Sept. 17 is Constitution Day. To honor this day, I thank those in our community who've raised their right hands and pledged, “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So, help me God.”

I note that there's no period of performance or escape clause in this solemn pledge. When we committed, we committed for life. Most of us took this oath as young lads and lasses joining the military. When joining the military, one isn't pledging allegiance to the president or even to the government. It's a pledge to a document, a concept of government that promises freedom and liberty.

As I get older, this oath becomes more dear to me. I don't understand how people who've taken that pledge can ignore the document upon which our country's greatness was built, in favor of some nebulous socialist dogma.

Donald Pollock

Texas City


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Ed Buckner

Stringing words together doesn't mean good communication, Mr. Pollock. I'd guess that you, like most so-called conservatives, don't actually know what the Constitution, as amended, says. Or what "socialist dogma" really means, either. We the people are eager to provide for the general welfare and to protect due process for all US citizens, and I'm not confident you agree.

George Laiacona

There is no such thing as socialist dogma in America. The only thing going on at this time in history is that the Republicans lost the last election due to the fact that the TV wannabe Dictator didn’t do anything for the lower classes of Americans. Republicans propaganda will include any thing that undermines our democracy. January 6th showed us just what we have to defend our democracy against. Not Socialism , or Communism, or Fascism. Our only real threat is White Supremacy.Remember January 6th!

Ed Buckner

George Laiacona, well said. There are plenty of people who bandy the term "socialism" around who have no understanding of what it means.

Stuart Crouch

Indeed! Their indoctrination includes such easily regurgitated terms to invoke the fear of the 'boogeyman'. Simple minds require simple solutions.

Stuart Crouch

Preach, brother! I would only add 'ignorance, hate & greed' as they tend to create the bedrock for what you suggest. 9/11 & 1/6; dark days in our nation's history.

Bailey Jones

Don't talk about my Socialist Dog, Ma!

Carlos Ponce

George Laiacona posts, "There is no such thing as socialist dogma in America." Just look at legislation promoted in Congress by the Democrats. Most of it comes from AOC and Bernie's (BOTH SOCIALISTS) handbook.

Gary Miller

Socialists want to divide up the wealth of America. There are millions of them, each with a different idea of what socialism is. Each with a different idea of how much of American wealth they should get. Each thinking elections are how we decide who decides who gets what.

Ed Buckner

Mr. Miller, your ignorance is on full display. Try doing some reading, maybe starting with my own short essay: Extra credit if you actually read it before commenting, and thus avoid saying more ignorant things, such as that I'm promoting socialism in my essay or that I'm pretending I have THE correct definition.

Curtiss Brown

They all believe in Freedom and Liberty.

Out loud these individuals speak and their thoughts behind:

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe in the national highway system and the post office.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe in Social Security and Medicare.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe in Medicare for all and Tax The Rich.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe government should be active in solving society’s problems.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe we should nationalize the oil companies.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe we should collectively own all industry and production.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe we should allow only political parties that have been approved by the Socialist Party.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I believe we should re-educate those who think differently about our version of freedom and liberty.)

“I am a Socialist!” (I will tell you what to believe.)

I have read your article, Ed. The problem is you don’t know what Socialism is.

Socialism is all of the above to you.

Ed Buckner

Curtiss Brown, perhaps you did read my essay, but if so, you missed the main point: attacking *or* defending something because it's "socialist" is not meaningful unless you explain what you mean by the term. There *is* no "correct" term--and if someone wants central economic planning and government ownership of all means of production, I'm against that. If someone else means she wants public tax money spent for schools, libraries, parks, highways, and police and fire services, I'm for that. If all someone means is some undefined "socialist agenda" claim slung as an insult, no reasonable person can support *or* oppose it. The problem is you don't know what Socialism is.

Curtiss Brown

Apparently, it has no meaning at all. Amazing. I think I would still prefer to avoid it.

Ed Buckner

It's not that it has no meaning--it's that it has different ones and the one that is being used needs to be specified. Avoiding the term is, however, far better than flinging it around as an insult, wily-nily. If one wants to argue that I'm a socialist, a democratic socialist, because I think there are a number of legitimate roles for government to play--that I think an active government is a good, or at least not an automatic bad, why then that's fine with me. Just don't call me a name meaning something I don't mean by it.

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