I strongly doubt that anything like 80 million Americans don’t accept that Joe Biden was elected as written by Yale Woodford ("I still believe Trump won the 2020 election," The Daily News, May 28); and it certainly makes no sense to demand a “full, nationwide forensic audit” on top of having all 50 states certifying the election results in their respective states.

My own state, Georgia, where every statewide official is a Republican, was one of those, and Texas was another.

Another letter writer, Ron Domel, claimed that his religious liberty is threatened by assuring equal rights for LGBTQ Americans ("Equality Act is a threat to First Amendment," The Daily News, May 29-30).

I guess that might make sense if he thinks his religion requires denying rights to others, but most of us don’t think our own rights are the only ones that should be protected.

Ed Buckner

Atlanta, Georgia

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Donna Spencer

Ed, you are right. I think that just shows how illogical the trumpsters are.

Ed Buckner


David Hardee

It is advisable that you enjoy your candidate Biden's victory instead of complaining about the reasonable suspicion by the loser's supporters, Biden is the legit winner and president. So you need to begin scrutinizing his performance. Biden has acted and we see chaos at the border, gas prices at 7 year highs, rockets into Israel, and our society inflamed with racism, murder increasing, and news reports that it is a CHINA virus. Biden has promised a tax increases only on the rich. Sensitivity training for the police and military - that will require cops and soldiers to request "may I" before they act. I'm not impressed favorably with Biden. Are You?

Please reply with all the improvement Biden has done, not what he is promising.

I'll start Biden accomplishment for you - Biden applauded himself for getting 100 million vaccinations in just 90 days using the vaccine and process Trump provided.

. Obviously your perspective is that the election was not tainted in any way.

Obviously your perspective is overly simplistic and reflects your shallow knowledge base which is ignorant of the fact that many abnormalities existed, For your edification there was a pandemic, changes in process, an enormous increase in the number of mail in ballots(especially in Georgia where on May 21, 2021 — A judge ordered Fulton County to make plans to unseal at least 142000 mail-in ballots it received in the election, clearing the way for another .investigation.. ) relative to the norm, and the practices of harvesting - all make reasonable suspicion appropriate.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee! Tell-It like it is! I love it when one will TELL the TRUTH, will nothing to lose, and nothing to gain! We just don't see this ocurring much these days! This country is in the "CRAPPER" and the LEFT is walking around like "ZOMBIES" ....trying to convince everybody and their brother, that it's all fine,...it's all gonna workout Fine!

I wake up every night hearing XI JINPING and Vladimir Putin laughing their [censored][censored] ....Off!

So I say this,. Anchor down, put your helmets on, ...this thing is going to get rough pretty soon now! Hey, but this is what yall wanted right? Is it working out? Old Joe China killing it for y'all? If this is what yall been waiting for ...then ENJOY!!![beam]

Ed Buckner

I did in fact vote for Biden and--so far--have been satisfied with his performance. But that is really beside the point I was making in my letter: a record number of Americans voted for Trump, exceeded only by the even bigger record # who voted for Biden. I was not arguing with Trump supporters over who they supported--I was stating that the election was an honest one, duly certified in every state. This is independent of who anyone preferred to have won--it is instead who won. And there really isn't any credible doubt that it was Biden.

David Hardee

Glad for you, Mr. Buckner, for having been triumphant in getting your preference, Biden as the "legit" president. I've said twice now Biden is legit and that means a conclusion about the entire process is final and satisfactory. Hope, that makes it secure that i agree with your statement, "And there really isn't any credible doubt that it was Biden.", Okay!

Glad you are satisfied with Biden's PERFORMANCE. You ignored my itemizing of Biden's performance that I declare as being destructive to the general population.

Sine you proudly exposed the fact you voted for Biden and satisficed with his performance - obviously you wanted/expected your vote to accomplish or result in ,,,,,,,,,,,,?

You, Sir, have an opportunity to illuminate your audience with any specific performance that satisfies, you - and is for the good of the general population. Ergo, if you will not champion president Biden, the result of your triumph - your vote - it raises the question - what and why did you vote. Was it an anti-Trump vote? Was it a Party affiliation vote? What did you want or expect your vote to accomplish?

