Galveston City Council desperately needs to do something about golf carts on Seawall Boulevard.

We were at our island house the week before and during Memorial Day weekend. Traffic was heavily clogged with all the visitors, and carts just exacerbated the problem.

The seawall speed limit is 35 mph — carts do 16 to 17 mph at best. I was behind a cart loaded with seven people maintaining a 7 mph speed.

On May 29, there were carts in both lanes so everything was backed up.

Frustrations are going to create real problems if something isn’t done.

Adrian Raymer

Hickory Creek

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David Schuler

I believe that most of those who post comments have come to realize that the City Council was - can continues to be - more concerned about the investment rental companies have made in entire fleets of golf carts than the overall quality and safety of life on the Island. This will only change when someone gets killed or horribly injured and then decides to sue the city over their inability to make the hard decisions. But until that happens, swarms of golf carts blocking major roads will be yet another nail in the coffin of The Galveston That Was.

Jarvis Buckley

Yes let’s talk about golf carts , let’s not talk about creating another taxing district that will allow our politicians to spend multi billions of taxpayers money to protect the insurance company’s . How stupid can we get?

David Schuler

and so what does this comment have to do with the text above?

Jarvis Buckley

David one is a simple fix. RIse the speed limit.

That makes Golfcarts illegal on the sea wall.

The other very complex & costly .

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