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Bailey Jones

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the fastest-growing job in America is wind turbine service tech. The second is nurse practitioner. The third is solar photovoltaic installer.


Carlos Ponce

Natural gas is plentiful, more economic, environmentally safe.

Joel Martin


Paula Flinn

Thank you for the thoughtful article, Ms. Augelli.

I agree with you about the jobs. We do still depend on petroleum products, but new technology has opened up new jobs in wind and solar.

George Laiacona

We must realize the overestimated 1000 jobs are only temporary construction jobs. When the project is complete it will only insure 35 jobs. Plus there are three other Canadian oil pipeline projects in the works. The oil company projects are not environmentally friendly unless you take into consideration the wind projects that they are investing in. They are being smart by investing now in alternatives to oil and gas.

Carlos Ponce

Union Leaders say 8000 Union jobs were lost with stopping Keystone XL. With an additional 3000 non-Union jobs lost that amounts to 11,000.

Add to that the border fence building crews now out of a job.

Add to that, now these out-of-work individuals will have to compete with workers from South of the Border.

Funny that Pervert Joe removed the bust of Winston Churchill replacing it with one of Cesar Chavez - a pro-union, anti-immigrant man who had migrant workers roughed up and shot at.

Kenneth Diestler

Do you understand a pipeline is a safer, cleaner, more efficient way to move these products than trucks or trains?

Gary Scoggin

Public spending to reach full employs a classic liberal ideal. Did you switch sides, Carlos? BTW did you ever pay off that bet you lost?

Gary Scoggin

Bailey -- still waiting on Carlos to pay off on his bet? I remember him saying recently that he never said our most reacently impeached President would hold a second term, he was just quoting prophets or some such.

Just for fun, here are some of his greatest hits. There are plenty more.....


Jim Forsythe Dec 12, 2020 1:06pm

Carlos, your facts are just internet talking points for Trumpets.

If they were true, the courts would have excepted them as proof.

You can post those points all you want, but Biden will be President, January 20,2021 at High Noon.

Carlos Ponce Dec 12, 2020 3:11pm

Jim, just wait.


Bailey Jones Jan 7, 2021 11:11am

The good news is that #worldsbiggestloser has finally acknowledged his loss and that Biden is the new president. And all it took was a mob of his followers ransacking the Capitol live on TV. Facebook and Instagram have banned him through the inauguration. Hopefully Twitter will extend their ban as well.

Carlos Ponce Jan 7, 2021 4:11pm

Trump only said there would be a "peaceful transfer." He's said this before. A transfer from Trump to Trump.


Bailey Jones Jan 7, 2021 6:27pm

Finally - #worstpresidentever has conceded the election and recognized the election of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr as the new president of the United States.

Carlos Ponce Jan 7, 2021 7:30pm

It will be a peaceful transfer of power to himself

Bailey Jones

Gary, I doubt that Carlos will ever admit his loss and pay his debt. That would make him a loser - the only mortal sin in the Trumpolic Church:

As it is written in the sacred scriptures, “I will never change this hairstyle, I like it. It fits my head. Those who criticize me are only losers and envy people. And it is not a wig, it’s my hair. Do you want to touch it?”

Carlos Ponce

"Did you switch sides, Carlos?" Where did I indicate public funding? Building a Border barrier is not to "reach full" employment. It has to do with the defense of the United States.

Gary Scoggin

Not paying your debts is a very MAGA thing to do. Our most recently impeached President had a habit of not paying his debts.

Thomas Carpenter

Hundreds of MAGAs will pay their debts behind bars for terrorizing the Capitol ... not Antifa, not BLM ... MAGAs. And who are they throwing under the bus ... the fascist Cadet Bonespurs; that's their defense, "Trump told us to storm the Capitol."

Still waiting on that miracle, so it's no surprise Mr. Ponce refuses to pay his bet. Lol

Carlos Ponce

Thomas, the "storm"ing of the Capitol was planned before President Trump orated according to the FBI.

The pipe bombs were planted at RNC and DNC buildings the night of January 5, 2021. Hint: That's BEFORE the speech was made.

Anyone who claims "Trump told us to storm the Capitol," has to point it out on the video or transcript. It's not there.

As for the rest, have patience.

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