Don't be a "Pzombie" — a political zombie, with a silent P. That's someone so ridiculously out in left or right field they can't think or see straight.

If you truly want our country to be bigger, better, stronger, and great again, we need to work together to separate business and state.

And don't believe all the lies big money spreads like, it won't work.

Businesses are entities — not souls; therefore, shouldn't be entitled to make such ridiculous campaign contributions, further corrupting the voting process, under the guise of freedom of speech. On the contrary these companies are made up of working souls, which is their greatest asset, and therein lies the vote.

Companies would be able to spend that money on their employees, and even treat them better, so as to have them vote in their favor on issues that affect them; therefore, creating a mutual beneficial system, and a government by the people — and not the few and affluent, but for all.

Democracy doesn't fail. Only a corrupted egregious one does.

Christine Haas



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Carlos Ponce

Citizens United v FEC
U.S. Supreme Court on January 21, 2010, ruled that laws that PREVENTED corporations and unions from using their general treasury funds for independent “electioneering communications” (political advertising) violated the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech.
Christine writes: "Businesses are entities — not souls; therefore, shouldn't be entitled to make such ridiculous campaign contributions, further corrupting the voting process, under the guise of freedom of speech. "
Sorry Christine, The United States Supreme Court ruled that businesses ARE entitled. No "guise" of Freedom of Speech. SCOTUS ruled they HAVE the Freedom of Speech. Case Closed.
Now if you don't like a business making political contributions you don't have to make any interaction with that business. That's your prerogative.

Bailey Jones

Carlos, i'm glad to see that you believe that the SC is always right when it comes to shaping our political and social mores.

Carlos Ponce

Whether I believe SCOTUS is right or wrong is inconsequential. Their rulings become recognized law.

George Croix

The Supreme Court is effectively infallible because they are final, legally......
Until another bunch of them comes along.....

Bailey Jones

Personally, I think it's become obvious that big money in politics is the root of many of our evils. And it need not be, Congress has the power to change how we do political business. The lawsuit that got us here, Citizen United vs FEC, didn't establish a fundamental right that "corporations are people", but simply struck down a law that was poorly conceived. Congress can address this issue at any time with a more perfectly conceived law, or if need be, a constitutional amendment. In my perfect world, election spending would be restricted to actual persons. There would be no PACs. Corporate money would not be allowed, either through direct contributions or through lobbyists. Only contributions from individual American citizens would be allowed, with a reasonable maximum, and a candidate could only accept contributions from citizens within their district (city, county, congressional district, state or national, depending on the office). There would be no more "outside interests" buying and selling our local politicians. I don't expect it will ever happen - money is power, and politicians never give up power. And, for reasons that I simply cannot fathom, many Americans don't want them to.

George Croix

One reason is the lure of promised free stuff....the desire for anyone promising free stuff to get elected, by whatever means, and 'no matter what they did'......
Besides, it's OPM...

Jarvis Buckley

Bailey I enjoyed your comment.👍

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