My husband and I have been friends and patrons of Mike Dean since the '80s and I can state without a doubt he would never have approved of the "Doomsday" message an employee put on the marquee at Float Pool & Patio Bar ("'Doomsday' marquee sets off firestorm for island bar," The Daily News, Jan. 21). His explanation for how this happened is sound and honest.

Dean has worked hard to build a sterling reputation for his operations and to promote his beloved island as well. Residents and visitors should take a moment to "discover" the reasoning and truth behind any sign or marquee messages that they find offensive before passing judgment on a business.

We make assumptions without inquiry when something like this happens, and it's a shame some people didn't seek that inquiry first before acting on their feelings by giving poor online ratings and ordering food that would become wasted, not to mention the costs to the business. A simple call to him was all that was needed to clear this up.

Dean deserves better, and we shouldn't rush judgment before finding out the facts surrounding such displays. Make that simple call or in-person communication to the owner or manager before you jump to or act upon a wrong conclusion.

Cheryl Odom

League City


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Charlotte O'rourke

I know. It’s sad that one can no longer have a decent conversation on politics. To me it’s like not being able to discuss your favorite football team without getting into an argument.

When I vote for someone, I hope they win. Sometimes I am pleased with my choice and sometimes I’m not. But the winner always deserves a chance to succeed, and if they succeed, I win as well because I’m only after good transparent government.

Charlotte O'rourke

Sorry wrong column.

Wayne D Holt

Still relevant. [beam]

Charlotte O'rourke

Lol. Yes, but more relevant .... the Deans are a wonderful family, long term neighbors, run wonderful businesses, and I agree with the poster.

Sometime people rush to judgement when a simple call and discussion would dispel the controversy.

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