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Claudia Burnam

You people have got to be off your rockers!!!!E G Wiley

Gary Miller

it's about protecting the American people from constitutional violations so extreme they threaten the country's future. The only threat I see is the criminal Democrats of the Obama cabal. Some of whom will be headed to jail before the reelection of Trump. Help defend our constitution and cleaning up our government by not voting for any Democrat.

Emile Pope

The president is a crook.

Carlos Ponce

The president stole Emile's heart again? Sigh.

David Hardee

Emile - you really should stop sipping that CNN tea it causes mental paralysis.

Mike Meador

ANOTHER [thumbdown]

Gary Miller

Emile> Join the majority of Americans. Turn off CNN and get real news from a conservative outlet.

Carlos Ponce

Sadly, Andrew Rigsby is woefully ignorant. Our esteemed Senators, John Cornyn and Ted Cruz under the US Constitution CANNOT vote to impeach our esteemed President or any president while they hold the office of a US Senator. Any grade schooler who took US Government can tell you only a member of the House of Representatives can vote to impeach, not a US Senator. For a person who claims to "have taken an oath to protect the Constitution" you sure don't know it! As to our esteemed Representative from Congressional District 14, Randy Weber would not vote to impeach the president based on what Democrats call "evidence" or rather lack of it. Have a Blessed Day!

Charles Douglas

Have they legalized that " STUFF" yet, which he had to be smoking on? Lolo. This author should do what SHIFTY, and SAN FRAN NAN, is doing now, and that is to go stand on the sidelines with Crybaby Chuck, and watch the Senate correct the mess, the House has made! I also think somebody need to apologize to Edward Snowden, for letting the cat out the bag, exposing Obama'nem for spying on their own citizens with foreign investigation tools on the "COOL" in order to avoid required Due Process! Who is shreading the constitution around here?

Charles Douglas

Just heard that Snowden is being sought to be prosecuted for something Big Jim Comey did for his own benefit. Charge? The leaking of classified information. What? No SWAMP you say? No Deep State Career Professional operatives in DC? YEAH right!

Dalton Logan


Robert Braeking

The only thing the President has done is to expose the corruption of the ruling class. The fear of prosecution is the driving force behind this 'impeachment' effort. They must remove the President to avoid further exposure.

Kenneth Diestler

Mr Rigsby--your comments might have a bit more credibility if you would also be in favor of prosecuting Clapper, Comey, Joe & Hunter Biden, Hillary, etc and finding out who killed Epstein. Sounds like you are another closed minded party line Democrat where facts have no place.

George Welsh

2010 ... Speaker Pelosi on Health Care: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

2019 ... Speaker Pelosi on Impeachment: We have to impeach the President so you can find out what he has done wrong.

Kristi Herod

Be aware of Trump Derangement Syndrome ...

Casey Alan

There’s no way they will have the courage to do the right thing. All of them are supposed to go into the hearings with a clear an open mind. Just like in a jury trial. But they already said they got their minds made up so unfortunately Nothing will happen.

Carlos Ponce

Is there anything the president has done to warrant impeachment? No, unless one considers being elected an impeachable offense. Democrats have wanted impeachment moments after he was elected. Is that the "right thing"? Not in a civil society.

Bailey Jones

You're right, Carlos. We've wanted impeachment since the election. Just look at these comments about Trump from 2016 -

"a pathological liar"

"a narcissist"

"totally amoral"

"disrespectful, profane and demeaning"



"a malignant clown — unprepared and unfit to be president of the United States."

"he's a kook"

"he's crazy"

"he's unfit for office"

"vulgar, egregious"

And that was just the Republicans.

Carlos Ponce

You don't mention "impeachment". That was strictly a Democrat rally cry.

Bailey Jones

It doesn't matter whether he's guilty or innocent - 90% of Republicans approve of Trump. It's political suicide to oppose him. And Job #1 for any politician is re-election.

Charles Douglas

The problem is we have a few who don't like the decisions of Many! So they foolishly set out to change those decisions by taking part in a disastrous coup de tat! It is a shame before GOD, that a country that symbolizes a light on a hill for freedom and justice with the abilities of those living there, to live abundant lives with corresponding rights to worship in a free society. However, where freedom, and abundance abides, lack and grievous poverty lurks about! The difference in the two settings are the choices the inhabitants of the land makes, and the trails of LIFE they decide to take. Nobody forced anybody to take part in this COUP de tat....it was a personal decision made from individuals who had not developed self control over their own spirits, and therefore allowed the enemy to control THEM, by their own souls! The Word Of GOD, declares in Proverbs 25:28 that a man with no self-control is like a city broken down with no walls. ( ..to protect it! ).Being in a situation like this relegates men to be walking procurators of the enemy of mankind, who is the devil. Years ago we were well acquainted with racial hatred in America. It did not work, for while we are not perfect in that area, we have through God's belp, dealt a blow to the enemy's plan for our demise using race! However, the persistent aggression of our enemy is consistent if nothing at all. Today we have evolved to hate others not for the color of skin but for the content of their ideals, and beliefs! I was born and raised in times of SEGREGATION, Jim Crow, separate doors to enter General Stores, divided neighborhoods, the whole works, but in my lifetime, I never dreamed I see in this country what I am seeing now! One man hating another man because he does not think or have an opinion like his.

