In response to Norman Pappous’ commentary (“How Will Republican leadership respond to censorship," The Daily News, Jan. 21), it would be crass and unfair to assert that perhaps the perceived “anti-conservative bias in tech” is well founded because conservatives are more prone to obfuscate in pronouncing their points of view.

But please understand why this perception may gain traction when the Great Lie that the 2020 presidential election was fraudulent and stolen has been promulgated by a vast majority of conservatives in positions of power and influence.

In defense of tech’s attempts at muzzling disinformation, let us not underestimate the impact that this disinformation has on our society. Besides the stirring up of passions so much as to spur an insurrection at our nation’s Capitol, it also brought forth a strategy to overturn the election by disavowing the electoral college vote.

It was an attempted coup, and that is not an overstatement.

Leroy LeFlore



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Carlos Ponce

Thank you for your post. It looks like the Left is the clear leader in obfuscation, pomposity and group think. You recite the Liberal party line very well.

Now cue the far-Left into giving you thumbs up.

Wayne D Holt

Carlos, is it unseemly of me to insert the President Buy-In News of Today here?

--Video footage taken on Wednesday went viral today as viewers noticed that when President Joe Biden was walking into the Capitol on inauguration day, he robotically stated aloud “Salute the Marines” instead of actually saluting them.

The awkward interaction appears to have been prompted by someone communicating with Biden via earpiece, which has become a staple of the 78-year-old Biden’s public appearances due to numerous gaffes and instances of erratic behavior. --(For Pete's sake, will someone please whisper "Respect the Constitution" into his earpiece, stat. This guy makes Monte Hall look like Aristotle).

--Tony Blinken, the Biden administration’s nominee for Secretary of State, managed a Joe Biden project that received millions of anonymous Chinese donor dollars. Blinken appeared a handful of times in emails found on Hunter Biden’s laptop agreeing to advise Hunter Biden when Hunter worked at the scandal-plagued firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. The Obama State Department set up a meeting between Hunter and Blinken which was postponed, and the two met two months later in 2015.

Hunter Biden coordinated introductions between Blinken and his associates, and Blinken was named in an email in connection to a shady prospective deal involving the federal government and Amtrak, a company that previously had Hunter Biden on its board.--(Hunter Biden advising on train traffic and Far East oil exploration, neither subject areas he had the least experience in. I wonder, if his last name was Heffenfeffer if he would have had the same meteoric rise to mediocrity?)

Bailey Jones

Wayne, it would do a lot for your credibility if you would do even the most basic fact-checking of the nonsense you repost here from your social media. In the first place, the president doesn't salute members of the military unless they salute him first and he feels like returning it (there's no rule that required civilians to salute or return a salute) - which was not the case here What Biden clearly says is "good looking marines" - a very Bidenesque thing for him to say. The video is here if you don't believe me or any of the various websites that have debunked this particular claim

I wasn't planning on wading into this cesspool of yours, but while I'm at it, your other claim - that Biden had no idea what he was signing on inauguration day - is equally as easily proved to be idiotic. For one thing, inauguration day ceremonies including the preparation and signing of momentous DAY ONE executive orders have been planned and scheduled for weeks. The idea that this wasn't a carefully planned and staged ceremony and some staffer just placed some random order in front of him to sign is ridiculous. If you were to follow the instructions in the video you posted from that trash site vidmax - and turn the sound all the way up - you would have heard what he really said, "Gotta look at what I'm signing, right?" an obvious joke made at the expense of those, like you, who push the senile Joe narrative.

Please review these two videos and get back to us.

Gary Scoggin

I don't even bother to try to convince these folks anymore. The Trumpublicans are so bought into MAGA world that facts don't matter, no matter how many times you explain them,. And I figure the people paying attention already know the truth so no need to convince them of what they already know.

Lord, I miss the Republican Party. It spoke well for me before it was taken over by the current bunch. Here's hoping a reasonable, middle party will emerge. Or maybe our most recent former President starts his own and gives the GOP back to the rest of the nation.

Bailey Jones

You're right of course, Gary, but as an engineer - one who worships at the altar of objectively verifiable fact - I find this sort of stuff personally offensive. I shouldn't, I know, but I do. I blame those old B&W Superman reruns I grew up on - who fights a never-ending battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

I also miss the Republican Party. (I'm pretty sure Superman was a Republican.)

