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Carlos Ponce

I too was disappointed by remarks made by Dolph Tillotson.

Jack Cross

Why would Dolph throw his family under the bus.? This is 2020, not 1865, America is the land of opportunity. Why in the world are we looting burning down business?.

If we really care about lives, obey the police. These officers should not have to fight with suspects. People like Dolph who was a very good publisher has gone political correct.

Dolph, do you think just maybe that in addition to obeying the police, it African Americans would start being responsible and not having 73 percent of babies born out of wedlock, then maybe blacks would not be at the very bottom across all grades in K-12, Asian's immigrants, come here and are at a disadvantage, not knowing the language, yet they out perform all ethnic groups, Why, because they have strong family ties, they are responsible and they put education as a priority.

When we see nearly a 100 black on black on black shooting about every week in one of these democrat run cities thet include killing of children, its hard for me to take black lives matter seriously.

If Dolph thinks white privilege, racism or the police is what the problem, then the problem is never going away and things will only get worse.

Won't just one person of authority come out and say, Just obey the police, your chances or not getting killed or injured goes up 99.9 percent.

And Dolph please do a little crying for all the police being killed and injured.

They are the ones you are throwing under the bus, cities are burning, business and jobs are lost and you feel guilty, Don't count me in Dolph, I spent a lifetime helping to make the community I live in better, many African Americans joined me in these causes.

America is not a racist country, I respect the national Anthem and the Flag and the leaders who gave us this country and I think most others do too,

Kathleen Sukiennik

Perhaps when one talks about “cancel culture”, it would be helpful to understand what it means. As you look around at statues, for example, where are women? And in history, science, art, medicine, women were barely, if ever, acknowledged. The lack of acknowledgement, until more recent years, was “cancel culture” .

Bailey Jones

Might I suggest OAN? They'll never challenge your worldview, I promise.

Mike Zeller

and there is AM radio, they won't disappoint.

Charles Douglas

Ms. Claudia Parker saw this one coming as she stood there at the plate. She must have leaned forward as she connected ..because she KNOCKED the thing clean out the park over the centerfield wall ..with her Op-ed! Great piece, covered all the bases and well articulated!

Charles Douglas

Mr. Cross! I can tell you why Dolph came out like he did! He is probably sympathetic to the causes of today's DEMOCRATIC DECENDENTS who are willing to gain control of African-American support by continually reminding them of the hardships of SLAVERY, 400 years ago, keeping them thinking they are owed something by WHITE people! Keep them focused on the past, and they won't recognize all the lousy schools and educational facilites the LEFT maintains for BLACK kids decade after decade. See, bad living environments, bad schools, and menial job opportunities equals NO HOPE! No hope means you are at the mercy of some benefactor or Shugga-Daddy ( Government Subsidies ). Today they are tearing-down statutes and destroying monuments and vilifying the WHITE race to sell the BLACK people on their sincerely! They hope to rise from the defeat suffer years ago because of SLAVERY, by using SLAVERY, and anti BLACK rhetoric in order to convince & use BLM and ANTIFA as a FRONT to gain power again! Nobody in their right mind could condone what is happening in this country now in all these Democratic controlled cities, and say it is right but the LEFT IS doing it with a straight face! When a man or woman with a GUN and a Badge stop you , ..Don't give them a crash coarse on Constitutional Law! Just shut-up and follow their instructions. If you start cussing them, and making threatening moves, the situation is going to go downhill fast! That is for certain, and nothing good is going to come of that! Great post Mr. CROSS, you nailed It!!!!

Virginia Stone

Why do "cancel culture" hollering folks fear any corrections made in the history books don't they want to teach the truth, the stories that are being canceled will not be canceled or deleted but discussed and described in a way that helps the reader understand why history was altered. Why is it so awful to teach with a broader understanding of how history affects us all.

Jack Cross

While we have this rush to tear down statues and Sam Collins is on a mission to find African Americans to honor ( I agree) I want to recommend a highly respected African American, a democrat and a lady, Barbara Jordan. When you look at the positions Barbara Jordan took on immigration and law and order, Barbara Jordan words sound similar to president Trump. Copy and paste: this link;


It is just common sense, no politics or political correctness.

.I use to be a democrat, a delegate to two democratic conventions. The things democrats blame republicans for, democrats actually did, Dolph knows this.

Union leaders who were leaders in the democratic party would tell me that

MLK is a SOB but he is our SOB. And they were right. This was in reference to the Memphis sanitation workers who were on strike. MLK joined their protest because these worked had terrible working conditions. This cost MLK his life. Copy and Paste this link;


All of these actions against African Americans was carried out by democrats and one of the reasons I left the democratic party. MLK protests was peacful and what he was protesting was reasonable. Democrats voted against every civil rights bill/

As I sit back today and see what todays are doing and saying is astounding. 50th years later they are still harming African Americans pretending to be helping them when really it is just about power and waning their vote.

Donald Trump did more for African Americans in 3 years than Obama and Biden did in 8 years and that is a fact. While the democrats sit back and applaud this civil unrest, presenting African Americans as victims or racism and white supremacy, they must know that their quest for power is taking us to a point or no return to a more perfect union. its very sad, we are all losers.

Bailey Jones

"Democrats voted against every civil rights bill." Yes, I remember it well. Barry Goldwater's landmark Civil Rights and Voting Rights bills and LBJs staunch opposition to them. [tongue]

The truth of the matter is that the parties were very different in those days, both had conservative and liberal wings, divided by geography. In the matter of civil rights, voting rights, and desegregation, most conservatives of both parties opposed, and most liberals of both parties supported. As it has ever been in this country.

1964 was the year that the most conservative Democratic states of the old confederacy (LA, MS, AL, GA, SC) swung to Goldwater and the Republicans, and the issue was civil rights.

Ted Gillis

Prove your facts Jack.

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