Diane Turski

It would be a shocking change if Weber, Cruz and Cornyn suddenly developed a conscience and decided to put country over party and their own political careers! It would also be a refreshing change if they voted to impeach, convict and remove this corrupt wanna be a king president so he will finally have to stop disrespecting our Constitution and destroying our democracy. Ben Franklin said that the founders created a Republic and it is up to us to keep it. This will be the most important test we have faced yet as a nation - whether these politicians will vote to keep it by removing this clear and present danger of a president.

Carlos Ponce

Weber, Cruz and Cornyn put country and the Constitution over party.

"Ben Franklin said that the founders created a Republic and it is up to us to keep it." It's the Democrats who are trying to destroy the Republic. They know the Senate will not remove the President. This is all a political ploy to influence the 2020 elections. I forecast Turski and her fellow Donkeycrats will post in this paper urging us not to vote for a president who was impeached. But if impeached, Texans know that it was because of politics- something our forefathers feared might happen. But keep posting, Diane! The more you post the more Trump wins voters.

Carlos Ponce

Turski posts, "This will be the most important test we have faced yet as a nation - whether these politicians will vote to keep it by removing this clear and present danger of a president."

If President Trump is a "clear and present danger" then why doesn't Nancy Pelosi forward this to the Senate? She's sitting on it. "clear and present danger" is unsubstantiated hyperbole. And gullible Turski parrots this nonsense. "Clear and present danger, clear and present danger, SQUAWK, WHISTLE".

Gary Miller

What did Trump do in 19 minutes after inaugeration that he deserved impeachment? He defeated a criminal Democrat for the office of President of the US. I can not find anything in the Constitution that winning an election is an impeachable offence. 11 3 2020 he will again violate that unwritten law to the joy of most Americans. The same criminals will attack him again and be defeated by him again.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller you know what really riles me? It is that Liberals led by SHIFTY, and Pelosi have taken every low-down alley in setting the President up. They declared it publicly on midnight TV shows, and now they have just had a brush with reality in that the Republican Senate has transformed from being a milksop, of the past to standing up and being a warrior of the present! They have openly declared that TRUMP is going nowhere! Now the shaming game has Already started with Chuck Schumer crying all over the Senate...about fairness! This is the way they operate, their MODUS OPERANDI! what they do and have done, they accuse the Republicans of doing! Hilliary authorized and paid for a Russian hit job on Trump. What happened? They accused the Republicans of doing it to them! I could go on ...and on....and on.

David Alquest

Mr. Rigsby,

After I read your opinion in the paper today, I immediately went to the online forum to see how badly you would be bullied. This is a conservative forum. Most of the rabid extremist I recognized were there to rudely intimidate you with their lack of logic and civility. You are brave to speak up especially since you know the hate is out there.

Carlos Ponce

David, you forgot he urged US Senators to vote for impeachment - something they legally cannot do under the US Constitution - it simply cannot be done. Can David Alquest travel to Washington to cast a vote for impeachment? No. Only a sitting member of the House can vote for or against impeachment. But come November you can express your views at the ballot box. In this county and state we know what will happen.[beam]

Mike Zeller

Today "We the People" will receive an early Christmas present, "Merry Christmas". [beam]

Carlos Ponce

And come November 2020, Republicans will retain the presidency, the Senate and retake the house. And we have Mike Zeller to thank. I did not believe Democrats were stupid enough to hand Trump a victory in November. I guess I was wrong.

Charles Douglas

Thank you Mike. We will endure your...or yall's early Christmas present as you phrased it but early in January, and later in 2020, with my man DURHAM, and then in November of 2020, we hope yall will enjoy a belated 2019 Christmas gift, and an early 2020 gift! That is the least we can do for the present yall are going to the trouble to give to us. We thank yall, and we will expect the same courtesy in return. I love it! Where else but America! Where else can the MAJORITY RULE? Remember that next year.....[thumbup]

Jim Forsythe

Disenfranchised Republicans and Republican-leaning independents now have a PAC that will work for what they want. The Lincoln Project is a group that the Never Trump movement is now stronger than before, because they now have a national group that will work for a common cause and outcome.