Gary Scoggin

Superman was a Republican for sure. But the folks around here would accuse him of being a RINO.

Carlos Ponce

Superman never registered as Republican nor Democrat. He was considered a Citizen of the World as not to effect comic book sales in other countries.

Bailey Jones

Gary - and don't forget he was an illegal alien.

Build the dome! Build the dome!

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, as one who, against all the evidence believes the DOJ, FBI, and intelligence agency heads were all working for Trump and the American people the last four years, you have zero credibility in or out of any cesspool when it comes to accepting the hit job done on Trump and more importantly, the American public. You have failed time and time again to accept the idea that the US government, the one that has lied us into wars, foreign incursions, ongoing destruction of civil liberties, biological experiments on unsuspecting American and an endless list of outrageous actions...could be working us over again.

People are doing 20 years in federal prison for a fraction of the damage done to national security that Hillary Clinton did; the FBI let Cloudstrike do the forensic analysis of the server used and then did nothing when she erased thousands of emails that were evidence in that fiasco. Your blind obedience to the State is touching, as long as the Left is the side doing the heavy lifting when it comes to the destruction of America.

Are you planning on doing any posts decrying the deplatforming of countless conservative online sites for the most idiotic and corrupt reasons? Where is your outrage, your rapier wit, when we could use it for REAL assaults on freedom? You're too busy exercising your indignation over the half of the voting public that loathes Joe Buy-in. Just one more apologist for rolling riots and murderous rampages for months by the Left while you call people strolling through the Capitol building an insurrection.

If you want to see a real insurrection, wait until your friends on the radical left push the last straw button. Perhaps then you'll be able to discern the difference between redress of grievances and an insurrection.

Wayne D Holt

As far as correcting misinterpretations, I'll get back to you on that. In the meantime, I would remind you our mutual friend Carlos could have made a busy career out of correcting the lies, distortions and other fact torturing that has gone on for Trump's four years with out of context and out of their mind representations. You never seemed to jump in there when the correct context and accuracy was established for all that malarkey and extol the virtue of honest reporting. Why is that? Or is truth only worth pursuing when it seems to justify your own bias? The Right is used to the wholesale hypocrisy of the Left. It just now is getting around to responding to it.

Wayne D Holt

Do you read the links you post, Bailey? The Politifact site doesn't debunk it, it says in the huge callout at the top, quote: "It is not clear what he said. Some reporters heard, “Good looking Marines.”

Some reporters heard something, others heard something else, according to a source you post as reliable. The only thing debunked here is our ability to trust that your narrative accurately reflects what the links you provide say. To go on...

Joe Buy-in signing EOs like Chuckles the Clown doing autographs at a Piggly Wiggly opening. I invite others to listen to the YouTube video at (so it doesn't pollute your ears with cesspool effluvia) with their earphones cranked up. It doesn't sound much like Joe starts that line with the gutteral "Gotta" but giving that a pass for argument's sake, how does, "Gotta look at what I'm signing, right?" indicate anything other than "look at" as in "examine". The alternative would be that Joe thinks he has to look at the document rather than play pin the pen of the Donkey. In one of the most tortured explications ever conceived, Bailey channels his spirit guides to assure us Joe was making a joke, although he didn't show any sign of laughter and it makes no sense as humor. But Bailey is dialed into his Inner Joe so who are we to question?

To further bolster the presumption Joe doesn't know what he is signing on that order, he looks at the left page of title and captioning briefly before signing it. Then take a look at the long gaze he casts on that same page--the business end of the EO signed on the right page--as he reads what he just signed. President Buy-in is so intimately familiar with the decrees he is handing down he has to read them after he signs them...apparently to know what's in them.

Bailey constantly assailed Trump as being less than stellar intellectually and only a deplorable like me (a Tulsi Gabbard donor) would push the "senile Joe" narrative. Here's a brief sample of Mighty Joe Old when he was still sharp. He's gone downhill from here.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men and women created by the, go, you know the, you know the thing.” A mind is a terrible thing when it's a wasteland.

“I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate. Look me over, if you like what you see help out, if not vote for the other Bi- gimme a look though okay?” That was during the 2020 campaign. He hadn't been a senate candidate for more than 12 years at the time.

