I got a chuckle out the article about Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce not endorsing any candidates ("In council vote, Galveston facing possible sea change," The Daily News, Oct. 13).

It didn't bother to mention that Brian Maxwell had circulated a memo that threatened to cut off funding to the chamber and included excluding them from meetings if they endorsed a candidate. He apparently was concerned they would endorse someone other than Craig Brown.

Also, it failed to mention that former Mayor Jim Yarbrough waited to step down until after there couldn't be a special election to replace him, which ensured Brown would serve as mayor pro tem.

I don't like it when manipulation, threats and intimidation are used to influence an election. Let Maxwell, Yarbrough and the chamber endorse the candidate of their choice, and then let the voters decide.

Doug Cobb



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Emilio Nicolas

Past Mayoral "elections" are often predictable successions of the “next person in line” than a rise of the best and brightest. With little media attention or scrutiny, the council has been picking the mayor and don’t even run against each other for fear of disturbing the status quo. Is that the best this town can do? Really?

Now this newspaper even puts the race between the next in line (Brown) and a blast from the past (Quiroga), without even covering Bill Keese, the one viable candidate capable of leading Galveston forward. Bill Keese is not part of the old establishment satisfied with the slow pace of improvement and secret plans.

For a breath of fresh air, I urge voters to visit BillKeese.com and see there is a great alternative. Let’s vote for Galveston, not the established old ways. Let’s move on. Vote for Bill Keese.

Charlotte O'rourke

It is my understanding that the chamber accepts public money and cannot endorse a political candidate without losing their status.

But who is to say what candidate the chamber would endorse - if only they could?

Emilio Nicolas

Seems to me they have done it in all the elections past. And they always endorsed the "next in line". Not this time!

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