Here, Sir, are some of the Items on which my vote for Trump were based.

- Irascible but moderate in debate

- openly transparent on his convictions.

- unpredictable and deceptively cordial in negotiations - Kim, Putin, China, Iran were never certain - and during his tenure they were restrained.

- reduced taxes which put money into the people's pockets which reduced the money the politicians had control to squander.

- stopped the caravans, built the wall and incarcerated or deported illegals/criminals.

- trade negotiations/tariffs resulted in industry/manufacturing returning to the USA.

- maintained composure through the constant attacks of the media.

- astounding energy and constantly working and speaking directly into the microphones allowing the society to see and evaluate him.

- Suffered the idiotic Russia hoax investigation and 2 outrageously political impeachments, by the swamp creatures

- was charged with lying constantly - link here to see the 15 most egregious lies that CNN published. https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/16/politics/fact-check-dale-top-15-donald-trump-lies/index.html

Stupid and inconsequential CNN typical - BS.

- quietened the middle east even though putting an Embassy in Jerusalem.

- lower the unemployment - especially of the minorities

- exhibited confidence, determination, and demanded loyalty from his staff in carrying out their duty to the presidency or get fired.

- rebuilt the military.

- irritated the career politicians, the bureaucratic buffoons', the establishment, and the swamp creatures.

- and always strived to MAGA..

Now tell us about Biden, please!

Ed Buckner

I'm not ignoring your request for a detailed assessment of Biden as Prez (and Harris as VP)--I consider it premature. Biden was not my first choice and I've had some differences with him already--but pleasant surprises, too. Biden-Harris have not even been in office for six months yet and, barring evidence of impeachable offenses, I think it's best mostly to be patient rather than making judgements on which we cannot yet act. I also don't think it is ever good v. evil or otherwise stark and simple. (I certainly had criticisms of Trump's behavior even in the 2016/17 transition, so I'm not arguing that citizens should not criticize the prez--only that we should be patient in doing so.) And that we should not believe everything a partisan on the other side sez uncritically. Partisan critics, from Jefferson's day to Newt Gingrich and since, have been outrageous in their claims (Turns out Jefferson as President did *not* send federal troops to confiscate Bibles, despite claims from is enemies that he would!) Skepticism in politics as in much else is wise.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee, who agrees with me on my point about Biden--that he won the election (not necessarily that he was the right choice) will no doubt find this essay persuasive-- https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/jun/06/republican-party-donald-trump-american-democracy-elections?

Dalton Logan

Mr. Hardy, [thumbup][thumbup]

Least not let's forget that President Trump was one of the first to call out the China lab as possibly responsible for the death of 600K Americans and approximately 6 million worldwide.

Russell Rac

You have way too much time on your hands, sir. Considering volunteering. It will actually make a positive difference in the community. Your babble does not.

David Hardee

Mr. Rac - welcome to the discussion. Normally I have no time for snide quips and ignore them as from inconsequential people with miniscule ability to compose a meaningful thought.

Your intent to be PERSONALLY insulting makes you unique among most commenters. And your kindergarten retort proves that any contribution you make will reek from a demented psyche. You requested my “volunteering.” Hope this satisfies that request.

David Hardee

As to the Domel article - again the context evaded a simple mind. The issue is that the LGBTQrlj-etc. persons and their sexual practices are afftonts to the traditional mores and moral of our 247 years of a society that revered a nuclear family structure based on the Judeo-Christian tenets. Incidentally it is impossible to find any religion, that condones the homosexual practices or marriage. Only our Federal government has constructed a specious conclusion that "sexual preference" is a recognized status needing to be identified as a civil right category in our society. for you edification the 1964 civil right amendment crack open the segmentation of society by gender, race, color, - and by pounding the courts for 3 decades the homosexuals eventually found a sympathetic court that opened to "sexual orientation" status. Also note that over those year the out of wed-lock birth rate has eroded so today 73% of all black and 36% of white babies are born to single (un-married) women and starts that baby's life without 2 parents makes it's prone to difficulties a nuclear baby will not experience. That single parent existence for babies is what the progressive liberals (nanny state) perpetrated.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Hardee ..you need to stop telling the truth! Can't make many friends like that! The LEFT will not endear themselves to the truth! They are used to made-up & LEFTIST engineered facts! [beam][beam].

