In response to the commentary by David Michael Smith ("Socialism is the new wave in US politics," The Daily News, Sept. 22): Smith is wrong. Socialism began in America back in the 1930s.

There's only two differences between communism and socialism. It takes about three generations for communism to fail, and if you disagree with the government, they throw you in prison or kill you.

Socialism takes about five generations to fail. If you disagree with the government, they turn you into a slave (think political correctness). Both are Ponzi schemes.

Social Security should've failed around 1990. It didn't because the baby boomers extended it about 40 years. By the 2030s, Social Security will fail. Socialism will always destroy a country.

Robert Hart



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Gary Scoggin

So, to be clear, you are advocating getting rid of Social Security and Medicare. Correct?

Gary Miller

Getting rid of? NO. But privatizing? YES.

Gary Scoggin

But still mandatory? If that’s the case, how the money is invested is just a detail.

Gary Miller

Scoggins> The detail is that government can't get it's hands on a privatized SS system A mandatory savings account belonging to the worker? Every Democrat opposes not being able to spend it.

Carlos Ponce

Let's give people an option - Government run Social Security and/or Medicare OR a more privatized system. Democrats are for CHOICE, aren't they?????

Bailey Jones

I actually agree with you on this, Carlos. I would like to see more of a return on SS. As I understand it, the current system buys Treasury Bonds - not the best return. I was struck by how many times FDR used the term "annuity" in his SS proposal. That might be something to look at. The stock market is good for the long haul, but too volatile for short term returns. And we've all seen the effects of trading fraud - the junk bonds, the Enrons, the draining of accounts with churning and bogus fees. I fear that privatization would just turn into another huge payout of Wall Street welfare.The other problem with privatization, as I see it, is that current SS withholding goes to pay current retirees, it's not socked away for the worker who's paying it. So to privatize, you need much more money - enough to pay for current retirees plus enough to invest in annuities or whatever for the current workers' future. Which is what we all do with our 401K's.

Carlos Ponce

My Social Security alternative is a TRS annuity.

Bailey Jones

"My Social Security alternative is a TRS annuity." Those were awful computers. See? If you'd invested in them you'd be broke now.

Carlos Ponce

Part of the TRS Annuity portfolio is in Apple, Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Bailey Jones

This is nonsense. The following statements are demonstrably false -

"There's only two differences between communism and socialism."

"Socialism takes about five generations to fail."

"If you disagree with the government, they turn you into a slave (think political correctness)."

"Both are Ponzi schemes."

"Social Security should've failed around 1990."

"By the 2030s, Social Security will fail."

"Socialism will always destroy a country."

Gary Miller

All are more accurate than anything I've ever heard from a socialist.

Bailey Jones

oooh - one more for the list.

Michael Jozwiak

The Benelux nations are prime examples of the success of some socialistic policies - healthcare for all at reasonable or no huge copays, free higher education, great childcare and education systems, extended parental pregnancy leave, and an overall happy, well adjusted culture. Do you decry all this for Americans??? Do you decry your own use of socialistic benefits like your SSI benefits, Medicare, your police and file protections, good roads and water. Sounds like a crabby hypocrite hiding racism and pretending to care for the nation.

Gary Miller

Mich> I reject the government version of SS and medicare. Police and other city services are shared needed services and improved when privatized. Education is best when government has nothing to do with it.

Gary Miller

Michael> You need to spend some time in those Benelux countries. I visited Europe 18 times in 36 years and can tell you they are failed societies compared with the US. Slightly succesful compared with the Soviet Union or Venezula but badly failed compared with the USS.

Bailey Jones

This sounds like another one of your completely made up "facts". By what metric do you rate Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg as "failed societies compared with the US?"

GPD per capita? Nope.

Life expectancy? Nope.

Murder rate? Nope.

Voter participation? Nope.

Economic growth? Nope.

So, what, exactly, are the Benelux countries failing at so miserably that you felt compelled to visit them only 18 times?

Gary Miller

Bailey> Only 18 times in 36 years. Two to six weeks each time. My observations were that living conditions were poor. Running water that wasn't safe to drink and so costly baths are weekly. Apartments little bigger than closets. Most men headed to the park in evening leaving wife to cook on hot plate in the kitchen/bedroom. EU government says 600 square ft is enough for a couple or 720 for family of 4. Daily trips to markets on city bus because rare freezers. $7 a gallon for gasoline for a car kept in a rented garage several blocks away. Clothing so expensive family kin always sent a list and sizes of things they wanted us to bring. Usually three suitcases full. Meat so expensive most people eat little of it. All in all a life style much like Inner City slums in the US. Every thing needed supplied with government deciding what is needed.

Bailey Jones

Well, Gary, I don't know where you went, but I do know that the water is safe to drink in Benelux, and that they eat almost the same amount of meat as we do - Luxembourg a little more, Belgium and Netherlands a little less. Gas and clothing are more expensive and houses are traditionally about half the size of ours - about what we were content with in 1970. Not really seeing the "failed society" aspect of any of this. The best water is in Switzerland, Kuwait leads the world in meat consumption, Australia has the biggest houses, the cheapest gas in the world is in Venezuela, next is Iran. China buys the most appliances. India is the cheapest place to live - food and rent are 90% less than in the US. None of this is predictive of how happy people are with their society - which is how I would judge whether or not a society has "failed". (According to Forbes, the 10 happiest countries are (in order) Finland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada and Austria - because I know you'd want to know.) I don't buy the idea that there is only one way to live, or one definition of a successful society. Or that Europe is some sort of socialist wasteland. I do agree that the US is a very pleasant place to live, most of the time.

Emile Pope

Trumpism/racism will destroy a country. Luckily we won't have to deal with it much longer...

Carlos Ponce

Trumpism is not racism, Emile. Trump will still be in office until January 2025. Sit back and enjoy![beam]

Keith Gray

Well Emile, that is pure garbage... I bet those folks working good jobs that use to be overseas would agree. But I wouldn't want to trigger you...

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