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Robert Braeking

Tyler did not consider that a society may reset. For instance, there were many awakenings in American society which reset it to Spiritual Faith, thus resetting the process. Currently we are indeed at the end of the road. But that does not mean that we cannot reset once again, without losing our government of the people, for the people, and by the people.

In order to accomplish this we must convene a convention of the states to amend the Constitution to correct the imbalance that has occurred. The tyrants will never amend the Constitution in such a way as they lose power. Currently they are drunk on their power.

1. Limit the term of Congressmen.

2. Eliminate the ability of Congress to shirk their legislative responsibility to rule-making by the various agencies that they have created.

3. Require the government to balance the budget. Despite what they say, there is hyper inflation directly related to the frivolous spending of Congress. To this end the 'continuing resolution' will not be allowed. If they can't get off their collective pompous behinds to pass a budget, the government must shut down until they have done so.

4. Define the number of Justices in the Supreme Court.

5. Limit the term of Justices in Federal Courts, especially the Circuit Courts.

6. Limit the scope and role of the federal government to their enumerated powers. I know that we have attempted to do this with the 10th Amendment but the process of enforcing this amendment is an impossibility.

We can save our republic, but we need the will, spiritual faith, and courage to do so.

Gary Miller

A constitutional convention may not be that far away. There are nearly enough conservative (RED) states already to call for that"reset". The 2022 midterms might produce enough red states. If it does all the resets will be what conservatives want. Trump in 2024 may not be needed. Few have noticed more conservatives than liberals won in 2020. The Conservative evolution of America continues.

Robert Braeking

Do you remember the 1976 election results? Red States were Democrat, Blue States were Republican. I Guess the Democrats no longer wished to be associated with the color of Communism.

Bailey Jones

The lessons of Athenian democracy are, of course, why we aren't a pure democracy; we're a representative democracy - the idea being that our elected officials would be a notch above the rabble in terms of intelligence, education, and morality. We've had mixed results in that regard, since day one.

The founders were equally concerned with another scourge of the Greeks - the tyrant - and most specifically, the demagogue.

All nations walk a razor's edge between the tyranny of the few, and the rule of the mob. We invest our leaders with the power to keep us on that razor's edge. When we elect leaders who lack wisdom, we suffer. In America, we have our two parties, one more liberal, one more conservative. They are the yin and yang that keep us on that narrow path.

The genius of the founders was the idea that the American people could be trusted to elect reasonable representatives to accomplish reasonable things. The tension between left and right keeps us on the middle path. That system works well as long as it's the American people who do the electing.

Our system has become corrupt. The corruption isn't from the ideas of the left, or the right, but from money and the pursuit of power. Dark money, corporate money, lobbyist money - every form of financial support that doesn't come from individual voters is a form of corruption intent on perverting the will of the people.

The pursuit of power - this idea that winning is all that matters - is our other great corrupting influence. When one party has control, the desire to stay in control overrides all else, and we see politicians slicing up the electorate into pieces that guarantee the desired result - politicians choose their voters through the practice of gerrymandering. This robs voters of their right (and responsibility) to elect representatives of their choice. And since the politicians who do the gerrymandering are the same politicians who are bought by big money, our democracy is delivered into the hands of tyrants.

Luckily this is a solvable problem. Overturn Citizens United with legislation limiting campaign contributions. Enact legislation requiring nonpartisan redistricting. These two simple things will get our democracy back on track.

Norman Pappous

@Bailey - good post.

Paula Flinn

Thank you, Bailey, for the thoughtful analysis and solutions.

Gary Miller

Correction Bailey. We are not a Democratic republic. The US is a representitve Republic. Our founders were wise enough to know Democracy is the most common path to power of Dictators.

Gary Miller

Bailey> Our democracy is delivered into the hands of tyrants.

Diane Turski

Bailey, thank you for an accurate analysis of the problem and the sensible solution to solve it.

Jose' Boix

General Bernard Montgomery define leadership as: "The capacity and the will to rally men and women to a common purpose and the character which inspires confidence." What we are missing is a total lack of such leadership; to me highlighted by the continued harping on "sides, colors and philosophies" just to name a few. Just my thoughts.

George Laiacona

We are neglecting the fact that it is going to take patriotic congressmen to change or add amendments that will change their financial well-being. They are not naive enough to force them out of office just because it would be the right thing to do. Staying in office generates more money in their pockets. Don’t expect any congressional changes any time soon

Robert Braeking

George, There is another way. We can do an end run around the congress to amend the Constitution. It is with a Convention of the States. The founders wisely knew that congress would not want to relinquish the power that they have created for themselves.

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