In response to the commentary by James Templer ("We can't fix stupid, but we can vote it out," The Daily News, Jan. 12): Everything he says about the Republicans is exactly what the Democrats are doing.

Dismantling our democracy piece by piece. Trying to make it easier to cheat in voting, allowing criminals free rein to commit crimes and letting real domestic terrorists destroy our cities.

While being respected by the world is a good thing, I would rather be righteous and feared by the world.

He was right about one thing: We can vote them out. And we will begin that process in November.

Herbert Frankovich

Texas City



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Don Schlessinger


Gary Miller

Actually we already started voting Democrats out. Of 13 mayor elections in 2021 Democrats only won 3.

Bailey Jones

Gary, as always, we'd love to see your sources. Because reality says that in the 100 largest cities in the US, 40 had mayoral elections in 2021, and 29 of them elected Democrats. Only 8 Republicans were elected.

Further, mayors in America's largest 100 cities - 63 D's, 26 R's, and 10 independent or non-partisan.

Here's the source that backs up my statements -,_2021#Mayoral_elections_in_2021

Where's yours?

Charles Douglas

Mr. Frankovich! Great Op-ed! Beautifully stated too! Question for you. Who in their right mind would want to tear their country down like we are watching this nation being torn down, ..who would disloyal, and ungrateful to do this but LEFT Wing Radicals, Socialists, or Communists?

domenico nuckols

What hypocrisy, LOSER Trump has been plotting to over turn the 2020 election and take over the 2024 election. Also, eight Republican candidates for Secretary of State in battleground states have formed the “Coalition of America First secretary of state candidates”. It’s intended propose is to control the presidential election in 2024 according to Nevada SOC candidate Jim Marchant. Marchant himself acknowledged the existence of the conspiracy! Marchant is an eager advocate of sending an alternate slate of Trump electors to Congress in blatant contravention of the official vote count. Marchant has ties with the QAnon conspiracy theory movement. This is a clear and present danger to our country.

Gary Miller

Domenico > How many Mayors, Governors and seats in house and Senate GOP wins in 2022 may decide if Trump runs or not. Betting is GOP will win most and Trump will win in 2024 with a better VP than Pence. Pence has done well but Trump will have his choice of VP.

George Laiacona

Apparently the word “stupid “ was the wrong choice of terminology. So let’s use words more realistic like “misinformed “ or “naive “. The Trumpers are watching the Traitor Republican propaganda station Fox News. Therefore they are not receiving the truth. So let’s face it, the Trump Virus will be with us for a very long time to come. We searously have to take into consideration that the Republicans are traitors to our democracy, they proved it on January 6th. Now we have no choice but to elect anyone who is not a member of the Traitor Republican Party. Saving our democracy should be the most important thing to do instead of just an allegiance to the Traitor Republican Party.

Charles Douglas

I will support Trump nine days a week before I'd lift a finger to help a Racist like Joe Biden who conspired with other RACISTS like George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, and others to divide this nation and keep African-Americans down in a place of submission! You can close your eyes and hold your ears all you want, but none of this man's LAGACY will go away or disappear! He happens to be a very good LIAR, who knows not, and speaks not the truth! His second language is English, and his native tongue is lying just like his mentor the Father Of Lies Satan himself.

He now wants to destroy the Senate, and the way they do business because he has made some bold statement by lying, and has not delivered! He promised to unify, but he has become the most divisive force in this nation ever, and has the negative approval ratings to prove it! Even as I type the Radicals who "engineered" him into the Oval are planning on pulling the trap-door of removal on him for 2024, if he can last that long!

All the LEFTIST crazies can come out from wherever they are arguing, but they can argue with a 40 year inflation rate hike he caused, food hikes, gasoline prices doubled because of this unqualified fool's stupidity in shutting down the Keystone Pipeline, and other fossil fuel jobs, and processes, putting thousands American employees out of work! He foolishly started paying laborers to stay at home instead of working jobs available! He.opens the border up to millions of Illegals, Sex Trafficking, Pedophiles, and Drug Cartels, costing/ ruining the lives of thousands of Americans annually just because of his inept stupidity! He lied about getting Americans out of Afghanistan before he pulled out running with his forearms high and his tail between his legs, leaving thousands of Americans who wanted to get out ..there to die! He cares nothing about life or he would not take it so lightly nor would he support the systematic destruction, and murder of thousands of the innocent!