“Right here in the state of North South Carolina.” Home of Fort Sumpthin, no doubt.

He claimed he worked with Deng Xiaoping, who died 23 years ago, on the Paris Climate Accord during the Obama administration. Move over Lazarus, you've got competition!

“Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” And the winner of the Racial Sensitivity Parking Spot of the Month goes to...

"We’ll increase healthcare premiums and make sure care is not quality, only affordable."

Well, you can't fault him for being honest, can you?

“150 million people have been killed since 2007 when Bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability.” Must be talking about Chicago.

Implementing a childcare tax credit would “put 720 million women back in the workforce.” Mars Needs Women. Can we send some of Joe's surplus?

He said he’s looking forward to “appointing the first African American woman to the United States Senate.” Forget the Electoral College, Joe just made senate seats an appointment. Ka-ching!

Referred to Bernie Sanders as “the president,” then, still unable to remember his name, called him “my friend Vermont.” Sounds rustic; I like it.

One could offer a vastly greater trove of The World According to Joe but we needn't kick a man when he's down. Especially when he's clutching the nuclear codes to his chest like a MyPillow housewarming gift.

Bailey Jones

Wayne, I'll simply ask you again to watch the videos and see if they match your representations. To my ears, they surely don't.

As far as Biden's frequent gaffs - yes, what falls out of his head is often goofy. If you had spent 2008-2016 watching late-night talk shows (the Daily Show was my favorite) you would have seen him regularly lampooned with many amusing video compilations. A lot of people suffer from this foot in mouth disease, myself among them. Yet I don't consider myself to be senile or demented. But it is why I much prefer writing to talking.

It even happens to the ex-president. Can you spot the missing word in his after-impeachment video to the nation?

"But I cannot emphasize that there must be no violence, no law-breaking, and no vandalism of any kind."

Robert Braeking

You are following the party line. Congratulations! You have taken the bait, hook, line, and sinker.

Your assertion that voter fraud allegations is "The Great Lie" is true but not the way you think. The lie is that there was no voter fraud. Over 60 times lawsuits were filed with credible evidence in hand. Over 60 times the Politburo has declined to hear the cases claiming that the complainant has "no standing". How could that be? If the Politburo were honest it would hear the cases.

The disinformation campaign is not coming from Conservatives. It is coming from the Politburo. Their willing accomplices in the press and big tech are complicit in suppressing any and all dissenting facts and opinions. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, NPR, and FOX can be grouped together as propagandists. I'll just be calling them Pravda.

"Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear." - Harry S. Truman

Patricia C Newsom

Robert 👍👍👍

Gary Scoggin

Is it Trump's fault that he nominated judges that are members of the "Politburo"? Of course not. Nothing is ever his fault. He's beyond accountability.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Breaking, ...ahh..yes sir, you are da man! You had to lean into that one! You "slapped" that one over the back fences .....and it was " OUTA HERE."

It is so unfortunate that the RADICAL LEFT doesn't understand the importance of displaying unity, respect, strong values, morality, and a sense of being fair in today's environment. They are now advocating that sixteen year old babies start voting! How irresponsible is that? They are systematically dismantling our constitution, opening up our borders, demoralizing our troops, stepping on the name of God every chance they get, and at the same time wondering why MS-13, & gang violence are growing here, and why the murder rates are tripling now in much of this nation.

If you want a lawless, satanic, Godless country, where wrong doings, and crime are running rampant, then that is what's on the way. Remember this don't have Cadet Bonespurs sitting in the Oval Office to blame, ridicule, and to lie on anymore! Instead, yall finally got yall's boy "BEIJING JOE" who cannot find his way to the rest room without calling his Allies, scientists, & experts to see how they want him to do it!

He just signed "executive orders" helping female athletes, fossil fuels states, who helped vote him into office, and he was a big help to our friend Canada this week when he stopped the Key XI Pipeline, RIGHT? Hey, cheer up, this will be a great plus for our nation, think about it, gasoline will go up, over 11,000 jobs will be lost, and this will help Saudia Arabia, Russia, and CHINA get back on top economically!