A small group of President Donald Trump’s fiercest conservative critics, including the husband of the president’s own chief adviser, is launching a super PAC designed to fight Trump’s reelection and punish congressional Republicans deemed his “enablers.”

The new organization, known as the Lincoln Project, represents a formal step forward for the so-called Never Trump movement, which has been limited largely to social media commentary and cable news attacks through the first three years of Trump’s presidency.

A group of conservatives known for their criticism of President Trump, led by lawyer George Conway, is launching a super PAC aimed at stopping Trump from winning reelection.

The group announced the launch of the super PAC in the New York Times , some of the members include, Conway, Steve Schmidt, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) adviser John Weaver and Republican operative Rick Wilson. Former New Hampshire GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Horn is also a principal founder of the group

The group reportedly plans to target disenfranchised Republicans and Republican-leaning independents in an effort to hinder Trump’s reelection and to defeat Trump-aligned GOP Senate candidates in key 2020 battleground states, including Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina, Maine and possibly Kansas and Kentucky.

Carlos Ponce

USA Today reports "The Lincoln Project's target voters represent a relatively small segment of the electorate." The rest of us call them RINOS.

Jim Forsythe

"The rest of us call them RINOS" Not that many too call anyone a rino. There are roughly 55 million registered Republicans. There are roughly 72 million Democrats. And there are roughly 42 million registered independents.

And all this is about a President that won with 3 Million votes less than Clinton received.

At this time, I look for a record number of voters to turn out for in the next election. The people that like Trump has not grown, but we will see come the election.


Carlos Ponce

"Not that many too call anyone a rino." This shows you are uniformed on the topic.

"The people that like Trump has not grown..." This REALLY shows you are uniformed. Just look at your polls (tilted to the Left as usual) at the Trump favorable ratings among African-American and Hispanics.

Charles Douglas

Jim, I say bring it! A bunch of losers, wannabes, and failures getting their bond on? Conway, [censored] ..I heard he wanted a job and Trump turned him down, now he wants payback! No great loss, as long as we can keep Kelleyanne!!! Now as for that loser renegade John Kasich, he couldn't win his own state against Trump. NOW, Jim, what is Kasich going to do, WHO WILL LISTEN TO A LOSER LIKE HIM? I say again, bring it on because we are loading the MAGA, Trump Train now which will run him over if he gets in the way! Go get'em TRUMP!!!!

Dan Freeman

In March 1868 the Republican controlled Senate failed to convict the hated Democratic President Andrew Johnson. He was not re-nominated and left office in disgrace. It is likely that 152 years later the Republican Senate will again fail to convict another former Democrat. One can only hope that history would not repeat itself.

On the other hand, Johnson was subsequently not re-nominated and left office in disgrace. Perhaps, this trial will be a harbinger of another one term presidency.

Carlos Ponce

NO, Trump will not leave office on a sham impeachment. And he will be re-elected. History will be made when the American voters re-elect Trump and send many Democrats packing.

Jim Forsythe

You are right , history was made, because Trump now is the President that were impeached club. It will be the United State of American history, forever.

Carlos Ponce

History - the first impeached president to be re-elected. That shows the worth of that sham impeachment.

Jim Forsythe

And that would be something to be proud of.

Maybe to be first, he will work on his 2ed impeachment.

Carlos Ponce

You mean, Democrats will repeat their stupidity.

Jim Forsythe

If the Democrats impeach Trump again, it will be for cause, just like this time. Since Trump was impeached, it was not stupid.

Carlos Ponce

"just like this time." There was NO evidence of wrongdoing. Democrats had to make up things to impeach.

Emile Pope

The president is impeached. Will repeat if necessary...

Robert Braeking


That is the sentiment of the left. If you would like a parliamentary system then perhaps you should kick off an effort to rewrite the Constitution. In parliamentary systems a vote of 'no confidence' will initiate a recall election of the prime minister. Either way it is up to the people - not congress - if the prime minister, or in this case the president, is to remain or be replaced. Why not just wait until November 2020? Answer: Because you can't win a presidential election. Your candidate pool is path-hetic.

Jim Forsythe

Impeachment is up to the House, and removal is up to the Senate.

Carlos Ponce

And the Senate will not remove him. Notice several House Democrats voted against impeachment.

Jim Forsythe

removal is up to the Senate.

Carlos Ponce

"Will repeat if necessary"? BRING IT ON! TWO, THREE, AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT! This will boomerang.

Gary Miller

Carlos> Al Green says if Trump isn't convicted in the Senate the House will impeach him again, and again until he leaves office in 2025. No Al you won't because the House will be Republican because you tried once.

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