Now, you tell me, WHY would I support a man like that?? When I am in the field ministering to people of my favorite quotes goes like: " A poor man can't help a poor man" .." And a Blind man sure as [censored] cannot LEAD OTHER BLIND MEN."

Joe China is a Blind man who is supported by the Blind!! It is to many Blind individuals abiding in the world today! The three Blind Police Officers who were with the Blind Officer who murdered George Floyd were so Blind they could not see the prison cells waiting for them by NOT taking actions which were warranted by any who took an oath to serve the public! If just one of the three had opened his eyes to what was going on there,.. they would all be free men today! Even the fool who killed Floyd probably is wondering, "Why didn't one of them stop me?" It take GUTS to do what's right,.. even when a man might have to put his butt on the line for someone else!

Gary Miller

George > I'm comfortable knowing you will in the future be a Trump supporter. You are inteligent and well spoken which means you will change your attitude when Trump cleans up the mess progressives have forced Biden to make. Welcome to the US representitve Republic. It's not a democracy and must never be. Our Constitution protects the minority for a reason. To avoid the threat of DEMOCRACY.

Gary Miller

George > Our representive Republic is under attack by Democratic forces. The US is not a democracy it's a republic with a constitution protecting us from democracy. Democracy is the choice of Communists, Dictators and Despots as their best chance for power. Republicans don't have the power our constitution has but are strong defenders of the Republic.and it's anti democrat Constitution.

Gary Miller

Venezuela, Cuba, North Korea, Russia are all Democracies. The USA is not. We are a Represenitive Republic with a constitution protecting us from democracy. We use small "D" in many of our policies but must reject big "D". Our Presidents are elected in a popular vote in each State that chooses electors for the electoral college. The total popular vote of the Republic is interesting but without value.

C. Patterson

Congratulations to Joe Biden on his new Quinnipiac approval rating of 33%.

Gary Miller

Patterson > 33 % approval only tell part of the sorry story. The same poll said 70 something % of Democrats supported Biden. The Independent, Republican and Conservatives must have been in the low teens or close to zero.

C. Patterson

Quinnipiac is a “ left leaning” pollster and that poll was asked on job approval rating, in addition support from the Hispanic community is an historic lows for the Democrat party… in other wards its a dumpster fire

Dan Freeman

Still better overall than 45, who remains the least popular president since polling began in the 1940s.

Jim Forsythe

Dan, you missed a couple.

Trump's low approached that of George W. Bush's 25 percent during the 2008 financial crisis and Richard Nixon's 24 percent during the Watergate scandal.

If someone want to go by poll numbers, these are two more to go by.

C. Patterson


Gary Miller

Sorry Dan, Trump;s approval is climbing as fast as Bidens is falling.

Gary Miller

Dan> In more recent polls Trump is above Biden and rising while Biden is falling..

Gary Miller

Patterson > The poll goes farther. It found Black and Hispanics have a lower opinion of Biden than white registered voters. Both say they are in the 20's on Biden approval. Independents are even lower. Biden's 33 % approval was supported by polling more Democrats than any other group. Probaly if each group were polled equally he would be under 30 % already.

Gary Miller

Patterson >Only that high because more Democrats were polled than all the other groups. He is below 30 % in Black, Hispanic and independent groups.

Gary Miller

Add 23% and 29% from Black and latin voters?

Paula Flinn

Mr. Francovich, Everything you have said is exactly what the Fox faux news station would have you believe because they side with the Narcissistic, Lying Sociopath Donald Trump.

“Everything he says about the Republicans is exactly what the Democrats are doing.” Wrong!

“Dismantling our democracy piece by piece. Trying to make it easier to cheat in voting…”

Wrong! This is exactly what Republicans are doing.

“While being respected by the world is a good thing, I would rather be righteous and feared by the world.”

I would say the USA is respected NOW by its allies, and it’s enemies. Respect comes before fear. No allied country respected or feared such a weak-willed liar for a leader like Donald Trump. Neither Russia nor North Korea feared us because they controlled Donald Trump. They were laughing at him behind his back.

Gary Miller

Paula > We are lucky to not live in a democracy. Our Representitive Republic protects us from that evil. FOX enjoys having 75 % of all viewers, expected to be 80% by 2023, because most Americans prefer truth instead of propaganda. When you join FOX you too will enjoy the difference.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, no news network is going to have a 75% viewership for all news viewers in the USA. It was an easy mistake to make because unless you realized they were talking about basic cable only, you would have a reason to believe what you do but not at the 75% rate.

