While working my way through the daily crossword puzzle recently, I came across a common, recurring clue that is a five-letter word for "Texas Mission."

For many of us, the simple solution is "Alamo." Unfortunately, for my Republican friends, it would have to be "bully," "cheat" or "steal" as that seems to be their "mission" as of late.

Hopefully, Republican lawmakers realize that with their pale attempts to legislate any advantage, they're alienating not only the independent voter but some in their own party, as well.

These are challenging, if not troubling times and history will not, and should not, be kind to them.

Stuart Crouch

League City


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Carlos Ponce

History should not allow partisans to dictate the actions of today. Stuart Crouch is partisan.

Ed Buckner

If it's "partisan" to tell the truth about the Texas GOP, then we should all be bold enough to be partisan.

Carlos Ponce

It's not the truth, Ed Buckner.

Maris Helfrich

Kudos to you , Mr. Crouch, for that pertinent, honest letter. I totally agree and am mystified how the GOP continues to damage our democracy and fight against equal rights and the common good with no regard for solving problems in our great nation. Yes, their "mission " seems to be POWER and PARTY or as you state so well, "it would have to be BULLY, CHEAT, STEAL!" Doesn't sound good to me!

Carlos Ponce

"BULLY, CHEAT, STEAL!" That is the Democrat game plan and has been my entire life.

Ed Buckner


Ted Gillis

Republicans are running out of things to object to, so now they are going back and objecting to things that they used to be fully in support of.

Carlos Ponce

Like what, Ted?

Gary Scoggin

Free trade.

Carlos Ponce

Gary Scoggin, I've explained this to you before. This time take notes so you won't repeat your inane claim.

FACT: Republicans are For Free Trade.

FACT: President Trump is for Free Trade.

Fact: When the playing field isn't equal, Free Trade is not possible. What we had placed Americans on the LOSING side of trade.

FACT: President Trump and Republicans want to level the playing field and renegotiate those "deals".

Looks like international economics is not your forte, Gary Scoggin.

"Contrary to what talking heads on the cable news circuit ruthlessly proclaim, President Trump is not a protectionist. He’s a self-proclaimed free-trader who, at the G7 summit, called for the elimination of all domestic and international trade barriers because he believes that open markets encourage social cooperation between nations, promoting prosperity and economic growth while deterring war and devastation.

And when the president believes in something, he goes all in for it. There is no room for half-measures. That’s why he has been so intent on ripping up the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): No agreement would be preferable to the status quo of managed deals written by elitists, for elitists."


Bailey Jones

Unfortunately it's just going to get worse. Wait until Texas Republicans are done with redistricting. I predict that long after Texas has a Democrat governor and Democrat senators, the state legislature and congressional delegation will remain solidly Republican, even though the state will have become majority Democrat. The next opportunity to right the wrongs of partisan gerrymandering in Texas will be 2031. Texas Democrats need to get their act together well before then. (Assuming, of course, that the Republican Party is still around and relevant a decade from now. - TRUMP 2024!!!)

Carlos Ponce

Republicans will still be around. Democrats will be irrelevant until after the Christian rapture. Then there won't be any opposition to the Democrat Party after the rapture.

Ed Buckner

Sorry--I meant Carlos Ponce (not Ponder)--my apologies.

Ed Buckner

You have a long wait ahead of you, Mr. Ponce.

Bailey Jones

haha, Carlols - now it's the Rapture, is it? [lol][lol][lol]

If it's going to take you away it can't come soon enough for me. Bring on the AntiChrist! I've got abominations to desolate!!!

Carlos Ponce

So Bailey still cannot spell..... Your elementary teachers must be sad. [crying]

Gary Scoggin

Carlos, that comment would be offensive if it weren’t so silly.

Carlos Ponce

Poor Gary Scoggin, so easily offended by truth. [innocent]

Ed Buckner

Right you are, Mr. Jones. Carlos Ponder has a loooooong record of missing on this subject.

