I find it quite amusing that Mark Henry bowed down to kiss insurrectionist traitor Trump’s shoes before his visit to the border ("County judge calls immigration disaster, pledges millions," The Daily News, June 30). Henry couldn’t even explain what emergency he was speaking of.

Ten border counties didn’t seem to think it was an emergency, so what did Henry see, other than a political opportunity to suck up to Gov. Greg Abbott and Donald Trump?

How humiliating for Galveston County residents.

Bruce Wallace


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Carlos Ponce

Bruce, in a KTRH interview Mark Henry spoke of two District Judges (link provided in a different GCDN forum) who stated the number of criminal prosecutions of illegals in Galveston County have increased. Do you really want them to reach your front door? Or can we stop them at the border? Illegal drugs have already washed up on the shores of Galveston County. Time to get your head out of the sand and see what is happening!

Spencer Priest

Will a wall prevent drugs from washing up on the shores? Maybe those boats and large driftwood and rotted fruit will also go away

Carlos Ponce

Drugs enter by air, land and sea. Are you suggesting we ignore those carried by "mules"?

Stuart Crouch

Yessir, Abbott wiggles his fingers & Henry's lips move. He's fooling no one with any sense and the only ones that believe this border rubbish to be of any concern are the blind loyalist that are so immersed in the orange Kool-Aid, they can no longer tell right from wrong (assuming that they ever could).

Carlos Ponce

Poor Stuart, he overdosed on Liberal Kool-aid!

Bailey Jones

Bruce [thumbup]

But this should surprise no one.

Carlos Ponce

Which counties have declared emergencies?

Davis, Medina, Terrell, Val Verde, Live Oak, Atascosa, Edwards, Frio, Goliad, Jim Hogg, Kinney La Salle, Lavaca, Maverick. McMullen, Real and Uvalde.

But Bruce thinks that's nothing. [rolleyes]

You don't have to be on the Rio Grande to have an emergency with illegals.


The situation is serious and not amusing. Tune into reality and tune out of CNN or if you are really interested drive to the Valley and see if you are amused. Feelings about Mr Trump aside we Texans have a problem created in Washington.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Lackey! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

Maris Helfrich

Amen, to your excellent letter about Mark Henry’s actions which disappoint me as well! He is “showing his partisan , cowardly colors “ ! My opinion / view of him has fallen & changed. Thumbs down for him as a leader for Galveston.

Maris Helfrich

PS to my last POST: Amen also to Michael A Smith’s significant and pertinent Editorial “our View” 7/2, Daily News! Thank you for providing the context for Mark Henry’s cowardly actions. As ever unlike Henry, the Daily News is sensibly taking the stance for the “common good” of the people of Galveston County!

Charles Douglas

The people of Galveston County don't send troops to defend just Galveston County! Galveston County is apart of something bigger called America! Just thinking about I, Me, & Mine, flys in the face of God Almighty! He calles it SELFISHNESS, & GREED! Hey, but I get it. Judge Henry is partisan, but China Joe, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Lightfoot, Maxine, Shifty Schiff, and all the rest of those masquerading as American leaders are 100 percent acting in the best interests of Americans and America right? " Unconscionable!!!"

Virginia Stone

Thank you Bruce, Mark Henry seems the resemble Sean Hannity, I wonder if it's accidental or a form of hero worship, I think Henry and Abbot are drunk on Cult 45.

Carlos Ponce

"Mark Henry seems the resemble Sean Hannity..." That's a compliment, Virginia.[beam]

Ted Gillis

Carlos, did the KTRH interviewer ask Henry if criminal prosecutions were up with legal citizens too, or were the questions just limited to illegals?

Carlos Ponce

Listen and find out!


Wayne D Holt

Ted, here's the difference: legal citizens have to be proven guilty of a crime. When you cross into the USA illegally, before you do one other thing, by definition you're--wait for it--ILLEGAL!

Does that help to illuminate the difference?

Ted Gillis

Never mind

domenico nuckols

Carlos that’s way they have your name on your belt

Jarvis Buckley

If you believe your thoughts represent the majority of thoughts in Galveston county , then try voting the Judge out of office. Not going to happen friend.

Wayne D Holt


Maris Helfrich

You get my KUDOS for this "letter to the editor"! Thank you. Such hypocrisy and misguided actions by the County's leadership is disappointing and disgusting. This misuse of funds is very wrong as is the support of that wall. This is so much easier than taking the time to solve the nation's problem with immigration at the border. The previous administration took the "easy" route too. My opinion of Mark Henry sadly just dropped precipitously.

Gary Miller

Careful Bruce! Your conviction for slander could be useful in 2022.

Wayne D Holt

"kiss insurrectionist traitor Trump’s shoes"

I should have stopped reading right there, as it was apparent we were in the presence of a very low-information commentator.

Bruce, what is truly humiliating is that an adult appears to be glued to CNN for all his vital news and views. And just to be clear: Pravda didn't give the whole story, either.

David Hardee

Why have a border - these liberal comments that do not like the judges decision to support the restriction of the caravan invaders could not demonstrate their being anti-American with more resounding clarity. They reap the privileges and rewards of The USA while pleading allegiance to foreign invasion. They plead benevolence for those seeking to steal the privileges' and rewards they have never contributed an iota for. They plead patriotism while enticing braking laws, burning icons and statues, reconstructing history, bastardizing words, and any corrupting organization that seeds racism. These are the "useful idiot" marching under the tutelage, mantras, banners, and are patrons/devotees of the progressive liberal Alinsky handbook.

If they are so devote progressive liberals and benevolent to these invaders it would be incumbent that they open their homes to these invaders. That would prove their truly benevolent.

Don't BLOW SMOKE about - they pay taxes, they take menial jobs, the contribute to culture, and they are poor unfortunates when we are observing that most are males ages 18 t0 34 (Stasia, and Pew produced statistics).

Be legal or begone.

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