Why do you think they call him BEIJING JOE? CHINA takes care of his family, and they take care of CHINA! CHINA has already started flying war jets over Taiwan's air space! Now why would they do that? Interesting enough, I predicted this months ago, just like I predicted Kamala Harris would be Joe China's running mate, before anyone knew! I would suggest that people put their helmets on, because this thing is going to get pretty rough!

Some people have eyes, but they cannot see, and ears but they cannot hear! This nation has gone from a God fearing nation to a nation of evil, corruption, with no regard for life nor that which is good, and the harvest and fruit from those seeds planted, this nation will eat! Put your helmets on! You want to be avarage, instead of great, want to have a ring in your nose being led around by the European Union, and Germany, then put your helmets on, Beijing Joe will lead us there! It is written, " Be not deceived; God is not mocked : for whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap. ( Galatians 6:7). Not my words, I am just a most humble messenger! I can feel the hate, and pain coming through my keyboard, but I don't care!

Dan Freeman

The existence of the Politburo ended in 1991 upon the breakup of the Soviet Union

Bailey Jones

The inevitable comments show just how insidious the cult of the ex-president and his lies have become. The ex-president's own DOJ was unable to find any evidence of widespread fraud - and the prospect of perpetuating the Great Lie was even too much for the ex-president's own hand-picked sycophant, Bill Barr, who resigned rather than violate whatever was left of his oath and dignity.

It's just a simple fact that no one has been able to come up with evidence that stands up to the scrutiny of an investigation.

I'll say it again - there is no evidence of fraud on a scale that would affect the outcome of the election in any state, much less the nation. Prove me wrong if you can - we all know you can't.

I always go back to the example of Georgia because, with a Republican governor, secretary of state, and bureau of investigation, it is the state most friendly to the ex-president. Even so, in the famous Raffensperger call, the secretary of state goes through each of the ex-president's lies, one by one, and disproves each one. And yet, the ex-president continued to tell the lies, ultimately stampeding a herd of his slack-jawed sheep into the Capitol to create mayhem, kill police and overturn the sacred will of the American people.

The Great Lie has done irreparable damage to our nation. It has expanded what was once a small community of gullible tools into fully 3/4 of the Republican Party. His cult of personality has a stranglehold on Republican politicians everywhere - politicians who should be representing the best interests of their constituents have instead been reduced to bootlickers. "Courage" is now defined as keeping your head down and staying quiet. Those who dare speak the truth, like Secretary of State Raffensperger, are rewarded with death threats from members of their own party. Or, more accurately, what used to be their party. There is no Republican Party anymore - only liars, thugs, mobs, and the cowards whose silence enables them.

And that's the real crime.

Carlos Ponce

And the award for for following the party line goes to ... BAILEY JONES. Your post is nothing more than parroting Liberal political rhetoric.

Paula Flinn

Bailey [thumbup]

Wayne D Holt

"It's just a simple fact that no one has been able to come up with evidence that stands up to the scrutiny of an investigation."

(Is this mic on?) Completely false, Bailey. Here are the simple facts, as I previously reported:

Several hundred affidavits sworn to under penalty of perjury regarding illicit electoral activities.

72 lawsuits involving this past election.

30 still active.

Of the 72, not one went to full discovery, let alone discovery plus adjudication before a court of competent jurisdiction, the facts considered, case rested and a judgement rendered. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE. It's not hard to avoid litigation when you don't allow the opposing party to litigate.

Why do you continue to shop this malarkey, Bailey? You definitely know better.

"The ex-president's own DOJ..." please tell me you added this for comic effect. The top echelons of the DOJ, FBI and intelligence agencies were ALL never-Trumpers because their bread was being generously buttered on the other side. If you really believe it was his DOJ, I bet you get all worked up over professional wrestling.

Bailey Jones

Wayne, if you ever come up with any adjudicated evidence, be sure to come back and tell us. In the meantime I'll be looking through my stack of "several hundred affidavits sworn to under penalty of perjury" regarding alien abduction and Bigfoot sightings.

You know, what's so funny about this is that on the one hand you see a huge crime where there was none (the election) and see no crime where it was huge (the Capitol insurrection). I believe in the latter because the evidence for it has been investigated and found to be evidence of criminality - resulting in ~150 arrests to date. I don't believe in the former because the evidence for it has been investigated and found not to be evidence of criminality, in fact, "Of the 72, not one went to full discovery, let alone discovery plus adjudication before a court of competent jurisdiction, the facts considered, case rested and a judgement rendered. NOT ONE SINGLE ONE."

