The Texas Supreme Court decided 9-0 this week that fear of getting COVID-19 isn't a disability under the Texas Election Code and therefore not a reason for getting an absentee ballot. But that's not stopping the state party Democrats from pressing their case in the federal courts.

They're claiming that allowing people 65 or older to get an absentee ballot is age discrimination and violates the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. A federal lower court judge in San Antonio agreed with their argument.

Now, the Texas election code only allows voting by mail for three reasons: If you're out of the county during an election, disabled, or 65 or older. If one strikes the latter as being unconstitutional because it's age discrimination then it would follow that nobody could get a mail ballot because of their age.

That would eliminate over 95 percent of the absentee ballots we handle in Galveston County.

Do the state party Democrats really want to disenfranchise about 7,000 elderly voters in our county?

The headline in the paper might read “Democrats move to disenfranchise elderly voters.” They should consider the unintended consequences of their desire to expand voting by mail.

Bill Sargent

Former chief deputy clerk for elections in Galveston County



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Bailey Jones

Wrong, obviously.

Try "Citing the threats of the coronavirus, six Texas voters filed suit in federal court Wednesday challenging restrictions that limit age eligibility for voting by mail to those 65 and older. In a lawsuit filed in San Antonio, the voters — all between the ages of 18 and 28 — claim the Texas election code violates the 26th Amendment’s protections against voting restrictions that discriminate based on age. While all Texas voters 65 and older can request a mail-in ballot, those younger than 65 must meet a narrow set of requirements to qualify. The lawsuit zeroes in wholly on a violation of the 26th Amendment in asking a federal judge to declare age restrictions for voting by mail unconstitutional to allow voters under the age of 65 to use that voting option."

In other words - and I know you know this - the lawsuit is demanding that ALL voters be allowed to vote by mail, it's NOT attempting to disenfranchise older voters, as your disingenuous letter tries to say.

If this is how you misrepresent Democrats, I'm thankful that you are the FORMER chief deputy clerk for elections in Galveston County.

Stuart Crouch

Yep, and once again, they are fooling no one but the fools that have already been fooled. And so it goes...

Gary Miller

Bailey> No voting fraud in mail voting? 26,000,000 lost ballots still lost says there is major fraud in mail voting.

Bailey Jones

That's not the fraud we're talking about, Gary. The fraud we're talking about is the fraud in this fraudulent letter.

Joe Mancuso

Actually, Gary the number is 28 million. But, before you get excited, you might want to read the following articles:

Virginia Stone

Thank you for clarifying the misinformation in Mr. Sargent's letter.

Mike Zeller

If you want to request a mail-in-ballot, do this. "When voters cite disability to request an absentee ballot, they're not required to say what the disability is. The voters simply check a box on the application form, and if their application is properly filled out, local officials are supposed to send them a ballot. The state ultimately conceded that officials can't reject those voters." Voting should be easy, KISS principle "Keep It Simple Stupid".

Carlos Ponce

So Mike Zeller is suggesting people LIE to get an absentee ballot. That's very Liberal of you.

jimmy winston

Conservatives NEVER lie????

Oh wait:

I know you’re not going to read it because that newspaper said a mean thing about trump so I don’t know why I even bother

Carlos Ponce

Did Jimmy read what WAPO constitutes a lie? WAPO is called FAKE NEWS for a reason.

David Hardee

Circular arguments erupt again.

Each hypothesis has a degree of validity based on the effects the other proposition could have. Like lawyers and wordsmiths, the rhetoric is inspected for a devious intent.

Some of the contributors are fakers and some are sincere in their efforts to purify the issue. The only thing that suffers is the issue itself. Continuing in ping-ponging the issue is akin to winning by outlasting the opponent. That is a Pyrrhic victory but the war goes on. Those that want to can vote. Those that want to find suppression and or fraud will find it. Those that sincerely argue are stimulating necessary scrutiny of the issue.

Just don’t let it progress into a public protest, demonstration, and riot.

Claudia Burnam

[thumbup]E G Wiley

Ted Gillis

Please don’t lie to get a ballot, because Ken Paxton and his voter fraud investigators will come after you and pounce on the smallest of infractions just to turn it into a big scandal.

Any anomaly, no matter how insignificant is pay dirt for them.

Carlos Ponce

"Please don’t lie..." There's a higher authority, higher than Ken Paxton that tells us not to lie, Ted.

Gary Miller

Carlos> They who don't believe in god have no reason to not lie. They say believing in god is same as lying.

Diane Turski

Clearly this letter writer is reversing the intent of the vote my mail issue. No one is trying to take the option of voting by mail away from those 65 +. Instead they are trying to give that option to everyone, like it has been done in almost every other state. It's an embarrassment that Texas is among the last eight states that refuse to allow voting by mail as an option for anyone who prefers to vote that way.

Carlos Ponce

"Texas is among the last eight states..." You probably heard the expression, "If everyone else jumped from a cliff would you?"

Gary Miller

Wrong title on this story. Should have been "Democrats try to franchise illegal voting".

Claudia Burnam

[thumbup]E G Wiley

Jose' Boix

Politics aside - if one can - do anyone think that the County, State and/or Country is ready to deal with Mail-In Ballots for all? Cost aside as well - which may be significant - I do not think we have a safe and effective system to manage such enhanced process. Even voting in person has currently glitches; do we have a safe and proven way to ensure the correct voter voted?

We can't even effectively "purge/clean" the voter registration data-base. Do we even have a single proven data-base in Galveston County? Don't think so. Just my thoughts.

Bailey Jones

No Jose, I think everyone recognizes that switching wholesale to mail in ballots by November isn't realistic. But beginning to plan now for a 10 or 100 fold increase in mail in ballots is.

Jose' Boix

Bailey, I hope that such is the process. So far I have note seen much strategic foresight exercised in this political and legislative realm. I stand - or sit down best - to be surprised!

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