Ed Buckner

I'm busy at the moment but will answer this more fully later. You aree, however, again missing my point: I'm not suggesting that you have to agree with LGBTQ ideas, only that agree or disagree, we all have basic rights to think and speak as we wish.

Ed Buckner

To add a bit to what I wrote about Ron Domel's letter: he closed by writing, "Thomas Jefferson’s trenchant declaration remains so ennobling: 'I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.' Whenever one’s conscience is overridden by an ideological imperative it’s time to seek accommodation for one’s God-given right and wrong."

The problem is that Mr. Domel lacks some crucially important information. Jefferson's comment, justly famous, trenchant, and ennobling-- and prominently displayed on the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC--is often misunderstood or misrepresented. Jefferson was NOT urging people to turn to God or to God-given ideas of right and wrong. Jefferson was instead arguing clearly and cogently for individual thought and freedom. His famous quotation was (according to Frederick Clarkson, in Clarkson's book Eternal Hostility (1997)) arguing against Protestant Christian clergy who declared Jefferson was anti-Christian because he did not accept their interpretation of morality. Jefferson would, in short, have declared "eternal hostility" against people unwilling to accord LGBTQ Americans equal and full rights.

Russell Rac

I don't answer to the government regarding my private life. Nor you. The only one I need to have a conversation with on my sexuality is myself and my God. Oh. And spoiler alert. Homosexuality has been referenced many times over in nature since the beginning of time. Its not a rule or right. Its not illegal or legal. And it has absolutely nothing to do with my overall morality. It's but a part of what makes me the person I am. I don't need a blip in the US register to tell me what I am. I could care less what you think.

David Hardee

From your comment - though you said, “I could care less what you think” - I care, and perceiving that you are satisfied with yourself, am glad for you.

I have no interest or pass no judgement on you personally. And relationship with God is not an issue, But to claim that you, or any of us are free from answering to the government is wrong.

If you chronicle the evolution of the relationship of the personal life of a citizen to being influenced by the government(s) you will conclude that in the 247 years of our codified government(s) under common law, and again under the constitution the element of basic authority and responsibility to - keeping the peace - we have always had government interference.

More to the point is that today that evolution of citizen’s personal lives to being controlled by the FEDERAL government has grown to the point the government(s) have inserted tentacles into every realm and activity of your personal lives, even mores and morals.

Note that the original intent was to protect the citizens from the feared dominance of a creeping federal government. The Feds were restricted to the activities of National (common good) activities. But over the last 151 years, the Fed has usurped States rights and over the last 60 years the Fed has broken the COMMON barrier to become arbiter of the CIVIL rights. Anyone can do a simple review of the CIVIL rights 20 amendment since 1868 and will conclude a citizen is now a subject of a developing total authoritarian government. The fears of the founding fathers have materialized.

That story of Fed usurping is widely published and undeniably convincing and criticized.

As to homosexuality - not you personally - but every LGBTQ citizen has been codefiec as a segment of society with a Civil right trail of 50 years of court proceedings on it’s value to or detriment to the common good - society in general. The issue has been settled by the security of the Court opinions, Legislative acts under the tutelage of the progressive liberal Democratic Party.

So rejoice in the victory. But there is no basis by which a claim that the effects of the practice represent/have other than what I outlined in the comment you were offended by - personally.

