Between March 3 and May 7, South Korea had a total of 256 coronavirus deaths.

Between March 3 and May 7, the United States had 76,000-plus coronavirus deaths.

That's all you need to know that, without question, the Trump administration failed catastrophically to respond to the pandemic and cost the lives of tens of thousands of Americans.

Kevin Moran



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Stuart Crouch

Preach. [thumbup]

Carlos Ponce

HEY GOVERNMENT! Stuart Crouch wants you to do to him what the South Korean government did to its people:

Gather data from his cell phone.

Gather contact information using your cell phone's GPS.

Access your credit card information.

Access all your financial transactions.

Allow government surveillance of his every move.

Be quarantined if he ever came near a person with coronavirus whether he tests positive or negative.

jimmy winston

If you dont think corporations and the US government do not have access to your cell data, credit card purchases, etc you are extremely naive. Everything you do is tracked in one way or another. This day and age it is virtually impossible to live off the grid.

Carlos Ponce

No cell phone, no problem. As for those that do they can collect metadata but not the contents of your cell phone call. The NSA can do this from an Obama era 2015 law, the USA Freedom Act. To use that data to see individual records like who Jimmy Winston phoned or received calls from is restricted:

"The system requires the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court [FISA] to agree that there is 'reasonable, articulable suspicion' that the seed target is linked to terrorism."

Monitoring COVID-19 carriers lies outside of the law to monitor only those with "terrorism" ties. It's a NO GO to use that data which is kept by the phone companies.

So unless there is an approved FISA warrant, Jimmy's phone records are safe. Should the government be informed they should think otherwise?

Jim Forsythe

You may not think information about your whereabouts is being tracked if you have a cell phone, but in most cases it is. 81% of Americans own smartphones and 96% of Americans now own a cellphone.

So far in the United States, data used has mostly come from the advertising industry as the mobile marketing industry has billions of geographic data points on cell phone devices across the country. Most come from applications users have installed on their phones that allow the tracking of one's location. My phone has several including the one the phone came with.

The New York Times reported that cellphones of private individuals in the US are being tracked without warrants by state and local law enforcement all across the country. With more than 300 million cellphones in the US connected to more than 200,000 cell phone towers, cellphone tracking software can pinpoint the location of a phone and document the places the cellphone user visits over the course of a day, week, month or longer.

The FBI admits it has about 3,000 GPS tracking devices on cars of unsuspecting people in the US right now, even after the US Supreme Court decision authorizing these only after a warrant for a probable cause has been issued.

Carlos Ponce

Is there a FISA warrant out on Jim Forsythe? If not, the meta data cannot be accessed by the Feds.

Jim Forsythe

Anyone that can access the internet can find a lot of info about other people without a warrant. The same goes for the Government.

They say they have fixed this below, but other programs may be in use. They did not even collect the info they used but required others to provide a list that they had, for their own use.

"The government came under fire in June 2018 after it emerged the NSA had unlawfully collected 600 million call and text logs without the proper authority."

"NSA is collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers daily "

They are using this type of system in collecting DNA from people. The Government is requiring DNA information from places that are providing people a DNA match to their ancestors. This is not taking DNA from the people that they are investigating.

Carlos Ponce

So the internet gives access to Jim's credit card purchases, his finances, bills he's paid or hasn't, where he's been who he has had contact with?

Jim Forsythe

The Government can get info about purchases that are on a credit card statement or withdraw from a bank.

Anyone that wants can find a person's Real Age, Criminal & Personal History. Lookup Anyone's Past Instantly. Check Marriage & Divorce Status, Previous Address can. Find Someone’s IP Address, Tax on property, and value of the property, cell phone number.

If you have access to someone's cell phone you can install tracking apps such as Spyic which gives a lot of info about the user.

When you fill out a credit card application or a loan application you give them permission to track your information.

Jim Forsythe

2 hrs ago

Senate narrowly rejects new limits on internet surveillance

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate came one vote short Wednesday of approving a proposal to prevent federal law enforcement from obtaining internet browsing information or search history without seeking a warrant.

Gary Miller

Writer says rump failed on Virus responce. Really? Original predictions were 2.2 million dead. Trump did enough to reduce the predictions to under 100 thousand. He didn't keep NY from killing almost 30 thousand or blue states from killing 80 % of all US deaths. A travel ban 10 days after first US case saved most of the 2.2 million. If it had been 10 days sooner it might have saved a few more but all Democrats and Experts (?) said he did it too soon.