Perhaps I've missed it, but I haven't seen your response to my and Charlotte's comments about the Georgia election. Do you consider Georgia's Republican Party to be "ALL never-Trumpers" as well?

Wayne D Holt

Bailey, you pump out so much misinformation it's hard to keep one's head above the floodtide of malarkey...but I'll try.

"Wayne, if you ever come up with any adjudicated evidence, be sure to come back and tell us." You're not connecting the dots here, are you? The point made was that, if you are denied the ability for full discovery as was the case with election officials denying access to machines and ballots in the key states, you will, mirabile dictu, have as a consequence little evidence to adjudicate. See how it works?

"... (the Capitol insurrection)" Insurrection: --The act of rising against civil authority or governmental restraint; specifically, the armed resistance of a number of persons to the power of the state.--

Hundreds of thousands of people adjacent the Capitol, no arms visible, handful of the crowd strolling the Capitol illegally.

"Criminal trespass. (a) Buildings and occupied structures.-- (1) A person commits an offense if, knowing that he is not licensed or privileged to do so, he: (i) enters, gains entry by subterfuge or surreptitiously remains in any building or occupied structure or separately secured or occupied portion thereof;" We could add mayhem or criminal mischief for the few who chose to do that.

Insurrection? Hardly. This shows how overwrought the Left is, no doubt from two generations of never being told no. A little less pearl clutching and a little more objective reality would be helpful but the Left appears to be well past that point on its trajectory. Do stick around, I think you'll see the real thing before it's over.

And BTW, when half the country thinks very differently than the Left that drives the Democrat leadership, it is hardly a rebellion. It is a divided mandate. We can just as easily name those who support the present regime as those committing crimes. The fact that you have a government with a (D) after its name is irrelevant as to the legitimacy of that organization. If its actions are illegitimate, it is illegitimate. And We the People get to make that call, not the government.

"Do you consider Georgia's Republican Party to be "ALL never-Trumpers" as well?"

Leaving aside the very obvious fact that the GOP leadership and conservative Republicans EVERYWHERE are at the beginning of a very messy divorce, I can abbreviate the answer to two words: Mitch McConnell. That Mitch McConnell came to the powerful leadership of the senate majority and yet still was so out of touch with conservatives as the party's base, is the North Star for those trying to discern the future. For those wistful few here longing for a unified Republican party that mirrors RINO Land, it's not coming back any more than those of us longing for Kennedy Democrats to supplant the Schumer's, AOC's and Pelosi's infesting the Capitol will be realized.

Carlos Ponce

"Bailey, you pump out so much misinformation it's hard to keep one's head above the floodtide of malarkey." True, but as long as he has a clique of Liberals giving him kudos and thumbs up he doesn't care about the facts!

Bailey Jones

Wayne, thanks for addressing my Georgia question. It sounds like you are saying that leaders of the Republican Party were complicit in a conspiracy of voter fraud to remove the ex-president. How awesome is that?

Gary Scoggin

Not only that but they apparently fixed an election so that they would give up a majority in the Senate. There must be a real dastardly plan behind all of this Republican misbehavior.

Bailey Jones

Not a "plan", Gary. A conspiracy.

Sometimes I feel left out. In my world, everything is pretty much just the way it appears. It's so boring. There is no Moriarty, no Cigarette Smoking Man, no Q, no intricate web of corruption and criminality, no super heroes, no supervillains. I have to watch movies to get that kind of excitement.

Gary Scoggin

Meanwhile, the Bilderbergs, the Rothchilds and the Illuminati are laughing at you behind your back, You do know Davos is this week. I assume they are all planning the next iteration of the New World Order.

Bailey Jones

I remember my dad getting newsletters about the Bilderbergers in the 1960s. Those guys must be really old now.

Gary Scoggin

The stuff they do that QAnon discovered makes them immortal. Only a wooden stake through the heart will kill them.

Wayne D Holt

You may not believe this but, even with never meeting you in person, I would be relieved if you took over from Joe Buy-in tomorrow. Why? Because it's not about the parties, it's about the people. And I think I know enough about your motives from reading you for many months to know your principles appear to be light years beyond Joe's grifting ways.