Incidentally, your snide comment “I could care less what you think” is a lie if you respond.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee, you persist in your error. While there are religions--or sects/denominations, etc.--that do accept homosexuality as moral and normal, despite your claims, that is not the point. Religious ideas and bodies in this nation have, as they should, great sway with adherents--but they do not control policy (including who counts as someone to protect from discrimination). We the people are in charge of that--and we include adherents of all faiths and of none, as well as many who are simply indifferent to faith. Neither you nor Carlos Ponce or various believers are required to believe that gay practices and marriage are acceptable--but you lack political power to force your beliefs onto others. Mores and ideas of morality change over time, for believers and for everyone else. For example, Southern Christians once held that black people were inferior and appropriate to enslave and that black and white men and women could not, as a matter of decency and morality, marry each other and have children. Most modern American Christians reject such ideas as racist nonsense, but decent reasonable and powerful American Christians--Harry Truman, for example--recently disagreed. Finding evidence that "traditional" mores support an idea does not make it right.

David Hardee

Error! Error of what? Error of belief or of logic? A belief is not always logical or supported by evidence. Most or trend is proof of popularity and popularity does not make it best. Trend is simply a direction and is often deceptive as supported by most and then reversed.

You have run the usual scenario espousing the practice of homosexuality.

As to, species that have been observed have practiced acts that are peculiar to norms as a method of dominance or intimidation. Those are not really from a psychological process as is the intent of a human.

As to, Marriage, it has been diminished to a financial transaction allowing the benefits of a partnership to be distributed to those who cohabitate. Just another government liberal follow on to the nomenclature ​of a "common law" marriage.

As to Religions, another social creation that gathers people for reverence to an entity of specious quality. Most are mystical humans but snakes and volcanoes are included. Rituals are often quite decadent to those that observe. Often a new sect is allowed when its popularity has grown sufficiently.

As to evolution to inclusion to acceptable of USA society for homosexuality I presented the chronological history, As to religions acceptance we have to consider the multitude of religions and their sects. No universal statement will suffice. But religions are normally benevolent and tolerant of subtle deviations. But the homosexual explicitly will find severe danger if intruding on the dogma of or if the prophet has given specific instruction.

Now to the mores and morals, we again must agree on a place, time and acts if we discuss specifics of good and not good. Let’s use the broadest spectrum - the place is the universe, the time is forever and the acts are those of humans. The universe and infinity would have never known of but a blip- an unexpected, minor, and typically temporary deviation from a general trend. - of humans if there was in either the act of creation or the evolution of man had not there been a male human and a female human. And that fact means that human mores and morals are non-existing without progeny and sustainability of the human species and any acts against the sustaining of the species is bad. Can you get to point - there is no rest of the story, necessary to make the point.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee, your error is of logic, not of belief (you are as entitled to your beliefs as anyone else, of course, and we need not agree with each other's beliefs). You assert that "traditional mores" have not found homosexual behavior or marriage acceptable, and you are largely correct; but public policy and law is not properly driven by traditional mores. Moral standards certainly do strongly affect law and policy, but those standards change, and ideas about gay people have changed dramatically in the last generation (as they did earlier regarding "miscegenation" and slavery. It is logical to argue that the species will not persist if *every* relationship is same-sex; it is illogical to argue that *no* relationship can be of that sort or the species (or the culture) is imperiled.

Bailey Jones

Critical thinking does seem to be in short supply on the opinion page. I wish our school system taught our kids how to think.

Ed Buckner


Dan Freeman

Lack of skills is a standard Republican position: the Republican Party of Texas wrote into its 2012 platform as part of the section on education:

Knowledge-Based Education – We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) (values clarification), critical thinking skills and similar programs that are simply a relabeling of Outcome-Based Education (OBE) (mastery learning) which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority.

Carlos Ponce

Did the 2012 Texas Republican Platform object to higher order thinking skills?

Answer: Only those that "focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority."

So Dan, do you believe schools should undermine parental authority?

You included that phrase in your post but apparently did not think about what it really means. Looks like your brain stopped at "We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills" BRAIN STOP! Did you read the rest?

Higher order thinking skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation) were We oppose the teaching of Higher Order Thinking Skills art of Bloom's Taxonomy but undermining parental authority was never a goal of Benjamin Bloom.

