The Republican Party has been replaced with members of QAnon, an extreme right wing of the extreme right-wing tea party.

They call themselves "conservatives" with "conservative values" such as family values, fiscal responsibility, accountability, law and order, while posing with Donald Trump who had sex with a porn star, created a trillion-dollar deficit, abused the legal system and incited riots.

This is Q. This is what the Republican Party has become.

Now three of them posing as “conservatives” are running for the Clear Creek Independent School District board. This is dangerous. Students, parents and teachers demand our elected officials base their decisions on science, data, sound accounting principles. Q isn't the way to go.

Q is "Qrazy" — and doesn't belong on our school board.

John Cobarruvias

Houston (Clear Lake)


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Carlos Ponce

Is there a full moon out tonight?

Charles Douglas

Got to be!

Heidi Gordon

The full moon started on November 8, 2016 and lasted 4 hellacious years, Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

No, Heidi. Quit rewriting history. The insurrection started November 3, 2020 and we've been in HELL since January 20, 2021. If you cannot see Satan's hand in the current administration I cannot help you. I recommend you you pray for enlightenment.

Charles Douglas

To top that off Bill Stevenson has accused his ex-wife of having an affair with a prominent politician back in the 1970(s). Who was Mr. Stevenson's wife at that time? None other than Jill Biden WIFE of President Joe Biden! What? Joe China,..a Senator on the Taxpayers' dime was having an affair with another man's wife?

The same JOE who was friends with THE GRAND KNIGHTS OF THE KLUX KLAN & a bevy of Racist DIXIECRATS Senators like James Eastland, Jim Stennis, Strom Thurman, JW Fulbright, Lyndon Johnson, and the Grand Cyclops of the KKK ...Robert Byrd, who JOE THE RACIST eulogized and told all how much he loved the guy and what he stood for. Joe also made laws specifically to send African-Americans to prison unjustly, because he said they were part of a JUNGLE SOCIETY he did not want his family exposed to!

He was anti busing and anti integration, JUST LIKE his den of Racist friends! I suspect Joe has many, many friends tonight all over the country in the DEMOCRATIC party! If my memory serves me correctly D.J. TRUMP has never been accused of sexually harrassing anybody while he served in public office, like Beijing Joe, and the LUV GOV from New York! If he had,..the world would know about it because he does not have the luxuary of a national media covering up, censoring, and BLACKING OUT facts and truths for him like Joe China has! Lastly, we need trusted school trustees who won't sit by and watch schools politicizing education by allowing teachers to indoctrinate kids using their skin colors to call them RACISTS ...because they were born WHITE, or deprive others a quality education because they are BLACK or BROWN or POLKA-DOT! [beam][beam]

Gary Scoggin

Wow. Jill Biden may have a history! i'm glad Donald and Melania Trum,p were as pure as the driven snow. Charles, if this story - which i don't know if true or not - is relevant to everything, I expect you to call out the only President ever impeached twice for his numerous affairs and his "grab 'em by the ... remarks and of course his wife for her nude photos. Are you willing to do that? If we you want a sexual morals contest between R's and D's I think you'll find plenty of dirt on both sides.

I am disappointed in your remarks. You're better than that.

Carlos Ponce

I am never disappointed by Charles Douglas' remarks. On the othe hand, Gary Scoggins' posts.....[scared]

Charles Douglas

"OG" make a good point man. Tell you what I will do. If you will on this forum, call out Beijing Joe, for being the African-American hating RACIST, who sent many of us to prison with laws he pushed through Congress with the help of l his KKK friends in his 47 years as a Senator, a man who who called us "PREDITORS" of the human race, and a "JUNGLE SOCIETY" which he did not want his boys, daughter, and wife exposed to, then ....I guess I can manage an apology for talking about their affair! Now are YOU WILLING to do that sir? Hey, since you are better than me ...why don't you go first, and I will follow you. Let's make this right ....want to?

Gary Scoggin

I'm not better than you or anybody else. I figure we're all about the same. I was just sad to see those allegations being drug into this. I just regret that I sunk to that level with my response.

Heidi Gordon

Can we just keep our public servants on the school board and the partisan political climbers off? That's what I hope for. They have no interest in serving our kids, parents and teachers. They just want to start their political careers at the expense of our schools. Texas public schools will only drop lower in the ranks if we have politicians running them.

David Hardee

Heidi, most agree that politics should not be anywhere near our schools. At least you recognize that the public schools across the nation are in low ranking and still dropping. I'll refer you to the no longer in existence LaMarque ISD whose inept liberal board drove it into receivership. Many more ISD's are on the cusp of receivership/failure.

Surely, if you follow the reporting on what the revisionists are doing to curriculums you recognize that our children are the target of the progressive liberals. Politics is already in the classrooms. The politics of "conservatism" has 2 agendas - give the money to the student and let them select the school to attend and the second is to teach the traditional curriculum.

CCISD may not be infiltrated with the progressive liberal curriculum yet but I assure you the Biden agenda will find a way to achieve Federal control and infect your school eventually.

I have 3 members of my family that thrilled me when they became teachers. After a few years in the public school system, sadly all of them have left public schools and for less pay move to private schools where the government is not interfering, parents are not obstruction, kids are respectful and the object is to produce an educated person that will grow to be a valuable member of society.

Stay active and beware, Heidi,

Gary Miller

Heidi> The decline started when the Federal government got control of public funded education. Decline was accelerated by giving local control to unions. Electing conservatives can start the corrections needed. Democrat and union lies will oppose conservatives.

Carlos Ponce

John Q Cobarruvias.

Norman Pappous

"Three in four of those with a favorable opinion of Trump have heard either nothing or not much about QAnon, while just 7% report hearing "a lot" about it. By contrast, seven in ten respondents who hold unfavorable opinions of Trump claim they've heard either nothing or not much about it."

Paula Flinn

“38% of Republicans believe QAnon’s claims are ‘Somewhat Accurate.”

Paula Flinn

The quote was from Norman Pappous’ website.

38% of Republicans believe that QAnon is at least Somewhat Accurate, nearly 40%. There is a graph.

“QAnon members believe that a group of Democratic politicians and Hollywood moguls are part of an underground cabal that runs a child sex trafficking ring, which President Donald Trump has been secretly fighting — claims that Trump has refused to denounce.”

“The baseless ideas stem from a series of anonymous 4chan posts by “Q,” a user who claims to be a government official with knowledge of Trump’s work, that began in October 2017 and have since gained a larger following on Facebook, Twitter and other mainstream social media companies in recent months as homebound Internet users spend more time in online forums during the pandemic.”

“QAnon has also entered the mainstream via the ballot box: Media Matters, a left-leaning nonprofit and media watchdog that has been tracking QAnon’s movement for the past three years, estimates that 26 congressional candidates, mostly Republicans, have either endorsed or showed support for QAnon have secured spots on the November ballots.”

This also is from assets.morning

Norman Pappous

And you can also check out The Economist magazine article on the topic of Qanon:

"Democrats are more likely than Republicans to have heard of QAnon"

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