In response to the column by Chris Bell ("Corny's gun-violence plan is all talk, no action," The Daily News, Oct. 30): Running against Sen. John Cornyn on a gun ban, really? Stopping gun-violence by banning a type of firearm is like stopping drunken driving by banning a type of car.

Your ridiculous claims of baseball size holes from a .223-caliber round, shows you're clueless. That’s all you gun ban enthusiasts do, is spread hype and falsehoods, what most of us Texans call horse manure. Coined phrases such as “military style,” “assault weapon,” “semi-automatic,” “high capacity,” etc., are all part of your “ban-it” campaign.

News flash Bell, the common shotgun is so much more deadly at close range, but you're too smart to see this right? Why, because it's not scary looking enough and it hasn't been sensationalized by you all-knowing politicians?

Spreading ridiculous claims like “70 percent of voters favor this gun ban.” Where was this poll taken, in your own mind? Bans don’t work. Look at the illegal drug industry.

The only ban we really need is a ban on ignorant politicians. You can’t stop sick, evil individuals from killing with gun bans. It has never worked.

Chris Hines

Texas City


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Don Schlessinger

"News flash Bell, the common shotgun is so much more deadly at close range, but you're too smart to see this right?" Mr. Hines, please stop educating the Lefties.

Carlos Ponce

The Santa Fe shooter used a 12-gauge Remington 870 shotgun and a Rossi .38-caliber snub-nosed revolver. And if that didn't succeed he had explosives ready. He killed 10 and wounded 13 others. Ban one weapon and a person bent on killing will find a way. Chris Bell is just trying to rouse the anti-Second Amendment crowd.

Bailey Jones

I agree with Carlos. Guns are just like drugs. Ban alcohol and people will smoke pot. Ban pot and people will snort coke. Ban coke and there's meth and heroin. There's always another way to get high. You can't regulate what people do by passing laws, so why even bother? I long for an America where we have all the freedoms - guns AND drugs. And what's the deal with speed limits anyway?

Carlos Ponce

The right to KEEP AND BEAR ARMS is found in the US Constitution. Use of harmful drugs is not. Ditto with speeding. Not a good analogy, Bailey.

Bailey Jones

The right to use guns for any purpose other than providing for a militia is not in the constitution. Everyone in a militia raise your hand.

Carlos Ponce

DC v Heller - "Held: The Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm UNCONNECTED with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home."

Bailey posts, "The right to use guns for any purpose other than providing for a militia is not in the constitution." The Supreme COURT says you are WRONG!

Bailey Jones

Good to know that you're down with the SC inferring rights from the constitution. That will come in handy the next time abortion or gay marriage comes up.

Carlos Ponce

Yes, I truly believe the Constitution should be followed. Gay marriage falls under the province of Amendment 10 and should be left up to the individual states. Justice Kennedy who wrote the opinion cited a "right to dignity" but never revealed where in the Constitution it was. Maybe Bailey can find it for him.

Gary Miller

Someone invented crossbows. They were so lethal they were banned and guns replaced crossbows. If guns are banned what will replace them? The gun will be replaced with something more deadly and available.

Gary Miller

Calling gun bans 'Hog wash' gives it value it doesn't deserve. Hog wash is quite valuable. A hog farmer cousin sells a 8,000 gallon truck load of hog wash every day. His pens are designed to flush pig manure to a central pond twice a day. Farmers use it to grow organic produce. Without 'hog wash' they'd have to use chicken farm or beef feed lot droppings. Nice clean industral fertilisers can't be used by "organic farmers". Hog wash may be Natural but it sure isn't clean.

Bailey Jones

What hogwash. What you're describing is "pig slurry". Hogwash isn't the refuse of pigs, but pig food (slop). It derives from the 15th century - hogges wash - "kitchen slops fed to pigs, refuse of a kitchen or brewery."

The definition was extended to mean "cheap liquor" in 1712, then, presciently, to "inferior writing" in 1773.

tom carpenter


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