David Hardee

Good ole' Dan recites the publications of the progressive liberal interpretation of the State of Texas GOP platform with gusto of a faux Critical Thinker . A real Critical Thinker would absorb the the words and process them for a context to comprehend the main point the words and their connective structure is creating a thought pattern on the reader. Dan - the complex sentence (one sentence) is beyond the ability of a jaded mind to get the thought pattern being sent.

"which focus on behavior modification and have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs and undermining parental authority" is the subject of the sentence. All that go before these words are the pre-amble of items to be impacted by the subject/purpose. Only those that (HOTS), CRT, And OBE that focus on students' belief and parental authority are OPPOSED. .Clear you mind of the jaded perception and do a critical evaluation for yourself and you will get it.

You, Dan, are lacking the skill - skill of self evaluating - and allowing the pseudo journalist opinion writers to feed you mind.


David Hardee

Note to the form - An argument to the statement i made that "not a single religion condones" can be disputed. The community of perverse sexual activities and convoluted marriages has constructed auxiliary tentacles on established traditional religions. This is the modern era revolution/trend that is infecting a dynasty that was the best hope of humanity and if not regurgitate will as did the Roman empire become a foot note in history.

The USA similarities with the The Roman Republic - the period in which the city-state of Rome existed as a republican government (from 509 B.C. to 27 B.C.), one of the earliest examples of representative democracy in the world.- are remarkable.

Beware! There are Caligula's lurking among us.

Charles Douglas

Joe China gets on TV yesterday trying to clean up his pathetic, racist background, and past concerning how he demonized African-Americans for a half a century by colluding with known RACIST Senators called DIXICRATS many who belonged to the KKK! He boldly claimed the greatest threat to America today is not Al Queda, nor ISIS, but White Supremacists! Yes, that is right, it is the WHITE MAN, who is the greatest threat to America today according to Joe!

This man has long lost what little sense he ever possessed! This fool is constantly preaching hate in this nation, and he was the one who promised to bring the country together doing one of the three speeches his handlers, or Nancy Pelosi allowed him to make during the Presidential Campaign! I just wondered if anybody else is as tired of these same old BS excuses this man is giving for his lack of ability to do his job other than myself?

He and his party are inferring that BLACKS are inherent victims with built in excuses for failure, and WHITES are born oppressors, who are privileged! It seems like he, and others like him are trying to ignite a civil war! I am serious! This guy is nuts! He is worse than Charles Manson the mass killer in California who was convicted of the Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders. Abigail Folgers the coffee heiress was also a victim! Manson, an admitted tool of Satan predicted exactly what Joe China and the LEFT are perpetuating today! They are trying to push African-Americans into a race-war, by race-baiting, preaching division, and strife EVERYDAY! Listen to what they are saying! Listen to them! It is people dying trying to get to this country, and this LEFTIST fool is saying that this is the WORST place on earth! ISIS, AL QAEDA, and the Taliban are not as bad as what is going on in America! This is sad! I am losing hope in people who CANNOT see this!

Ed Buckner

In re Douglas, Hardee, Ponce, and Domel: I was startled by how thoroughly misinformed so many are about the Religious Equality Act. The change is merely to extend rights more broadly, yet some claim--falsely--that such legislation will force churches to hire preachers who don't even follow the hiring church's doctrines. This is so blatantly false that I wondered where the idea arose. Then I got this e-mail from the Family Research Council. Sheesh.--

Dear Fellow American,

As our nation deals with the ripple effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is critical that Christian and conservative Americans hold the line on our values as leftists try to exploit the crisis to push their anti-biblical policies.

Imagine an America where religious hospitals are forced to perform abortions. Where Bible-believing churches could be forced to hire pastors and other employees who don’t follow the teachings of the church and could be required to host same-sex wedding ceremonies. Where Christian schools are forced to cater to the preferences of students who identify as transgender, threatening the privacy and safety of young girls.

If the Senate passes the “Equality” Act — which has already passed the House of Representatives — this is the future that could lie before us.

