Galveston and Chambers counties are blessed to have an outstanding man in state Rep. Mayes Middleton. He cares about his constituents and has shown remarkable attention to them all during this trying time.

I venture to say, no one has a better representative than we do here on the island. Thank you, Rep. Middleton, for all you do for your people.

You've been in your two-county district, checking on people, responding to your constituents and making a difference.

Marilyn Harris



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Craig Mason

He is an exceptional elected representative. Hope he considers running against Cruz in 2024.

Carlos Ponce

Craig, sometimes you can move a defensive lineman to the quarterback position but that isn't always fruitful. If bot men are doing a good job where they are, keep them there. Maybe one day you'll get your wish. Middleton has not expressed such a desire yet.

Charles Wiley

No question as to Rep. Middleton’s commitment to his constituents. I suspect he’ll do well wherever he chooses to serve. He has my support for sure.

Gary Scoggin

I don’t always agree with Rep. Middleton’s view on everything, but I have lots of respect for him and I do agree with the article. He is very responsive to the needs of his district and is very engaged. He is fighting for many of the right things. I like the bills he recently introduced to aid in government transparency, for example. As ERCOT and the resiliency of our power grid will now be a major priority in the legislative session underway, I look forward to seeing him engaged in that.

Kathy Whatley

Mayes is always ready to serve the communities he represents. He is a good Godly man who takes his job to heart. Thank you Mayes for all you do in public and private to help your community.

Charles Douglas

[thumbup][thumbup] I like Middleton too. He is one of the good ones!!!! He got my vote.

Gary Miller

Charles> He got my vote also. I see him becoming partners with Cruz when Corning is gone. He'll more likely run for governor first. Bozo could spend a lot of Hollywood money trying to take on that team.

Charles Douglas

Don't worry about that grid. Senator Cruz got that covered "OG." [wink]

Gary Scoggin

With AOC's help.

Gary Miller

Middelton is so good all progressives hate him.

Craig Mason

yeah she did more for Texans than Cruz ever thought about.

Carlos Ponce

AOC didn't help anyone I know,Craig. But I do like her idea of investigating Cuomo. By the way, Ted Cruz agrees the man should be investigated.

Craig Mason

I agree with both. He should be investigated.

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