A bipartisan majority of the U.S. Senate voted that it’s constitutional to impeach a former president. This was consistent with precedent established in prior impeachments. A large majority of the constitutional scholars, including many well-respected conservatives, agreed.

The vote also adds weight to possible future impeachments. Hypothetically, if President Biden commits impeachable acts so late in his term that proceedings couldn't be concluded prior his leaving office, Congress would properly rely, at least in part, on the recent vote as supporting impeachment.

Members of both parties would almost certainly treat the issue of constitutionality as resolved.

If constitutionality would be a non-issue in the future, based on this precedent, why have some senators continued to lean on asserted unconstitutionality in this year’s impeachment proceedings? Is this simply an excuse to avoid having to vote on the actual merits of the case?

In February 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. observed: "On some positions cowardice asks the question, is it safe? Expediency asks the question, is it politic? Vanity asks the question, is it popular? But conscience asks the question, is it right?"

Look at our senators’ votes, and judge for yourself which considerations appear to govern their decisions.

Jack Evins



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Larry Grissom

The Cowardice began long before the vote on impeachment

George Laiacona

I don’t believe being a coward really fits the Republican Congressmen. The word should be true loyalty to their party no matter what. Being an American Patriot isn’t in there vocabulary. They are greed stricken. Money in their pockets is more important than anything else. Is there any poor politicians?

Diane Turski

Spineless cowards!

domenico nuckols

Yes yes we

Gary Miller

Chief Judge Roberts indicated any impeachment vote was un constitutional when he refused to attend. liberals have again chose to violate the constitution. They do it as often as they can manufacture any kind of excuse to cover it.

Gary Miller

67 yes votes were required to conjvict. All the senators voting no should have refused to vote on basis any vote was un constitutional. Republican Senators who voted yes will be replaced ASAP.

domenico nuckols

All the Senators who voted no should be investigated by the FBI for being a Russian agent

Charles Douglas

I will agree to that investigation of Consrvatives in the Senate who voted to end that fake-@$$ Impeachment, if the FBI First investigate all XI JINPING'S bought and paid for, unpatriotic clowns who are impersonating Senators & Represitatives in Congress as Liberals! I will put pen to paper on that! I will do that as soon as I get out of this Beijing JOE gasoline line he has created by killing fossil fuel jobs and putting union workers, African-Americans, & Hispanics out of work and back on extended unemployment, welfare, and.food stamps!

That is right out of Ole Lyndon B. Johnson's playbook for controlling (n*@#$ ) .....& ( w^%#&&$)! The Communist Junta who controls Beijing Joe wants to isolate the middle class so Minorities won't rise up into prosperity, and forget how to vote for the Radical LEFT! He is flooding our southern borders now with new voters! I'm so glad I walked off that Democratic Plantation some years ago!!!!! I could not handle that Liberal love they dispense out to minorities with a smile!

Bailey Jones

This is the problem with demagogues. When a political party abandons principles for personality, all is cast aside except fealty to the leader. I remember when social security was referred to as "the third rail of politics". Now it's this abominable X. Attack it and be prepared to lose your political life.

You'll notice that the few who do dare to remark on the emperor's clothes are mostly either retiring or not up for re-election in 2022. We need more of that - maybe term limits will give the spineless one less reason to cower in the dark.

Charles Douglas

[thumbup][thumbup] I agree Mr. Jones! People like Big Mitch, Nancy Pelosi, Crybaby Chuck Schumer, Mitt Da Spit, Sheila Jackson Lee, Liz Chaney, Linsey Graham, & Beijing Joe have made Careers out of making it off the Tax-payer's dime, catering to LOBBYISTS, Big Political Donors, and selling access to their offices! You and I don't agree on much, but we agree on term limits, and I think you are a good person to boot! ( No Pun).

You have to study an individual to know these type things! Maybe,... someday soon, we can have term limits on Congress People just like we have on Presidents. Then as the Old Folks use to say in East Texas: "I BE GLAD!"

Curtiss Brown

Somebody go check on Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

"Hypothetically, if President Biden commits impeachable acts so late in his term ...." There's already enough to impeach him from actions taken as vice-president. Democrats do not know their "precedent" is very dire consequences.

Thomas Carpenter

It numbs the brain to see how much money lobbyists pour upon members of Congress each year. According to Open Secrets.org. Nine of the top ten Congressmen who received the most money from energy lobbyists are Republican. Seven of the top ten receiving money from Finance/Insurance/Real Estate are Republicans. Eleven of the top 16 members of Congress receiving money from the Defense lobbyists are Republican.

Democrats also receive millions of dollars each year from the army of lobbyists pedaling influence to Congress in an attempt to have their agendas put into law. Both parties succumb to the choir of Sirens and their shower of cash. Foreign Pac money is evenly divided between both parties: $13 million to Republicans, $10.5 million to Democrats.

It makes one wonder how much consideration is given to a letter or an email to a member of Congress by a constituent.

To suggest that Democrats are the only party who sold its soul to the lobbyists is a common ploy of the right wing extremists. The truth is, they’re all bought and paid for by an army of lobbyists.

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