This disastrous legislation is an all-out assault on parental rights, on the family, and on millions of people of faith in our nation. It quarantines faith within your mind and says that’s where it must stay!

Almost no institution or person of faith—be it a school, church, business, or non-profit—will escape the reach of this catastrophic bill if it passes the Senate and is sent to President Biden’s desk, where it’s sure to be signed into law.

Can I count on your gift of $10, $25, $50, or more to help Family Research Council Action defeat the “Equality” Act today?

Help Stop the "Equality" Act

While touted as “equality,” this legislation would be more appropriately named the “Inequality Act.”

It aims to expand numerous civil rights laws, including the Civil Rights Act of 1964, to create protected classes based on sexual orientation and gender identity, thereby positioning the government to lord over churches and other faith-based institutions, potentially dictating who they hire, how their facilities are used, and even punishing some of them for not falling in step with a view of human sexuality that directly contradicts orthodox biblical teaching.

It would force all those in the medical community—regardless of their moral, religious, or medical opinions—to offer hormone treatment and transgender surgeries for individuals suffering from gender dysphoria.

If passed and signed into law, it would cause a significant loss of religious freedom in America, and every Bible-believing citizen will suffer the consequences.

This bill is an egregious attack on the freedom to believe, and it must be stopped!

Many of the nation's top evangelical pastors and religious leaders have already signed a letter warning against this bill, and now I need your signature to help stop this disastrous legislation.

I hope I can count on you to join us with your gift to STOP the “Equality” Act.

As the legislative affiliate of Family Research Council, FRC Action seeks to educate and influence elected officials on Capitol Hill and in the states, activate our grassroots network, and mobilize voters on behalf of faith, family, and freedom.

FRC Action exists so that our nation’s most fundamental values are represented as we impact public policy, influence elections, and support candidates who share our values.

Even during these difficult times, you and I must continue our vital work to defeat the “Equality” Act, which poses the gravest threat in decades to the American family and religious liberty.

But to continue leading the charge to stop this disastrous bill, we need your support.

Please help us urge the Senate to reject this legislation and defend religious freedom in America with your gift of $10, $25, or any amount today.

Help Stop the "Equality" Act

With your help, we will defeat the “Equality” Act.

Thank you, and God bless!

For America,

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. Boykin

Executive Vice President

Family Research Council Action

Carlos Ponce

"The change is merely to extend rights more broadly, yet some claim--falsely....."

From HR 5: The Equality Act


“The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (42 U.S.C. 2000bb et seq.) shall not provide a claim concerning, or a defense to a claim under, a covered title, or provide a basis for challenging the application or enforcement of a covered title.”.


David Hardee

Buckner, get my name out of any reference to God. A wise man advise "render unto God what is God's and render unto Caesar what is Caesars. Any transgression with God is not the issue here. Religions are a creation of society's/man and their selection of the attributes of their prime mover (God). I am only dealing with issues of the physical world morality (principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.) of man.

You ignored itemizing the issues on which you based your vote for Biden, understandingly - Biden's credentials are in his self aggrandized and plagiarized rhetoric.

Now here is another challenge that you will probably find to difficult to respond Please enlighten us with the salient feature/attribute homosexuality give to humanity/society./man.

Ted Gillis

But yet in the email after all that scaring warnings and hand wringing, they feel compelled to ask for money. Hucksters. They are all after one thing.

Ed Buckner

Ted Gillis--exactly.

Ed Buckner

David Hardee, I have no knowledge of your religious beliefs or lack of same--and I have not pretended I do. It is true, however, that the overwhelming majority of opposition to equal rights for LGBTQ rights springs from religious impulses and doctrines. I do not have to defend the contributions (which I happen to think are quite substantial even if irrelevant to our argument) of gay people to culture, art, science, etc., to defend their equal political rights.

David Hardee

Mr. Buckner - The opposition to homosexuality is that it is anti to the single most principle of the existence of humanity - survival of the species. The undeniable fact is that the strict adherence to the practice of homosexuality is intentional suicide of practitioner'(s) DNA and consequently extinction since there (begetting) and universal practice of homosexuality would result in extinction. This extinction by homosexuality even if incidental (not universal) is an intentional assault on the human species.