Gary, you may want to check your facts. In 2021 Fox News Channel was the most-watched network on BASIC CABLE. Many people do not have basic cable TV and I'm one that does not. Gary, do you have basic cable or do you more than the basic cable or none at all?

What is not true is that FOX had was the most watched news network. At 21% of all adult news watchers, which means FOX had only one fifth of news viewers.

FOX news biggest group of viewers are Americans ages 65 and older account for around four-in-ten of those who say their main source is Fox News (37%), compared with all adults where it drops to 21%.

As far a trust it is equality divided. Among all U.S. adults, 43% say they trust Fox News for political and election news – similar to the shares who say they trust CBS News (45%) and PBS (42%). Some trusted more than one

Relative to its record-setting 2020 ratings performance, Fox News shed -34% in total prime time viewers, -41% of its primetime demo audience, -29% in total viewers across the 24-hour day, and -35% among adults 25-54 across the 24-hour day. Fox News finished behind CNN and MSNBC in the early part of 2021 Additionally, the fact that there’s a higher percentage of year-over-year decline among adults 25-54 than among total viewers makes sense, considering younger viewers are more likely to tune into cable news during an election year as opposed to an “off year.” The year 2020 was of course an election year, whereas 2021 was not.

Gary Miller

Jim > You must be aware CNN has a false rating. Their contract with Air lines to only let CNN be on airport TV's Lets them claim all people in airports are CNN viewers. If you ever fly you should notice almost no one watches CNN on airport TV's. I guess you discount the annual viewer report week said FOX had 9 of 10 of the most watched shows and were tied on # 10. Sounds like FOX may already be at 80% already. Americans seem to prefer truth to propaganda.

Gary Miller

Jim > I want to add the FOX shows had a 5 to 15 viewer lead over second place. Yes non cable viewers can't watch FOX but nearly all viewers do have cable TV.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, cable and basic cable are two different things. Again, no news network has 75% of the viewers of news.

Jim Forsythe

Gary, almost half of the household in the USA do not have cable. In 2021, only 56% of Americans watch satellite or cable TV.

Charles Douglas

Sorry, fact check!!!! I did not see where anybody was laughing at Trump behind his back. I also did not see Iran stop one of our naval ships on the high seas and send Iranian Troops aboard it with assault weapons, ordering our American sailors to get on their knees with fingers locked on top of their heads making propaganda videos to send out so the world could see how they humiliated the big bad United States, Obama, and Joe China! That NEVER happened when Trump was President!

I also think they arrested our sailors and humiliated them in front of the world, even had some crying in front of the cameras, and only released them when OBAMA sent John Kerry's tired behind over there to beg them to do so and probably paid them a boatload of taxpayer money as an incentive to release them! They can be glad that was not Donald J Trump in office or their STUFF would be hanging in the RED as we use to say along the Vietnam DMZ so.many years ago!

If they were laughing at anybody it sure as #$// was not Trump! Let's put it to the test, Abu Al Baghdadi..are you laughing in HELL at Trump? Let's ask Solemani! Solemani are you laughing in HELL at Trump? Tell you what! Lets ask Osama Bin Laden's son if he is in HELL laughing at Donald Trump! He is not laughing either! Let's ask Putin if he laughed when Trump sent all those Offensive Weapons to the Ukraine to strap it on his rear end if he attacked them! VLAD, how did you feel about that? Did you laugh? I think not! I bet you got a hoot when Obama and Joe China sent C-rations and Blankets to the Ukraine when you invaded them and took Crymer jot long ago though right?

I bet you did! Talking about a joke in the Oval Office, that is what we have now! Watching him is better than watching the Marx Brothers acting the fool! Lolo!

Gary Miller

Charles > Democrats don't laugh Trump. The fear and curse him.

Paula Flinn

Putin obviously pleased he could control President Trump. Smiling on that stage when Trump took his side instead of his own Justice Dept.

We all laughed when Trump said he received “ love letters” from Kim. Then we wondered what exactly he would gain from that remark (other than his base would love him) and what he would do or say next.

No other President has ever had to “give excuses” or side with Putin, or describe messages as “love letters” from a despot.

If Biden had done either of those things, he would have been criticized and laughed at by Republicans for a long time.

No other President has had a baby in diapers balloon made by another country. Trump was a buffoon.

