There have been a couple of letters to the editor this past week regarding the trash on and off the island.

I drive down Harborside Drive every day, and I'm appalled at the trash that lines this area. Across the street from the dump is disgusting. Litter stuck to the fences.

Why do they not pick this up?

Go down a little farther and look at the area around the railroad. Littered with trash. Whose responsibility is this? Look at the area outside of the recycling center. Trash all over the place. What is going on?

The rest of the island looks just as bad. Something needs to be done.

Brenda Rubio




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Dave Andrisek

Didn't the city used to let prisoners go out to pick up trash? It seems like that would be a good idea, certain prisoners, though, not all of them.

Brian Maxwell

The city no longer has prisoners. They are all county inmates now.

Kelly Naschke

I’m glad to see everyone jumping on this bandwagon, but this is a problem that has gone on as long as I can remember. I’m sure I will catch some flack, but this is a cultural problem. You can only blame tourists for trash on the beaches (which is somewhat expected and addressed by cleanup up), but you can’t blame them for the inner city trash. There are certain demographic groups that will just drop trash wherever they are, even if there is a trash can 5 feet away. They don’t even think about it. Walk out of a store with Swishers...100% guarantee you those wrappers are hitting the street.

jimmy winston

What are you basing this off of?

Kelly Naschke

Years of personal observation. Don’t believe through Colony Park....then drive through the through fish village.....then drive through the through Adler Circle....then drive through the through Campeche cove....Cedar Lawn.....Harve LaFitte....,.sinking in yet Jimmy???

Don Schlessinger


Kelly Naschke

A simple google search corroborates my assertion. Thanks for making me confirm what I already knew Jimmy....

Gary Miller

Is Harbor Drive still a trash dump for BOI residents? Not been on Island for over ten years but remember Harbor Drive being trashy est place in county. Clean it up and post cops to issue citations for littering if City even has law against littering. Any y'all know if they do have one?

Wayne D Holt

Even worse than the visual blight: a lot--maybe the majority--winds up being flushed down the storm drains and out to the bay. Plastic cups, wrappers, cans, Styrofoam...all persist in the environment and all are harmful to the marine life that is so abundant around here.

I pick up trash on Mechanic nearly every day and it is amazing how people will drop a beer can or baby diaper in the gutter with an empty trash can a few steps away.

I have to give my usual shout out to Gregory with the city's street cleaning crew. He cleans downtown just about solo and does an amazing job every day. Twenty of him and all of Galveston would look like Main Street in Disneyland.

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