Carlos Ponce

Ed Buckner - Another person who cannot spell.

David Hardee

Any referencing gerrymandering as partisan must chronicle its use for/as a tool for the benefit mostly to the minorities of our society. And those minorities would still be wandering without any representation in the Texas legislature had not the district lines (gerrymandering) been jiggled into encompassing geographic areas that produced a purely black majority the blacks would never have achieved any representation/power.

It was the 1965 voting rights act along with the Great Society legislation that has created a segmented society, and the source of all the degermation of mores, morals, nuclear family, education, and civility (mostly in the metro populous) across the country. The roots of degeneration are in the Democratic Party progressive liberal nanny state philosophy (Big tent will raise your child).

This, above recitation, is a chronicle of the significant political/legislative events over the last 56 years.

Look to yourself, Democrats, as the progenitors of dastardly effects. And those effects have created an awakening of those wanting to stop the decline and MAGA.

The intended benevolence AKA pandering of the Democratic Party’s - The Great Society - has become the bane of the greatest hope of humanity in our once traditional USA.

Either deny this conclusion with specificity -not some diversion or platitudes - or remain silent as a surrender to approval.


Gary Scoggin

Hopefully this response is seen as having some specificity, but rest assured it is not a surrender to approval. (That's a good one, David! You know some of us are still gainfully employed and don't have time to respond to posts all day.)

Historically, Gerrymandering has been used to the advantage of partisans of all stripes. It has been used, successfully to bolster the representation of minority groups; however, I see that as a good thing not a bad one, as that is a remedy to a long history of it being used the other way. Anyway, history is history, all we can do is learn from it.

Let's talk about today with a specific example. Take Texas House District 2 represented by Dan Crenshaw. (For the record, as Republicans go, I think Crenshaw is one of the better ones.) District 2 starts at Kingwood, wraps its way around the Grand Parkway, then juts south to encompass much of Spring Branch and then works its way down to the River Oaks before ending in West U. These areas have little in common but a preponderance of Republicans. There is no remotely feasible geographical or neighborhood-related reason for this configuration. (And in fairness, Shiela Jackson-Lee's district is somewhat contorted, too, Just not as bad as Crenshaw's.)


You can blame Democrats all you want - the practice has been around before the modern Democrat and Republican parties existed. But the fact it that it is a tool that both parties use to their advantage whenever they can. It will interesting to see how the Republicans in the lege apply it this summer in the special session that will be called for that purpose.

With regards to the voting rights act, that's a topic for another day but the notion that it " created a segmented society, and the source of all the degermation of mores, morals, nuclear family, education, and civility (mostly in the metro populous) across the country" is -- shall I say -- "interesting."

Bailey Jones

Consider District 36 (Brian Babin). It includes all of Newton, Jasper, Tyler, Polk, Orange, Hardin, Liberty, and Chambers counties, which makes perfect sense as these counties are all somewhat rural and conservative, and mostly SE Texas woodlands. But - it also contains Johnson Space Center and the surrounding Clear Lake area (and half of Webster for some reason), which I would argue has very little in common with Newton, Jasper, Tyler, Polk, Orange, Hardin, Liberty, and Chambers counties. But it does effectively dilute the votes of Democrats who live and work around JSC (an area fairly evenly split between R and D) by combining it with areas that are much more like 90/10 R/D. Surely Clear Lake belongs with other area suburbs that support JSC and the petro- and heath care industries.

The devil's deal with Democrats is the creation of Democratic districts like Jackson-Lee's. All of these gerrymanders have the same problem - one party rule. Voters are served best when there is competition between candidates. We love the idea of free-market capitalism because it rewards the guy with the best idea, so competitors hone themselves against each other, and the consumer wins. There is no free-market in political thought in Texas - only entrenched monopolies - so consumers (voters) always lose.

David Hardee

Thanks Gary, You, I and Bailey evidently have experienced and analyzed the progression of the voting legislations and impacts to debate reasonably.