Is it you honest conclusion by your statement " I do not have to defend the contributions (which I happen to think are quite substantial", that being homosexual is a prime element that makes/intensifies a human to be "better at culture, art, science, etc.". That position is not worthy of being a rationalization it is illusion.

In anticipation of a retort using the acceptability of "sexual orientation" in the civil rights let it be clear that over the period of 151 years the tinkering of the civil right/bill of right has resulted in the scourges our society is suffering today. All the specification of a segment of our society in the bill of right has made divisions in the society. Specific PROTECTION for" race, color, religion, sex or national origin. ."is segmentation of society. ergo each of these segments have become a minority within the total society/majority. And each has gather into a constituency that is producing a claim of discrimination. These constituencies are identifiable by political labels. And American has been hyphenated with African/black, and Asian, Hispanic, women, disabled, native, Gay/LGBT and etc. So, it is a fact that the American society is segmented by the Civil Rights amendments nd the each is producing chaos as they grovel to the pandering of their elected champions.

From 1868 there have been 20 tinkering with civil rights .and the common denominator is the progressive liberal Democratic Party that wants now to raise your child as a student of and advocate to the transgender segment of the homosexual division with in the Big Tent.

Confidentially I will share my personal reflections on the reasons for an how I am.

- I have no allegiance to a man made "religion." I revere and wish to live a life that is in the pattern of Jesus and Gandhi but have been often a failure. I recognize a Prime Mover as the originator of the universe where I dwell - wondering at the delight and the atrocities IT permits. In recognition of the good fortune I have enjoyed - as result of men of goodwill that founded this country - I am adamite in preservation of the traditional/original intents. Unfortunately those original intents are being convoluted with introduction of cultures that refuse to meet their pledge to assimilate. After 80 years of observation and with attention to the evolutions and a knowledge of history written by those that lived it I reject the re-imaginations. My battles are in the sake of my progeny and for that which I know is for the preservation and continuation of this country to be the best hope for humanity.

I do not lie or fabricate for the purpose of prevailing. Enough said, in confidence, I trust.

Ed Buckner

Carlos Ponce--you have (and not for the first time) presented what you thought was evidence for your conclusion that was in fact no such thing.

Carlos Ponce

Ed Buckner's usual unsubstantiated claim.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Ponce, you substantiated it, so I needn't.

David Hardee

d, I had read and re-read at you prompting, The article is satisfying,


Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee, because--I think--of the erratic way comments and replies are posted, I'm uncertain whether the article you cited was the one in the Guardian. In any case, it seems quite clear to me that you and I strongly agree as to who won the 2020 presidential election AND that we disagree pretty strongly about who should have won it. Happily, it is a free country and we need not attempt to force agreement (futile attempt, I'd think.)

David Hardee

I read the Guardian article. I must stop using the names of the president in my comments - because I am of no allegiance to a person or their personalities. I am dwelling on the results of their announce intents and acts and accomplishments. Their concurrency with my philosophy in general is also a considerable importance. Proven character flaws in terms of actions not rhetoric is the least of weight in consideration. An admitted act of plagiarisms is much more condemning then a rhetorical lie. Politicians inclusiveness, permissiveness and benevolence are tools deployed for pandering of votes.

I found the results of the 2016 election satisfactory and to date the results of the 2020 lection are so far unsatisfying. The rhetoric of the 2016 election was homogenous, wide in subjects, and revealing/saucy in contrast to the 2020 election is infrequent narrow on subjects and scripted for political persuasion, so far. this is true for the first hundred days of each. Don't you agree?

Ed Buckner

David Hardee, to return briefly to claims you made earlier: do you agree that actions not directly generating offspring can nevertheless contribute to survival of a species? For example, a man and woman who marry and produce no children (want none) can still develop ideas that improve homo sapiens' chance of survival. Likewise, of course, for two men or two women who marry.

David Hardee

Ed, try this and recognize yourself.


