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Carlos Ponce

David Michael has a right to express his opinion just as we have a right to disagree with him. We thank him for his service in the US military but are grateful he is no longer in a college classroom spreading his far Left propaganda to impressionable students. In the light of day his ideas will fade away.

Ruben Herrera

I attended College of the Mainland in early 1990s. I remember professor Smith because of his far left ideas that influenced me greatly. My views have evolved since then from the struggles of reality and demands of a family/work/etc. I wish him the very best but his views are very misled and misleading.

Bailey Jones

When I was in college 100 years ago I had a T shirt that I loved. It read, "I used to be disgusted, now I'm just amused." I remain more amused than disgusted. I hope this paper never adopts an editorial policy that disallows points of view that I consider to be ridiculous - there'd be little left to print.

But I have to wonder, why complain to the management when you can engage in the comments section?

Michael Jozwiak

I suppose the Mr Gorge does cash his SSI checks if qualified. We all benefit from government actions and programs such as the FDA food and drub safety, FHA for housing financing, the VA programs for veterans, preservation of national parks, programs for schools and the arts through the NEA, and, of course, public police, fire, and local schools, as well as government programs for local and state public colleges. He falls into a growing national feeling of self-centrism an selfishness -- "I got it and I don't want you to have it," which also has a tinge of racism and hate. I just question him, "Would you be better off doing all this and paying directly all costs by yourself? Would you be fully capable of providing for your retirement without pension, without the FDIC to protect that savings, and, of course, paying fully for your own medical care?" I doubt it. Most successful European nations have variations of modern social programs; their citizens are happy, healthy, and don't pay $700 a dose for insulin. Mr George, get real!

Gary Miller

My wife is German. We visited her relatives 18 times in 36 years, all over Europe as hotelers in 13 countries. European working class people are not happy with their way of life. Many country people live in double duty houses, the north side is barn, south side is for people. City dwellers live in homes, government owned apartments, so small the majority spend as much time as possible out doors, On sidewalk benches or city center parks reading or playing games. Visitors are entertained in public places. Two people sleeping in a American size twin bed is normal. A bath or two a week because water and fuel to heat it is too costly. Pajamas are worn at night to keep beds clean longer. Rain barrels are common to save on city water. Roma tomatoes, climbing cucumbers, multiplying onions and Jap radishes are grown where a little dirt is available. The doorman at your hotel buys his uniform, only one at a time, presses it at night under his mattress, and hand washes and air dries it on off days. One of the top sought jobs is a public WC (AKA toilet) attendant charging users 1/2 euro. Health are is mostly government provided. BUT you may have to go to the district capital to get an appointment to a Dr. in a different town. Cash payers are walk in served.

My wife fell and broke a bone in her hand. The x ray and cast cost $60 euro, back home removing the cast was a $20 co pay.

Bailey Jones

Well, as I've been told so many times, if they don't like it there, they should leave. I hear the US is nice.

Jose' Boix

The quote that either totally or partially has been attributed to former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair sums it up well: “A simple way to take measure of a country is to look at how many want in and how many want out.”

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