The letters by Michael Moriarty ("Trump and ignorance are killing Americans," The Daily News, Sept. 15) and Bill Love ("Tillotson's column outlined the threat to America," The Daily News, Sept. 15) showed yet again that darkness and ignorance cover this wonderful land of ours.

To blame a single person for cultural decay and rot that he's pushing back against is the height of foolish lunacy. That being the case, how does a sane person deal with such delusional people?

The answer is so simple that it's forgotten by many people: worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit rather than your earthly existence. If you cannot bring yourself to believe that God loves you, embrace those who lived before you who we call Stoics such as Marcus Aurelius.

He maintained that to worry about what we cannot change — the thoughts of others — is foolish. Before him, Solomon observed in Proverbs 26:4 that to argue with a fool is to become like one yourself.

I cannot change the minds of the letter writers, but I can help educate others.

Joseph A. Pelto

Texas City


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Charles Douglas

Amen! [thumbup][thumbup] No Doubt!

Gary Miller


Jarvis Buckley

A recent comment by Mr. Charles Douglas was one of the best heart felt non political comments that I have seen in The GDN . And I have read thousands of comments. Great writing Mr. Douglas. I would love to read many more of your thoughts. Keep them coming.👍

Charles Douglas

Thank you sir,...Much appreciated!!!

Michael Moriarty

I did say, "prolific ignorance!" Might this provide some proof?

Gary Miller

I think the liberal media is most responcible for the decline of US social conduct. How the media expects to profit on the decline escapes me but they do nothing without

expecting profit.

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