Ed Buckner

Mr. Hardee, I watched the YouTube/Prager U video, and it makes some valid points--but it is weirdly off base in other regards. For example, the speaker confidently declares that the Left distort words and misuse language (and that has certainly happened) but it simply ignores the major contributions to political misuse of language from right-wing leaders like Newt Gingrich (look up his 1990 memo urging Republicans to call opponents names,“Language, a Key Mechanism of Control”). And of course meanings of words do legitimately change over time and in new circumstances. The fact that past cultures have reserved "marriage" for men and women (not, though, for one of each--many examples of multiple wives per guy) doesn't mean we cannot use it in a different way now. You haven't in fact answered my question. Let me put it another way: would you outlaw marriage between any two individuals if they will not try to produce children? Why or why not?

David Hardee

Thanks Ed for the response. The complexity, logic and emotions impacting the subjects you raise require much in the way of responding with sufficiency to be respectful and complete. I will attempt to state my position economically as best I can.

The Prager video - I agree, and always expect, and are prepared - to be skeptical that all politicians will skew anything to advance them and elevate their approval ratings. What is so disgusting is when those, in wanting to develop the organization of people to gather under a “good '' utilize the enticing or exciting techniques of bastardizing words and creating mantras that are intended to psychologically inflict a false impression on the naive and or developing minds. Example - selection and diverting the meaning of the word gay was a selection intent on taking the JOY of gay and imposing it to create a convoluted impression that homosexuality was a JOYFUL event.. Another is the taking of that which is an automatic and universal effect of being a majority and skewing it into being the source to intentionally create a despicable plot, i,e, the majority of any population in the USA was always white skinned. Intentionally, white skin majority was skewed into a mantra as systemic white superiority - inferring racism Every element of the mantra has base on a truth - superiority is a condition of majority and most of the population was white and systemic means a pronounced portion relative to the parts of the same thing. These mantras are a convolution used for subliminal attacks and very effective on the naive and developing psyches.

As to my opinion that marriage has been corrupted and assigning some blame. First to the PERSONAL sexual practices of a cognitive person, I am neutral. As to sexual practice or any PERSONAL practice (that is not criminal or harmful) being projected into a general population public for debate it is impossible to reach a conclusion or even to reconcile as appropriate or inappropriate. These personal - mostly emotional driven - peculiarities (I do not intend the word peculiar as being derogatory) should not be promoted, again because the naive and formative psyche is influenced.

Emotions - and all the attenuating human empathetic reactions that erupt spontaneously i.e. love, sympathy, fear, etc. - are undefinable as for the cause and effect that emote from that place in the human that we cannot pinpoint and drives an individual to NATURAL / common acts and reactions. Questions like - what hurts your feelings or why do I love or hate this person (without any other reason then, I do.)- is an unanswerable or debateable emotional result. Consequently should never be a PROMOTED public issue. Ergo, those wanting to cohabitate or group together for whatever reason are free to and should not be subjected to recrimination - unless they insist on their uncommon peculiarity is projected vigorously for the intention as being skewed into acceptable and is an intrusion on the sanctity of the natural, common and normal humanity.

As to preservation of the species there is only one practice to consider, PROGENY. In the realm of science and medicine there is only coitus as the function for progeny COPULATION between male and female. Please don’t insert artificial insemination or petri dish and other anomalies into the discussion to create a diversion, or analyze meanings for copulation which has as one of its synonyms the word “congress.” So as to not drag this debate through all the tortures of definitions, pros, and cons let it be concluded with a simple “to each his own”. We must make this one exclusion that no child is to be exposed to sexuality by an adult, other than hopefully its loving biological parent(s)) until the child is naturally curious and inquires. The only allowable pre-indoctrination is a warning to a child that overly attentive adults (pedophiles) exist.

Certainly this rant was inefficient and includes opinions that are worthy of chiding. But it was an honest and sincere effort.


Ed Buckner

David Hardee, thanks for a long and thoughtful reply. I don't agree with on some of this, but I respect you highly. I'll reply at more length later. Thanks!

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