Carlos Ponce

Kevin Moran, I suggest you watch this Kevin James short film (under 2 minutes). Is this the world you want for us? Seems to be.

domenico nuckols

We have been in 1984 for years.

Carlos Ponce

Interesting since Texas AG Ken Paxton sent out a letter to big cities in Texas who issued "Orwellian" mandates. As for the Harris County Judge, Paxton warned her about "overreach".

Carlos Ponce

Kevin Moran needs to look at the whole picture. President Trump has followed the Constitution and laws of the United States which prevent the South Korean draconian response to the coronavirus.

Carlos Ponce

You will find the USA has 280,000,000 more people than South Korea so comparisons are useless. The greater population could also account for the the greater number tested in this country.

Ron Woody

South Korea has 51 million citizens in a territory the same size as Indiana. The population is one ethnic group and one culture. Why do people continue to try and compare the US to countries that do not have our diversity of culture and ethnicity. I have seen comparisons to Iceland (pop. 350,000), Italy (population 33 million), Germany (pop. 82 million). Very few nations have the land mass that the US covers and the population. Nations that do have similar land mass and population do not have our cultural and ethnic diversity or somewhat free market economy.

Could the US have done better, certainly. Could we have done worse, most definitely. Other countries can all say the same thing.

My lack of understanding is why individuals can not understand that when you are chasing a virus where 80% of the infected are unidentified there is no winning. Your individual immune system either defeats the virus or doesn't. There is not much else doctors or government can do. In the big picture Americans need to live healthier and if this is the motivating factor to make that happen then the end result may yet end up positive.

Carlos Ponce

South Korea’s efficiency and effectiveness included surveillance and data gathering without court warrants, compulsory testing, and mandatory isolation, which American citizens might never be on board with, Heritage’s Klingner said.

The South Korean government began testing asymptomatic people, then isolated patients even if they had only mild symptoms. U.S. officials have discouraged those without symptoms from getting tested, in large part because of a shortage of testing equipment. South Korea changed its law to allow the government to engage in more surveillance to determine who diagnosed citizens were in contact with.

The government then could access citizens’ cellphones, credit card and other financial information, and GPS data to know where they had been and who they had been with. In some cases, the government then could quarantine not only a patient who tests positive but those who came in contact with the patient. Daily Signal

Carlos Ponce

Now, per capita testing is higher in South Korea? Why? The FDA blocked private company testing, something that South Korea did from the onset of testing. President Trump had to cut through FDA bureaucratic red tape and regulations to get private company testing.

Bailey Jones

As much as I enjoy playing the blame game, the question I would ask is, blame for what? Blame for the 82,000 deaths so far? Blame for the thousands of deaths yet to come? We haven't even reached half time in this game and both teams are already Monday morning quarterbacking.

And I use the sports metaphor purposely - because that's the way America is divided, and with as little rational basis as Houston hating the Cowboys because they aren't the Texans.

The best metric for judging success or failure in a pandemic is the number of deaths per capita. You can find that info here: Rates in the 20 countries with the highest death tolls goes from less than 1 per 100K to more that 70 per 100K. America is middling bad, at 25 deaths per 100K population. Better than the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden; worse than Brazil, Germany, Iran, Canada, Mexico, India, and Switzerland.

Assigning blame is not the way out of this pandemic, nor is it the way to prevent the next one. Lessons MUST be learned.

Unfortunately, much of our population is stuck in two mutually useless preoccupations - blaming the president, and defending the president. COVID-19 is a systemic failure - even though, yes, an event that occurs in the 4th year of any president's term is his responsibility, his opportunity to shine or fumble, lead or cower. Historians will judge.

Trump isn't the problem we should be addressing. We have November for that. We need to be looking at what went wrong. Our emergency medical infrastructure failed us. Our trade policies failed us. Our medical science failed us. Our economic safety net failed us. And I believe we have failed ourselves - when many Americans are incapable of rationally evaluating a situation because of their partisan biases, when many Americans would rather lose 1,000,000 lives than 1,000,000 jobs, when common action for the common good is seen as an evil akin to totalitarianism, and when those of us who are weathering the storm are content to watch those around us founder and perish - either literally or economically.

COVID-19 is affecting, or will affect, every nation on the earth. Some will do better than others. All have lessons to teach us. It's time to set aside the myth of American "exceptionalism" and become a better nation.

Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, I completely agree. One question I have asked since the beginning is what happened in Texas, Florida, and Southern California that made this less pervasive, to this point anyway.

Is it simply population density, lack of mass transit, weather (i.e. average time a person spends outside).

