“Every child is a miracle of life. Period.”

“Killing babies should have never been legal in the first place.”

These are direct quotes from the twitter feed of U.S. Rep. Randy Weber during the State of the Union address Feb. 4.

I need some clarification from Weber. If every child is a miracle of life, why does he ignore the toll of gun violence on children? Nearly 600 children 17 and younger will die by suicide with a gun. 2018 was one of the deadliest years for children at school; 61 died and 91 were injured. Twenty-one of those were at Santa Fe High School.

At what point is a child too old to be considered a “miracle of life?” Forty weeks? Twelve months? Fourteen years?

Weber needs to realize that "all" children need protection from gun violence. He needs to act against it, or voters in District 14 will have no choice but to vote against him in the primary.

Rhonda Hart

Texas City

Editor's note: Hart's daughter Kimberly Vaughan was among the victims in the Santa Fe High School mass shooting on May 18, 2018.


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Mike Zeller

The GOP has been bought and paid for by the NRA. Nothing will ever change until the money dries up, or "We the People" vote them out of office. Amen Ms Hart. [sad]

Carlos Ponce

"die by suicide with a gun" Oh yes, they walked into a gun shop and were allowed to purchase the firearm, RIGHT???? No. Somebody dropped the ball and allowed unauthorized access to an underage child. That is against the law.

In Santa Fe High School, the killer used his father's shotgun and pistol. There's a lawsuit against his parents in place that is postponed pending the outcome of the killer's trial. You might be part of it.

In all the cases you describe no child had authorized legal access to a weapon.

Check out Texas Penal Code Sec. 46.13 Making a Firearm Accessible to a Child:


You post "He needs to act against it, or voters in District 14 will have no choice but to vote against him in the primary." Randy's primary opponent is Joshua Foxworth who shares Randy's view on Second Amendment rights. He is for Constitutional carry.


"Assertions that the founding fathers could not have envisoned a machine gun or a modern assault rifle and therefore did not intend citizens to have access to such things is ludicrous - an assault rifle is much closer to a musket than the internet is to a printing press."

On May 18, 2018, where was Randy Weber? He was at Santa Fe High School to see what he could do to help. He is doing everything Constitutionally possible to secure the safety of our children.

I'm sorry Rhonda for your loss. Kimberly Vaughan was a wonderful child. As written in the 2018 Santa Fe yearbook: "Five thousand, three hundred and ninety-three days was not long enough with you. Kimberly, you were too much for this world, and you needed to return sooner than anyone wanted to. Rest easy, sweet girl. Read all the books in heaven, look after your chickens, and enjoy the view. Your family will see you again." "May 18, 2018 changed every member of the Santa Fe High School Family forever. We were broken, we were torn and we lost 10 members of our family. We cry for them, we laugh for them, we love for them, and as we move forward, we move forward for them. While moments seem unbelievably hard,we know we can rise, because we are SANTA FE STRONG."

May God comfort you in your loss.

Gary Miller

Children dead by guns? Yes in Chicago black kids kill black kids. Same as in all other Democrat controlled cities. Abortion, 50,000 black babies a year, black on black violence in Democrat cities. It all fits the Democrat goal of exterminating blacks.

Paul Harrington

??? Someone get this man to a hospital, he must be having a stroke!

tom carpenter

What ridiculous blather.

Ted Gillis

Gary, what a stupid off topic comment. You act like 12 year old sometimes.

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