Do I agree with everything you write? You know the answer to that one. But a person's character will carry the day for freedom even when we appear to be diametrically opposed.

That's what makes it so damn frustrating to you, Gary S, Ted and others over in your pasture and those of us of a different disposition over here. At times it just feels hopeless to try to bridge the differences, in all honesty. But what is being stirred up on the Left and on the Right is too terrible to contemplate if it reaches lift-off. We should fear for our country and for ourselves. We are in a time of great peril, IMHO.

Gary Scoggin

Gracias, sir.

Ted Gillis

Go eat a cracker Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

I can't... Democrats have bought them all!

Charlotte O'rourke

It appears censorship is coming from Republicans against Republicans for expressing any dissent. If the party keeps culling conservatives, there will not be anyone left.

Great quote from Truman. Read it again and ask yourself if Cheney should be censored for expressing her differing viewpoint.

Gary Scoggin

Another Harry Truman quote works here. “I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”

Charlotte O'rourke

Lol. Thanks I’m still chucking Gary Scoggin.

Carlos Ponce

Liz Cheney will not be censored. But she will be primaried.

Gary Scoggin

That is okay. And the good folks of Wyoming can decide if they want to re-elect someone with integrity or go pick a QAnon-ist or election-truther or somesuch.

Charles Douglas

TRUMP DIESEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [beam][beam]

Jim Forsythe

As Bailey said, Perhaps I've missed it, but I haven't seen your response to my and Charlotte's comments about the Georgia election. Do you consider Georgia's Republican Party to be "ALL never-Trumpers" as well?

David Hardee

There is overwhelming evidence that the election was controversial to norms. Any that dispute that statement is deficient in having given attention to the facts that were available. Proof of many frauds exists. The proof of the extent of the collective frauds is not enough to make the results of popularity change. Ergo Biden is president... Those still not believeing the amount of fraud IF KNOWN would have changed the results are NO less credible then those without PROOF the results are credible. We have had the UMPIRE call and without the video replay, we will never satisfy the opposing presumptions. The seething and bickering is because of and will continue till the election process is secured against the opportunity of errors and fraud. The will and effort to secure is beyond the understanding of the importance to a society that has effectively surrendered morality, integrity, and self-responsibility to groveling at the trough of a nanny state - Progressive Liberalism

Dan Freeman

Anthony Bouchard is challenging Liz Cheney. He has lost two of the last three primaries he ran. Wyoming is wild but not nuts.

Carlos Ponce

"Liz Cheney was once considered the future of the GOP. Now she’s fighting to keep her political career alive.

After voting to impeach Donald Trump last week, the highest-ranking woman in the House GOP finds herself at risk of losing her leadership post; staring down a pro-Trump primary challenge; and censured by some of her own party back home in Wyoming."

Carlos Ponce

The "Great Lie" is that there was no fraud. There's a ton of information to indicate that. Problem is, no one wants to proceed on that information. They did not proceed in 1960 when "extra" ballots were discovered in Duval County, Texas and Cook County, Illinois pushing Kennedy over Nixon. In the 2020 election they discount the amount of fraud as being insufficient to turn over the announced result. But accumulated they do.

And now the Democrats want to implement HR1 which codifies many of changes that will ensure Democrat Party victories and voter increase fraud:

Major problem is, this will be implemented NATIONWIDE.

HR1 encourages vote by mail which the Commission on Federal Election Reform September 2005 said would increase FRAUD. The commission known informally as the Carter-Baker Commission (former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James A. Baker) listed many "DON'T"s which have been codified into HR1 as "DO"s.

The list of Commission recommendations start on page 79 (p87 of PDF). HR1 codifies many of the tactics which the Commission said would lead to voter fraud.

Ted Gillis

So clever of you to bring up 60 year events to try and prove something that didn’t happen this past year.

Carlos Ponce

Whatever you say, Ted. Those who don't believe there was voter fraud in 2020 will one day be slapped with reality.

Thomas Carpenter

Kind of like the way you get slapped around on this forum, Mr. Ponce? Nothing like the screeching and wailing of the losers of an election to warm a heart on a cold night ... democracy at work. You gotta love it! Is the Trump Diesel a bumper car ride?

Carlos Ponce

The end of the book says WE WIN.

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