I do not believe with the way this virus and perhaps future viruses respond that there is much any government can do to truly protect its citizens or facilitate a fool proof response.

Americans need to get the message loud and clear, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! Start exercising, start eating healthy, take minerals and vitamins if necessary. We have known for years our citizenry is not healthy. The government can not make us stop smoking, stop drinking, stop overeating and lose weight, only an individual can do that when they make it a priority.

Bailey Jones

Ron, if I had to guess, and that's all I can do, I'd say that Texas has so far gotten off easy because we were only lightly infected when the lock down began. IIRC, kids were out of school on spring break when the first cases happened. And Texas is pretty low density - even in the cities - compared to NYC, for instance. And you're right that we have almost no mass transit, so that's another communication vector we don't have.

Ron Woody

Mr. Jones, I agree with the assessment but where is the research to support the assumptions. From my limited knowledge of health studies, specifically in rural/tribal areas they study the successful health practices of one village and try to educate the other villages to adopt. Obviously there is not a way to duplicate population density, climate/weather, etc. but I would like to hear someone from UTMB state why the numbers have been low.

Our discourse over the numbers comes from different perspectives. I do not believe the lockdown changed the results at all. I also do not understand how a State with five international airports, over a 1,000 mile international border and an international port would have been infected any later than NYC. Which brings us back to density, mass transit and climate.

Paula Flinn

I agree with your post, Bailey Jones.

Terri Abraham

Bailey, I agree with what you wrote 100%

Charles Douglas

Yes Sir! Well articulated! The giraffes can nibble on that,....and you put it where the squirrels can feed on it too! AMEN!

James Woodall

Does no one remember the Democrats were impeaching the president during the exact time all this started?

Charles Douglas

They Impeached the President but failed to get him out of office, ..that is like digging a hole for somebody to fall in, and end up falling in it yourself! Lolo.

Jim Forsythe

James, are you saying that Trump can not do more than one thing at a time. Or, is it that he had no plan in place for a pandemic, that others could have executed if the need came along, which it did. Was Pence not available to help, if it was needed? The White House is full of people that should also have been able to step up and take care of the problem if Trump and Pence could not.

When a person is a leader, they are able to take care of any need that comes along.

Carlos Ponce

"he had no plan in place for a pandemic" I've already pointed out the plan for a flu pandemic in an Executive Order dated September 19, 2019. While it specifically addressed formulating a vaccine against a future flu strain, the same techniques were utilized in working on a COVID-19 vaccine which is way ahead the projected time frame. Or haven't you noticed?

Jim Forsythe

Why are we ahead of the projected time frame Because there are several vaccines that were started for SARS. Researchers are able to use the work done on the SARs vaccine to not start at the beginning of research for a COVID-19 vaccine. Researchers say about 80% of the work was already done. Of the six leading trials in the world, 4 of them are using variations of the SARs treatments.

A growing number of vaccine makers say they’re already starting to brew tons of doses — wasting millions of dollars if they bet on the wrong candidate but shaving a few months off mass vaccinations if their choice pans out. The main hold up after they start manufacturing the vaccine is packaging, which they are working on now.

Jim Forsythe

COVID-19 vaccine candidates: 6 front-runners, which may change as trials are not complete yet.

Ad5-nCoV: The front-runner across the globe, Ad5-nCoV, was developed by the Beijing Institute of Biotech and CanSino Biologics, a Chinese biopharmaceutical company.

ChAdOx1: The University of Oxford This vaccine uses an inactivated (non-infectious) virus that contains genetic material for the key protein on the novel coronavirus, similar to Ad5-nCoV in China.

mRNA-1273: The front-runner in the U.S.which is backed by the NIAID and developed by Moderna Therapeutics, is based upon a specific type of genetic material, mRNA. This vaccine uses a viral vector, a virus that has been engineered to not contain its infectious properties and instead delivers genetic material to the recipient

BNT162: Biopharmaceutical giant Pfizer, along with partner company BioNTech, is working on an mRNA-based vaccine that is similar to Moderna’s model

INO-4800: An entirely different technology is being developed by Inovio Pharmaceuticals, a company that uses a proprietary platform for “activation immunotherapy.” This vaccine delivers DNA, another genetic material, into a host’s cells by utilizing a hand-held smart device “CELLECTRA.

Sanofi recombinant DNA vaccine (unnamed): Sanofi Pasteur announced that it was partnering with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to create a DNA-based vaccine.