Carlos Ponce

Once again Paula gets it ALL WRONG.

Aug 2, 2017 Legislation – President Trump signs Russia sanctions bill into law (CAATSA)

Sep 13, 2017 Ban – Government use of Kaspersky Labs software. The U.S. administration banned the use of Kaspersky Labs software on government computers due to Kaspersky’s ties to Russian intelligence services.

Dec 18, 2017 National Security Strategy - The White House released its National Security Strategy, identifying Russia and China as adversarial to the United States.

December 19, 2017 The Department of Commerce announced new licensing and export restrictions on Russian companies Novator and Titan-Barrikady over production of a cruise missile prohibited by the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF).

Dec 20, 2017 52 people and entities from Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and elsewhere were sanctioned for alleged human rights violations and corruption.

Dec 22, 2017 The U.S. administration approved a plan to provide Ukraine with enhanced defensive capabilities to help it fight off Russia-backed separatists.


Jan 19 The Department of Defense released its National Defense Strategy, identifying Russia and China as strategic competitors to the United States.

Jan 26 21 individuals and 9 entities were sanctioned in connection with the conflict in Ukraine and Russia’s occupation of Crimea.

Jan 28 The Department of the Treasury released a list of the most significant senior foreign political figures and oligarchs in the Russian Federation that could potentially be at risk of sanctions (114 senior political figures close to Russian President Putin and 96 oligarchs with a net worth of $1 billion or more).

Feb 7 U.S. troops killed hundreds of Syrian forces backed by Russian mercenaries (as well as Russian private military contractors). The American bombing was launched in response to a surprise attack on a U.S.-held base in the oil-rich Deir Ezzor region in Syria.

Feb 13 The Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network proposed a new rule to ban ABLV Bank AS, Latvia’s third-biggest bank, for its involvement in illicit Russia-related activity.

Feb 17 The U.S. administration condemned the Russian military for launching a destructive cyberattack in June 2017, also known as “NotPetya.”



It's Biden who has been kissing up to Putin with lifting sanctions on Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. But Paula refuses to see TRUTH.

Carlos Ponce

Paula, who grovelled to Putin trying to get more oil?

Hint: It wasn't President Trump because the United States had enough oil.

Roy Hughes

Written by Lynne Springer

Mr. Douglas,

You are absolutely right. No world leader ever laughed at Trump behind his back. I cannot think of one thing that they could laugh about...other than his wig that never seems to stay put when it is not windy outside. Watch the videos listed below. The world leaders during Trumps' leadership held him with such high regard. I have read numerous articles about the worlds' opinion of Trump and how well he handled the Coronavirus. I especially like the decision he made at the very beginning when the Americans who traveled to China's lunar festival were trying to get back to the states. This was the group that need to be quarantined 14 days once they arrived. The first group went to a military base in California. At no time were any of the members of that group told not to mingle amongst each other and stay in their rooms. That was great thinking. Another group comes and is places at another facility in California. The third group that came went to a military base in Texas, In all these groups were spread around the country on different military bases. What a great idea. Trump did not want these groups to spread the virus to one another so he spread these groups around the country. He sure is a wise man.



( listen to crowd applauding loudly in background)


Carlos Ponce

"I cannot think of one thing that they could laugh about...other than his wig that never seems to stay put when it is not windy outside." "wig"?

No wig, Lynne. It's a comb over.

Carlos Ponce

Perhaps Lynn prefers Biden's hair plugs which was confirmed in a 1981 CNN interview and reported in the Washington Post in 1987.

Carlos Ponce

Jim, network news ratings vary by day, show, events of the day, hour, demographics

Take one day: Wednesday January 212, 2022

Time 7pm CST Age Group 25-54 Demographic


FOX - Tucker Carlson: 553,000 viewers or 60.6%

CNN - Anderson Cooper 192,000

MSNBC - Chris Hayes 168,000

And we're left off because of age.

Time 7pm CST All Viewers


FOX - Tucker Carlson: 3,517,000 viewers or 61.5%

CNN - Anderson Cooper 882,000

MSNBC - Chris Hayes 1,317,000

The percentage FOX has is in that time slot usually over 60%. On certain days it has reached 75%. It depends on what's happening.

