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Emile Pope

The United States has 5% of the world population but 25% of Covid-19 deaths...

Carlos Ponce

Emile, do all countries use the same standard for reporting a pandemic death? No. Do all states in the US use the same standard? No. Do all countries have the same media bias against hydroxychloroquine? No. I heard a report about Uganda which has only a dozen pandemic deaths. Why? They use hydroxychloroquine for malaria and as a side effect it serves as a prophylactic preventing the Chinese Wuhan COVID-19 Coronavirus. In many countries, hydroxychloroquine is sold over the counter.

Emile Pope

You heard??? You're not donald and I'm not a Fox viewer. Stick to facts and stop making things up...

Carlos Ponce

Emile, if I posted sources you would call it "garbage".

"A cure for COVID-19? Why the death rates is low in Germany? -Texas physician: No American has to die on COVID-19, there is a cure"


As for Uganda, they've had 12 deaths.

Jim Forsythe


John Machol

Wow, Carlos! I've just spent a few munites checking the comments on the letters to the editor page and see your post are always there! Are you paid to be so annoying? Expert on Everything

Carlos Ponce

"Are you paid to be so annoying?" Just send your check to the Hitchcock ISD Education Foundation, PO Box 82, 7801 Neville, Hitchcock, TX 77563.[beam]

Emile Pope

Hopefully the press won't promote the new oleander cure from the donald and mypillow guy now that his other sham cure has been shown not to work....

Carlos Ponce

From CNN:

Trump said he had "heard about" oleandrin. "Is it something people are talking about very strongly?" he asked a reporter on the White House lawn.

"We'll look at it, we'll look at it, we're looking at a lot of different things," he said.


Emile, does that sound like Trump is promoting it???? Anyone with common sense would say that he is not. Can you produce any reliable source that shows Trump promoting it?????

Jim Forsythe

Trump the new Sham Wow Guy!

George Laiacona

The paper should print all comments. That way the intelligent readers can see just who the ignorant naive people are. After all the paper does print the commenters names.

Carlos Ponce

"The paper should print all comments" as long as they follow the guidelines at the bottom of the page.

Ted Gillis

Here’s the difference about Fox News and the others as described by one their competitor’s host, I think it was Nicole Wallace. “Fox News reporting would be like attending a celebrity event and the emcee announces “let’s give a big welcome to our honored guest Paul McCartney, lead singer and lead guitarist for the band Wings!”

You have to scratch your head because you can’t say they are lying and you can’t say that they are not being truthful, but you know deep down that something is just not right with the statement.

Carlos Ponce

Since the Beatles did not have a "lead singer" per se one could not say he was their "lead singer". He was lead on a lot of songs but each Beatle had their own shot as lead on certain songs. But he was lead singer for the group Wings. To that generation, that was all he was just like to another, Ringo Starr was "Mr. Conductor" on Shining Time Station.

John E Sr. Macrini

Although Paul McCartney is multi-talented instrumentally; Piano, Guitar, Ocarina, Recorder, Synthesizer, He is a Bass Player.....not a Lead Guitarist of Wings.

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