Carlos Ponce

And in terms of PPE candidate Trump stressed the necessity of moving production and manufacturing back to the USA before his election. Once the COVID-19 pandemic started the Chinese used what they produced and destined NONE for the US.

Charles Douglas

Just heard that our CIA Agency believes that as China hoarded medical supplies in January of this year, they also believes China threatened to not cooperate with the "WHO" if they sounded the alarm that a PANDERMIC situation had developed... to other nations! Newsweek confirmed two U.S. intelligence officials, said China threatened the "WHO"..saying that the country would stop cooperating with the the agency's CORONAVIRUS investigation if the "WHO" declared a GLOBAL HEALTH EMERGENCY.


They both knew this virus was transmittal from human to human and how dangerous it was but the "WHO" was afraid of China, and said nothing while the sickness spread around the world by Chinese citizens who were exposed to the virus in China, but were allowed to spread it to the world by air flights! Thousands upon thousands of human beings died for one vicious, sadistic nation's greed, lust for power, and pride! They remind me of sick, carnivorous animals with no compassion for others.. ah-tall. Nobody but China and the "WHO" knew what was going on at that time, and by the time everybody caught on, the dying had started, innocent lives lost, taken from us by animalistic, blood- thirsty, and demonic minions from hell. Let me get this straight, we have a foreign country who is the number one adversary of the United States Of America, setting a deadly virus loose on the world, killing American Citizens, many in this county and surrounding cities, and at the same time we have American Citizens worshiping the Chinese Government and the Country they govern by covering up for them and trying to blame the whole thing on our American President! That about it? To this day, I have not heard ONE LIBERAL..say anything near laying blame on China for what happened concerning this who deadly affair, not nationally or locally! That speaks volumns!

Jarvis Buckley

Numbers don’t lie about killed baby’s in abortion. We have many numbers that don’t lie.

Democrats do however lie & mislead to the point of being shameful.

Ted Gillis

No they don’t Jarvis. It’s just you making up Straw Men and false arguments in your own head. No such thing has occurred.

Carlos Ponce

Not a straw man argument.

Ted Gillis

Carlos, that is exactly what Dr. Rick Bright testified today, that the supply chain of N95 masks from Asia was drying up and being held up back in January.

Trump’s team sidelined him anyway.

Carlos Ponce

Dr. Rick Bright made some outlandish statements provably FALSE on Capital Hill.

Carlos Ponce

"that the supply chain of N95 masks from Asia was drying up and being held up back in January" . That's when Hanes and other domestic companies started making N95.

"Hanes expects to ramp up to production of 1.5 million masks weekly, and the consortium of companies it has joined, led by Parkdale Mills America, is expected to ramp up to production of 5 million to 6 million masks weekly using HanesBrands’ design and patterns, the company said in a statement." ABC News

Jim Forsythe

This was on Mar 22, 2020

Carlos said ""Hanes expects to ramp up to production of 1.5 million masks weekly, and the consortium of companies it has joined, led by Parkdale Mills America, is expected to ramp up to production of 5 million to 6 million masks weekly using HanesBrands’ design and patterns, the company said in a statement." ABC News"

This was on Mar 22, 2020

Carlos Ponce

"This was on Mar 22, 2020" - All of a SUDDEN, the CEO of HANES decided to make N95 masks on March 22, 2020! No planning, no guided insight from President Trump, it just came to him in a dream the night before, a voice that said "IF YOU MAKE IT, THEY WILL WEAR IT!" Does Jim REALLY believe that????

That decision came after Trump spoke with Hanes. He also talked with 3M CEO, Mike Roman.Some take longer to convince. Invoking the Production Act could lead to an inferior product. This way it was amicable.

Mike Zeller

Hanes didn't start making N95 masks until late March, that's at least 8 weeks that Trump had no clue, what to do. [ohmy]

Carlos Ponce

Mike, Mike, Mike in the interim, President Trump was negotiating with Hanes and others to produce PPE. But initially he did not because Dr. Fauci said not to worry. To say "Trump had no clue" is sheer ignorance. He was listening to the "experts". Are you saying he should not have listened to Dr. Fauci?

Carlos Ponce

Dr. Rick Bright says he made that claim on January 21. On January 21, Dr. Anthony Fauci said not to worry. Is Dr. vs. Dr. a new segment of Mad Magazine?

Carlos Ponce

Secretary of Health and Humnan Services Alex Azar:

“Everything he’s [Rick Bright] complaining about was achieved. Everything he talked about was done. He says he talked about the need for respirators. We procured respirators under the president’s direction. He said we need a Manhattan Project for vaccines. This president initiates a vaccine Manhattan Project, diagnostic Manhattan Project, therapeutic Manhattan Project.”

