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Walter Dannenmaier

Look here for the percentage of Republican and Democrat Senators who voted for the Voting Rights Act of 1965. https://www.govtrack.us/congress/votes/89-1965/s78 In the actual United States of America 93.8% of Republican Senators voted for the act, but only 69.1% of Democrat Senators voted for it. But sure, Dixiecrats! An alternate view might be that Democrats weren't entirely comfortable with African-Americans voting freely then and they still are not comfortable with it now. It wasn't Donald Trump who said "if you have a problem figuring if you are voting for me, you ain't black", or said Obama was "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean”, or was delighted to work with segregationist Senators in the 1970s.

Charles Douglas

How very true Mr. DANNENMAIER! He ( Biden) also said he did not want his kids growing up in A JUNGLE..society,...( alluding to Black People ). I got to give it to him though, because he got with other like minded people and passed a crime bill into law resulting in the mass incarceration of BLACKS disporportional to the numbers of other groups committing the same crimes! Trump worked with African-American Senator Tim Scott (R) ..passing a law correcting the damage BIDEN and others perpetuated! Biden later apologized in a slick move to continue HARVESTING Black votes. The fact that he can still get a lion's share of Black votes is in itself outrageous and unconciousnable!

Gary Miller

Charles> Biden says he will get the black vote. Like other things he's said that may not be true. Trump's black support is between 16 % and 41% according to pollsters. 16% is double his 2016 number. 41% = a dead Democrat party.

Bailey Jones

You're correct Walter - although the House vote is more representative than the senate vote, pardon the pun. Now look at the locale of the senators and congressmen who voted NAY. They are overwhelmingly from the old states of the confederacy. Now look at the party demographics of those same states today. What was once blue is now red. Certainly some of the reason for that change was dissatisfaction with "the civil rights", as my aunt used to call it.

So, rather than speak of Rs and Ds, isn't it more accurate to speak of north and south? The south has always been the region of slavery, Jim Crow, and racism. (Not that the rest of the country was perfect by any measure.) But the south embraced it with more passion and more ... what's the word for a stubborn allegiance to a Lost Cause?... than the rest of the nation - and continues to until this day. How ridiculous is it, really, that Mississippi was still flying a flag that incorporates confederate symbols in 2020?

Carlos Ponce

Gary writes, " I suggest that Woodford do a little research on the 'Dixiecrats' of that era and see where they are today."

Gary, the majority of Dixiecrats are DEAD. They're in cemeteries. The few that are still with us are Yellow Dog Democrats. And their descendants have their own lives to live. Nothing says they have to adhere to their parent's ideology.

What's sad is those who fought in WWII, Korea and Vietnam against fascism and communism. Some of their descendants are fascists and communists.They are the Antifas and BLM of today.

Charles Douglas


tom carpenter

Hasty generalizations are a logical fallacy. Here's something a little more focused: "Racial resentment is now the single most important factor driving Republicans and Republican-leaning movers, according to extensive research, most recently by Nicholas Valentino and Kirill Zhirkov at the University of Michigan — more than religion, culture, class or ideology."

Carlos Ponce

Now here's something based on reality, not the writings of Leftist UM professors: The Democrat party uses identity politics to spread their message. And that identifies people by the color of their skin and not the content of their character. As Dr. Ben Carson, surgeon says, “We have purveyors of hatred who take every single incident between people of two races and try to make a race war out of it, and drive wedges into people. This does not need to be done. I was asked by an NPR reporter once, why don’t I talk about race that often. I said it’s because I’m a neurosurgeon. And she thought that was a strange response. And I said, you see, when I take someone into the operating room, I’m actually operating on the thing that makes them who they are. The skin doesn’t make them who they are. The hair doesn't make them who they are. And it's time for us to move beyond that. Because our strength as a nation comes in our unity. We are the United States of America, not the divided states. And those who want to divide us are trying to divide us, and we shouldn't let them do it.”

Charles Douglas

Mr. Ponce> Well said!! Speaking for myself, years ago after My dad jerked the slack out of my rope of hatredness, ..I pursued the word and practiced the "golden rule." An individual will be very surprised at what practicing the word of righteousness will change in his/her character. Dr. MLK said many years ago and his words rang out in my soul even today, " I will not allow NO man to pull me down so low, as to make me hate him!" See, others are not in charge of my feelings, or emotions! That is what the finished works of Christ helped to address. His works and victory, delivered us out of the power of the Prince of wickedness, giving back to us the choice of what kind of human being we wanted to be! That victory gave back to us, the choice of who we wanted to follow, and who we would serve! We all need to realize that when it is all said and done, each of us are in charge of nobody else, but OURSELVES! Self-control is developed, and certainty should be desired! Proverbs 25:28 states: " He that hath no ruled over his own spirit, is like a city broken down with no walls!" The inhabitants of the ancient city of JERICO, found out the hard way what it was like when the Children of Israel ...following God's directions, were able to watch those protective walls of JERICO crumble to the ground!

