughout the USA and Canada. Disneyland does not have high tides spilling their cans and their visitors pay an arm and a leg to use their facility. Here, the City pays an arm and a leg to pick up and dispose of trash. It has become the normal for some to consider the removal of a subsidy as punishment, I’m not in that camp. I would take more police over more trash cans any and every day, but that wouldn’t be needed.

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