Forget all the arguments for gun control, all of them.

Instead, make a uniform law across the nation that mandates any crime which involves use of a gun, regardless of whether or not it is fired, be a capital crime with a mandated death penalty.

What do you think?

Michael Moriarty



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Cary Semar

If you apply the highest penalty to any thing less than murder, you take away the criminal's incentive to spare the life of his victim. Such a law would produce many undesirable and unintended consequences.

Michael Moriarty

The issue is deterrence. Would you choose to use a gun if you know the result is death. Most people involved in armed robberies have no intention of shooting or killing anyone, only taking their possessions and the gun gives them some courage, without which, most would not be inclined to commit the crime. This is true across the board except in the case of those mentally unstable, the one's who aren't supposed to get guns, but still manage to do so. We are not going to remove guns from American society, nor are we going to recognize all the mentally unstable people, but for the remaining stable bad guys seeking that advantage, hopefully they think again about what will happen if they use that gun in a crime. Is it worth it?

Gary Miller

"Project exile" a law proposed by the NRA was very successful at reducing gun crimes in all the states adopting it. The background check system, also a NRA proposed law, also reduced gun crimes.
The effectivness of both NRA laws has been reduced by ruelings by liberal judges.
A mandatory Death penalty would stop a lot of street crime until liberal judges ignored it. Such a law probably wouldn't have any effect on mass shootings because those sick and evil people usually plan on dying anyway. They fear prison more than death.

Michael Moriarty


Gary Miller

Project Exile "mandated" ten year prison for any felony where a gun was possesed even if it wasn't used. 50% or more reductions of gun crimes were seen until liberal judges ignored the law.
Mandatory is a red flag to liberals used to having the final say.

Michael Moriarty

You have missed some facts on something. Judges have no discretion on mandated sentences. Perhaps appeals led to a reverse on convictions. Can you elaborate on your statement?

Jim Forsythe

Project Exile is still in effect in Rochester, NY.

Randy Chapman

Crazy talk!

Jim Guidry

Michael, I agree with you on this. Use a gun in the commission on a crime, go to death row. Period.

Jim Forsythe

Non-marginal punishments encourage transgressors to commit greater crimes. If your dad is going to ground you for a month whether you show up 5 minutes or 5 hours late for curfew, wouldn't you just stay out all night once it becomes obvious you're not going to make it on time?
So once you've decided to rob the store, why not maximize your chances of getting away with it by killing all the witnesses? Surely it's not the case that we'd want the justice system to incent criminals to be more violent and destructive...
One state did this , and when a lot of the witness were killed, they changed the law fast.
Several reasons why the out come may not be what you want.
(1) the 8th Amendment requires proportionality between the crime and the punishment.
(2) It would just mean juries would never convict at all for most crimes, knowing that death was the penalty.
(3) The death penalty is very expensive, people are motivated to fight on every possible front as long as they can.

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