Gary Miller

Carlos> I remember a 2018 poll that said 60% of southern GOP are converted Democrats who switched parties when Democrats turned radical.

Carlos Ponce

Can you produce that poll?

In the meantime:

"The Myth of the Republican-Democrat 'Switch'"


Fact is those labeled as "Dixiecrats" are deceased or few in number given their advanced age. those still alive became Yellow Dog Democrats and only a few identify as Republican.

FACT: Of the 21 Democratic senators who opposed the Civil Rights Act, just one became a Republican.

Bill Hynek

Mr. Walter D. must have pondered long and hard after going over the voting records of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and said to himself, “how can I possibly slant these facts to make it look like the Democrats committed a historic error.

President Johnson said when advocating for the VRA that the Democratic Party would lose the southern state Democrats (Dixiecrats). And except for Strom Thurman (SC) who had defected the year before, all these senatorial seats would turn their back on the Democratic Party and find a home in the modern day Republican Party after the signing of the bill as Johnson predicted. Protecting voting rights for African Americans was a bridge too far for them. Richard Nixon would take advantage of this in the next election as has every other successful Republican presidential candidate since.

All of these commentators on this blog know this. But they constantly misrepresent the facts to diminish the modern day Democratic Party. I say to you, be courageous enough to be proud of your white supremacy. Of course that must be hard to do when fear is the bases of it.

47 northern Democrats and 30 northern Republicans had the courage to give equal rights to all Americans

The Democrats stood tall and lost all their southern state voters. Those northern Republicans that voted in favor of the VRA have been running from their vote ever since, and the ex Dixiecrats have taken over the Republican Party. The confederacy has risen again, all wearing MAGA hats. On the issues of civil rights and voting rights, they were always modern day Republicans anyway.

Cary Semar

In the next election, it does not matter what the Democrats stood for in 1920, and it does not matter what Republicans stood for in 1860. What matters is what do they stand for now.

Carlos Ponce

"What matters is what do they stand for now." Thank you, Cary. Plenty of reasons there not to vote for any Democrat.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Semar is absolutely correct, and is why if I was a minority living in poverty while raising my family in a ghetto neighborhood located in the mist of a terrible school district with unqualified teachers year after year, no way I'd support Progressives! If I lived in a city like Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Detroit, Seattle, Baltimore, or Minneapolis where the controlling politicians have been neglecting me for decade after decade....there would be no way in GOD'S GREEN EARTH I'd think about voting for DEMOCRATS, let alone be so uninformed and shallow enough to go do it. There are many voters who vote by their manipulated emotions instead of knowing the issues, and asking themselves, " Which candidate has done a [censored] ..thing for me lately?" They never ask themselves, "Which party has offered me a hand up, or created an atmosphere giving me an opportunity to work hard prospering off the righteous labor of my hands, or my abilities, juxtaposed to relegating me to be a constant consumer of government handouts, in order to keep a stranglehold on my vote? These concepts and questions have served me well over the years, for I too use to be poor, lived in poverty, while progressive surrogates use to come around every election to lie and prod my parents into voting Democratic! The good news is when a few siblings and myself broke away from that culture, we have not been poor since!

Don Schlessinger


Jarvis Buckley

Dixiecrat =Democrat

Charles Douglas

Well Mr. Jones, you tell me why the Democrat have alllllll these Black People in their Congressional Caucuses for alllllll the years you listed, and they have not done "JACK" for their constituents? Tell me what is so important about having a great amount of African-Americans like Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, who put hundreds of African Americans in Prison by the way, ...Old E. Commings & Sparticus just for show and deception? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? WHAT HAVE DEMOCRATS DONE FOR US? Tell me, what have they done for BLACK people in this country? Our neighborhoods are atrocious, our schools in Detroit, La Angles, Chicargo, Minneapolis are still sub-par, and Black on Black crime is off the charts, and NOBODY with the DEMOCRATS, BLACK or WHITE, says a ( %&# ) thing! How many jobs they demanded the Democrats create for their constituents? How many economic zones did they bring to their districts? How many demanded better schools for BLACK children of their districts? How many demanded fairer prosecutions of Black criminals who were disproportionately sentenced to prisons? Now, you answer my questions my friend. Don't be to hard on me, ...you know I like you ...so take it easy! [beam]

Bailey Jones

Those are good questions, Charles. I don't have answers for you, except to ask, why did the Republican Party abandon blacks? They started off so well, back in the 1860s, then just let it all fall away.

I suspect that the problems you list are not solvable by personalities, black or otherwise, but need structural changes. The sort of changes that take bipartisan will to fix, and I don't believe that will exists in either party in numbers sufficient to make a difference.

But, speaking just for myself, I prefer a nation where a little black kid can dream of growing up to be a governor, representative, senator, or even president. And, currently, that dream is only on display in one party.

Carlos Ponce

"why did the Republican Party abandon blacks?" False premise, Bailey.

Bailey Jones

I've posted these simple historical facts in response to earlier letters, but no one had a reply. And I'm genuinely interested in hearing from the "Democrat = racist" crowd here.

