In response to ("City to propose increases in monthly trash, recycling fees," The Daily News, July 23): It's time for the city of Galveston to get out of the trash-collecting business.

They want to raise our rates to $25 dollars and recycle fee to $3.05. Recycling isn't even picked up; you must take it yourself.

League City has a private contractor, AmeriWaste, picking up trash and recycling. Their monthly charge is $18.45.

It's time for a change, and it would save the city lots of money.

Lynn Parks



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Brian Maxwell

There is a charter item that prohibits Galveston from privatizing sanitation.

Ellen Morrison

That’s really interesting, Brian. Any idea of the thought processes that set this in motion?

Also, maybe it’s time for a charter amendment.

Paula Flinn

I agree with Lynn Parks and Ellen Morrison. Water used to be our cheapest utility. Now our water bills are ridiculously high. To make the residents pay for the City not maintaining their garbage trucks is wrong. Find the money somewhere else, or get a company who schedules regular maintenance on their trucks, to handle Galveston’s trash & garbage.

Theresa Elliott

Use the trolleys for trash pick up since they aren’t being ridden by anyone. Just kidding but there is definitely waste in the public transportation area that could be looked at to help offset some of these costs.

George Laiacona

The city trash pick up just needs a better priority position in city council’s agenda. In the past it was decided that a private contacted might work, but that idea has proven to be only 50% effective. A small increase in our monthly fees might improve the problem.

Paula Flinn

A small increase here…a small increase there…a small increase everywhere. Have you noticed most Restaurants have new menu prices… a few dollars increase for each item? Food, water, gas, electricity, taxes, all insurances, everything going up by “a small increase.” Labor on home repairs has gone up. Just about everything is more expensive. Yet wages have not gone up for most workers.

As of today, we have a robust economy coming back from the Pandemic, but we are forgetting and shutting out the poor and the elderly who are living on a fixed income.

Not having a regular maintenance plan for keeping up the garbage trucks is just a poor way to run the transportation department.

And, most people don’t put bricks in bags in their garbage cans. I could not even lift a bag of bricks. Quit blaming the residents for the City’s lack of normal maintenance of garbage trucks.

Normal inflation, like the increase in the price of gas and oil, should be a part of the plan, also, not only for garbage trucks, but for police cars and fire trucks too.

Carlos Ponce

And with inflation those on fixed incomes like retirees suffer.

Dwight Burns

Here in the City of Dickinson, we're paying close to $50.00 per month for garbage pickup. The old trucks this company is using are out of date fort the times. Man handling cans went the way of the horse and buggy long ago in most Cities. Auto waste trucks are more cost and safe efficient then what's being provided here, in Moores Addition. We are not getting our monies worth. Time for a change.

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

I find it hard to believe that Galveston must pay someone to take our recycling. If this is the case I think one needs to look for other sources to sell out recycling to that do not charge. Texas City has a great recycling center and I seriously doubt that they pay companies to haul their recycling away. In one of the last blurbs, Maxwell put out it stated the amount of recycling they were taking in and that is only for the people that participate ( it is tough for the east end folks to make an across the island hike on weekends only to compete with tourists for a decent lane on Broadway). I used to live in Spring Valley in the early 1990's and we had a separate receptacle to put our recyclables out. They sold the recycled materials to companies. Those companies did not charge for the recycled material. Something is not correct in this situation. Maybe the $$ being paid to the recycling companies (that are charging) in this area is the reason Robb wants to sell that property so badly. I think the city needs to research this matter ~ to find companies that will not charge for recycled items. If the city does not have time to research it form a citizens' group. I am sure those who want to recycle and keep the island clean would gladly research this issue and start squeaking more about getting this cleaned up. Change in this area needs to happen. As far as the trash pick up goes it is not fair to the guys who pick up trash to pay (with their jobs) for the city not having backup trucks. I am curious about the repair of trucks. Do you all maintain them on a regular basis besides gassing them up? If the wrong type of items is being picked up problems should have occurred earlier. So, once you all raise the trash fee, repair the broken trucks and buy backup trucks will the fee be taken away after this is done, or will the city continue with the rate increase? If this is the case how will that money be used?

Jarvis Buckley

Something just doesn’t seem right.

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