The tinkering from Poll Tax to At Large to Single and Gerrymandering is all the natural power struggles for a democratic society.

BUT the gerrymandering done under duress with the intent to carve a district for the exclusive benefit of a specific race is a discriminatory result that is a segmentation of society. This event occurred under the direct influence/tutelage/pressures from the Democratic Party when the Civil Rights of 1964 and the Great Society were wielding the necessary power to accomplish. These were not coincidental. If one cannot dispute these points of substantiating a intent and result then it is a conclusion well documented and arrive at, correctly. Concluded that it was a segmenting/dividing of society by race at the microcosmic level. Now, if so, the seeds of this are in the Civil Rights insertion of a segmentation into the portion of the Constitution referred to as the Bill of Rights. Now upon that seed the Bill of Rights has been augmented with more specificities for "sexual orientation", etc., , right. From these benevolent intended insertions has sprung many directly associate effects on the society i.e. Marriage denigrated and consequently the nuclear family erosion - out of wedlock birth rates, Abortions are prevalent, - I could go on and make/submit more direct association to the rise incivilities and fall of morals and mores as the traditions and culture has been affected.

You, I and Bailey certainly know that these are tangential effects associated directly with the seed of segmenting our society with benevolent intent that precipitated unforeseen circumstances.

What is, is and we must to work to resurrect by ridding the individuals of their freedom of perception - like, that their (what ever) me-ism is more important than the general public - common good.

The recent gender confusion (my gender is whatever I perceive and the lgbt intrusions on the school children with promoting trans/homo/2 mommies/etc. are maddening and foreshadow more permissive acceptance in the future and more degradation. That is why I an so uncompromising and will be belligerent at every opportunity. Dammit, enough of this progressive liberal descending into moral and social decay.


Stephanie Martin

Mr. Crouch, you are so wrong.

Gary Miller

Mr. Crouch> The wrong message well delivered.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Miller> Don't worry! We got Joe China helping us! Remember that little boy LEFT behind by smugglers and coyotes...in the desert recently, screaming & crying.. for somebody, ANYBODY to come back, and help him? Now that was a pretty piece of WORK by Joe China! Thank about that nowwwww! If He keep facilitating unconscionable, dastardly, gastly acts like that, ..and I know he will,..Trump Diesel will Stroll into the Oval Office in 2024.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Douglas, that tape of that child wailing and left behind was heartbreaking. We can disagree--and do--about who is responsible for that happening, but not about how wrong it is that any adult--parent, president, or anyone else--can let a child go through that.

David Hardee

Buckner, inability to understand enabling, benevolence, pandering, and summing these into a total for the resulting impacts is the problem with this liberal progressive Democratic Party. There are elements in your group who well know the sum of impact and are actually devious conspirators. Then there are the simple minded members who accept the Party agenda and are unaware of the total impact.

Let me describe for your edification this devious agenda's impact.

1. the malcontent wants to escape and leave the others to suffer - me-ism.

2. The escapee has nothing of value and wants to go where he can absorb the larges he is un-entitled to.

3. along the way the escapee is in jeopardy and at the mercy of benefactors and criminal elements

4, upon arrival the escapee is aware that he is an invader and will be absorbing and diluting what was intended to be provided for the poorest of the legal citizens.

5, Now comes the seeking of employment, or some method of acquiring sustenance above or to augment the benevolence.

6. Most will be taking whatever is available indiscriminate of the legality.

7. Most of the funds they acquire will be off the books as to taxation - another detriment to the hosting society.

8. frequently their presence will create burdens on the host due to language and cultural peculiarities.

9. very often the funds acquired will be leaving the host country diminishing the gross value of the host.

10. These illegals will represent an incentive to and for more of the same illegals to invade.

and finally it is the intent of the progressive liberals to utilize these unfortunates/invaders as the fodder to enhance their power,

Now sir, dispute scenario. After having understood the totality of the supposed bleeding heart, well intended, position you have on illegal immigration/invasion are you satisfied you have taken the path for the good of all concerned?


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