Diversity exists where it is welcome, and that has always been in large cities. Diversity supports the parties that are willing to represent it, and that is currently the Democrats. One need only look at diversity among representatives in congress. Of the 105 women in the House, 90 are Democrats. Of the 54 African Americans in the House, 53 are Democrats. Of the 46 Latino members in the House, 37 are Democrats. Of the 17 Asian / Pacific Islanders in the House, 16 are Democrats. So if Democrats are the party of racism, they are doing an awful job keeping minorities out.

Let's look at historical trends - (Data available here - https://history.house.gov/People/Search/)

African American Republicans serving in Congress:

1865 - 1899 22

1900 - 1949 2

1950 - 1999 4

2000 - present 5

African American Democrats serving in Congress:

1865 - 1899 0

1900 - 1949 3

1950 - 1999 76

2000 - present 92

I'll leave it as an exercise to the reader to spot the trend.

Don't forget to show your work.

Ted Gillis

Asking them to prove their work is too much of a task Bailey, except for Carlos.

Bailey Jones

A lot of crickets in here today.

Carlos Ponce

"A lot of crickets" That'll be the day!

Charles Douglas

Right now in Democratic controlled towns and cities ..There are African-Americans dying by the "bushel" ...daily and weekly! I'm beginning to think it is a LEFTIST plan..just like that....ahhhhhhh Abortion thing. Genocide is what it is,..used to kill off African-Americans by laying low with the laws of the land to facilitate it! I think I got it now! Yes! The cat is out the bag! I'm watching little kids get shot down in cities and towns whose leaders won't act and won't accept help to stop the slaughter of Black Lives ...and I'm suppose to vote for the same folks? How many fools do an individual have to be before they WAKE THE ( $*& ) up!

Bailey Jones

Charles, it sounds like you're saying that those 6,000,000 African Americans who left the rural south for the cities of the north and west should pack up, move back to the old confederacy and get them some of that small town Republican love.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Jones> Many African-Americans are being killed, along with many others ethnics groups in these shoddy operated cities and states! What I am saying is these people need to quit playing politics, seeking power, and stop trying to blame Trump for everything, and start protecting their citizens from lawbreakers, outlaws, looters, and killers! I want to be clear here, an outlaw, and a crook to me is just that! I care nothing about his/her color! When I was in law enforcement I arrested or wrote citiations to males and females without any hesitations, observations, or reservations concerning their race. I must admit though what rankles me is, we have African-Americans voting for a party which has not deliver the goods for them in decades, yet the majority of them are still swallowing the BS rhetoric about slaves, and listening to tales about racist Conservatives holding them back when it is the Progressives themselves doing it by keeping them dependent on other people's money, welfare, and food stamps! The equality checks they wrote BLACKS, bounced, and was marked insufficient funds at the bank window of life! I was not here back in 1800. It is like Mr. SEMAR mentioned last week ...it does not matter back then who did what for who! What matters is WHAT HAVE YOU DONE for me in exchange for my vote for the last thirty or forty years! I will say this ...like this, If my life had not improved for me by voting conservative as long as I have, ..I would not keep voting for them, that was my point! There are people dying week after week, after week, and year after year in these Democratic cities, and NOTHING is being done about it! Nancy Pelosi said last week that conservatives were trying to get away with the MURDER OF Mr. George Floyd in Minneapolis! Really? Listen, The schools are lousy in these cities, the neighborhoods for minorities are lousy in those cities, opportunities for minorities are lousy period, in those LEFTIST controlled areas! Now,.you tell me Mr. JONES, you are a LIBERAL, but your are honest and successful, put yourself in those people's places, would you keep voting for people who have not delivered for you and your family? I think not!

Bailey Jones

It would be a hard choice for me, Charles. Do I vote for the people who show up to local civic events and advocate for me on the floor of the congress - but don't really accomplish much, or do I vote for the people who call my neighborhood "a "disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess", cut funding for social programs and do nothing except make political points about how horrible my life is? I might wonder if the people who constantly point to my city as a reason to vote for their party even really wants my life to get better. After all - the worse my city looks, the better they look. And who would I vote for? My congressional district was probably traded to the Democrats in the last redistricting gerrymander in exchange for a some nice safe Republican suburban districts. So even if I wanted to vote for someone else, that person has no chance. But probably I wouldn't vote at all, I wouldn't see the benefit in participating in a system that has such little regard for me. And I probably wouldn't have the time anyway since - as you may know - being poor and hustling for a living is a lot of work.

I would love to see the Republican Party's proposals for fixing the problems of minorities in our cities. Maybe you can convert me.

Charles Douglas

Okay! Mr. Jones, Okay...enough! This situation with you, is like when the US Calvary were chasing Geronimo around in the mountains of Arizona! They could never catch him so they paid another Native American to track him down for them! Lololo. I'm not an "OG"....so I will wait for another "OG" down the line to engage you on another subject, and I will set a Castro Ambush for you and pen you in! [beam] [beam]

Bailey Jones

My white privilege does limit my experience, Charles.

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