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Jarvis Buckley

Cruz went down one day came back the next.

Gary Miller

Is Cruz's attention to Texas better when he is in DC or Can Cun? What difference is there if he is in DC or Can Cun? He has a Federal job, not a Texas Job.

Carlos Ponce

"It all started back during FDR's administration when the Republicans refused to be part of the National Electric Grid System. "

During FDR, Texas had the following governors:

Ma Ferguson - DEMOCRAT

James Allred - DEMOCRAT

Pappy O'Daniel - DEMOCRAT

Coke Stevenson -DEMOCRAT


Texas Legislature Party Control : 1933 - 1945 ALL DEMOCRATS until ONE lone Republican was elected in 1951


Republicans may have refused to be part of the National Electric System but there was not a thing they could do about it since all Texas House seats and all Texas Senate seats and the Governor's mansion were occupied by DEMOCRATS during FDR's tenure.

So George Laiacona, how could Texas Republicans "opt out" when there were NONE in the state legislature and NONE in the Governor's seat at that time?????

Ted Gillis

Oh shut up Carlos with your history lesson call outs. We all know that conservatives were in the Democratic Party in Texas back then. The republican party back then was full of weirdos John Birchers and religious nuts.

It wasn’t until George Bush showed up and LBJ split from the bigots in the Texas Democratic Party, that conservatives found their home in the Texas Republican Party.

So just quit with BS, already.

Carlos Ponce

Poor Ted! When he has nothing to contribute he tells others to "shut up".

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