“Oh, and, by the way, whose job was it to actually lead the development of vaccines? Dr. Bright. So, while we are launching Operation Warp Speed, he’s not showing up for work to be part of that. So, this is like somebody who was in a choir and is now trying to say he was a soloist back then.”

“And hydroxychloroquine, Dr. Bright literally signed the application for FDA authorization of it. Literally, he is the sponsor of it. So, his allegations do not hold water. They do not hold water.”

President Obama appointed Bright to the position of Director of BARDA on November 15, 2016.

On April 20, 2020 Bright was reassigned to the National Institutes of Health. An HHS spokesperson said Bright's new role will be to help "accelerate the development and deployment of novel point-of-care testing platforms". Bright characterized his transfer as a retaliatory demotion and asked the HHS Inspector General to investigate it. Bright did not reported to NIH to start his new assignment.

Jim Forsythe

Trump has claimed that his administration could not have foreseen the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread to all 50 states and more than 180 nations, sickening more than 460,000 people around the world. “Nobody ever expected a thing like this,” Trump said in a Fox News interview.

If Trump had read, playbook on fighting pandemics, he would have had a road map to do what was needed.

The strategies are among hundreds of tactics and key policy decisions laid out in a 69-page National Security Council playbook on fighting pandemics.

Carlos Ponce

Jim posts, "Trump has claimed that his administration could not have foreseen the coronavirus pandemic..."

His Politico source states: "Trump has claimed that his administration could not have foreseen the coronavirus pandemic, which has spread to all 50 states and more than 180 nations, sickening more than 460,000 people around the world. 'Nobody ever expected a thing like this,' Trump said in a Fox News interview on Tuesday."

Now what did Trump REALLY say??????

Bill Hemmer: "Did the CDC screw up or did you screw up?"

Trump: "No, we did not screw up."

"I don’t think CDC screwed up either. They had a test that would have worked for a small group of people. In other words, for a normal problem. I don’t think anybody could have, in all fairness to CDC, and this is a big government agency and they’re very good people in there, but nobody ever expected a thing like this. Nobody would say that millions and millions of people would have been tested. So what we did is we broke that egg, we broke that system, and we’ve created a new system that now we’re doing unbelievably big numbers and it’s set for the future should we ever need it again. I hope we don’t need it again."

So Trump is saying the CDC model for testing did not cover this many people. But they met the challenge and fixed it. "[W]e’ve created a new system that now we’re doing unbelievably big numbers."

As usual, Jim and his Liberal sources take the president's words OUT OF CONTEXT. SHEESH!

Carlos Ponce

Bottom line, did Trump say that his administration could not have foreseen the coronavirus pandemic? NO!

Why do you take Trump's words OUT OF CONTEXT?????????????

Jim Forsythe

On Feb 5, HHS Secretary Azar requested $2 billion to buy respirator masks & other supplies for the national stockpile

Trump cut that request by 75%

"On February 7, the (World Health Organization) warned about the limited stock of PPE,". "That same day, the Trump administration announced it was sending 18 tons of masks, gowns, and respirators to China.

11:41 AM · Feb 7, 2020

Secretary Pompeo


We have coordinated with U.S. organizations to transport more humanitarian relief to people in Wuhan. Personal protective equipment and other medical supplies donated by these organizations can help save lives in #China and help protect people from the #coronavirus.

Carlos Ponce

"Trump cut that request by 75%"

What REALLY Happened?????

Here's Liberal WAPO:

"In late January, Azar began telling OMB about the need for a supplemental budget request for stockpile supplies — and was rebuffed at a time when the White House did not yet acknowledge any supplemental money would be needed, according to several individuals familiar with the situation who spoke anonymously to discuss internal conversations. [Note: At the time (January 21) Dr. Anthony Fauci said not to worry.] Then came the Feb. 5 argument.

The White House official said that beyond the $500 million, money was reprogrammed within HHS that significantly boosted funds for the stockpile.

The White House official also said that, before the massive relief bill that Trump signed Friday, OMB had urged HHS to ask for more money for the emergency medical supplies.

An OMB spokesperson said Saturday, “Funding has never been a constraint on agency action in coronavirus response. . . . The president has made it clear that the federal government will throw everything we have at this.”

How much did HHS get? $16 Billion. Of that they could use $2 billion or even more to replenish the National Stockpile.

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