"Tucker Carlson Tonight and Hannity were the only shows to break four million viewers, with Hannity just behind Carlson (4.331 million viewers vs. 4.311 million)." - Forbes et al

From 12/18/2020 to 12/12/2021 the highest News shows were:

1. Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News: 3.21 million average

2. The Five, Fox News: 2.92 million

3. Hannity, Fox News: 2.87 million

4. Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC: 2.6 million

5. The Ingraham Angle, Fox News: 2.27 million

6. Special Report, Fox News: 2.12 million

7. Fox News Primetime, Fox News: 1.86 million

8. Last Word, MSNBC: 1.79 million

9. Gutfeld, Fox News: 1.69 million

10.Deadline: White House, MSNBC: 1.59 million

Carlos Ponce


"Take one day: Wednesday January 12, 2022"

Jim Forsythe

Over the air, non-cable TV nightly news is still king.

The following are the ratings for news for non-cable tv. These ratings are a lot higher than cable tv ratings list below them.

February 2, 2021---ABC's “World News Tonight” led the evening news ratings race with an average of 9.9 million viewers. NBC's “Nightly News” had 8.3 million and the “CBS Evening News” had 6.2 million.

08/11/20---ABC had an average of 8.44 million total viewers for the week of Aug. 3-7, topping "NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt," which delivered 7.46 million viewers. CBS finished third with 5.26 million viewers for "The CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."

Cable ratings. ---- On the cable front, Fox News was the top-rated network, averaging 3.169 million viewers in prime time. MSNBC was second in basic cable with 2.016 million total viewers, followed by CNN's 1.361 million.

As Carlos said, Tucker Carlson had 3,517,000 viewers, which is less than the ABC's “World News Tonight" 9.9 million viewers.

Carlos Ponce

Soooo, Jim had to back to February of last year and August of the year before.[rolleyes]

Carlos Ponce

"ABC World News Tonight with David Muir was the No. 1 evening newscast for the final quarter of 2021. According to live plus same day data from Nielsen, ABC’s evening newscast averaged 8.2 million total viewers and 1.48 million adults 25-54 in Q4."

Looks like ABC lost 1.7 million from the beginning of 2021 to the end of 2021. Given time..........

Jim Forsythe

Still much more than, Tucker Carlson's 3,517,000 viewers

Carlos Ponce

Of course, Jim. But given time........[beam]

Ted Gillis

Here is the thing about Fox News. It is an entertainment network. In fact that is how the network is licensed. Examples of other entertainment networks are, TMZ, MTV, and E. There may be a lot of folks sitting around watching Fox News or have it on in the background, but I can guarantee that if a major news event happens, such as a plane crash, military invasion, or multi fatality shooting, those sets get switched over to CNN, or one of the major news stations to get the full coverage. No one is going to watch FOX for that type of news.

domenico nuckols

At least the Trump ballon didn’t sink like LOSER Trump did in ‘20!

Gary Miller

Ted > It is unlikely that any one would switch to CNN from anything or for anything..

Dalton Logan

Ms. Flinn, Mr. Nuclcols, Mr. Gillis, I'm very curious and sort of taking and informal poll and would appreciate an answer to the very same question I have asked before. Do you sincerely believe that President Biden and VP Harris will be on the 2024 ballot? If not, why?

domenico nuckols

President I think he won’t run again, that’s what he said in the campaign VP no wrong pick.

Carlos Ponce

Dementico posts the way Biden talks.

Gary Miller

Dalton > They will not. Progressives rigged the election and chose Biden because they wanted someone who would do as told. Biden's usefulness has expired. Kakkle Harris was selected as a throwaway that wouldn't know she was a throwaway.

Ted Gillis

Dalton, I have the same question. Do you sincerely think that former president Donald Trump and VP Mike Pence will be on the ballot in 2024? If so, then they will be soundly defeated again by Biden and Harris.

I have to say that your fascination with Biden and Harris being replaced is amusing, unrealistic and not worthy of serious discussion.

Dalton Logan

Then Ted, stop discussing it.[rolleyes]

Dalton Logan

As for as your question, I 'sincerely' don't know for sure who will be on the Republican ticket. They have so many talented people who would make a great President and VP it is really going to be a hard decision.

Gary Miller

Pence may not be on ballot with Trump but Trump will defeat any Dem. because new election laws in 40 + states make it easier to vote and harder to cheat

Michelle Aycoth

Might not be any Democrats left after November.

Andy Aycoth

Gary Miller

Mike> Dominico,Ted and Paula will still be watching MSMBC as it shuts down.

Ted Gillis

Who’s Mike?

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