The real issue regarding power is why we rely on an intermittent power source, wind and solar, to generate 24 percent of our electricity.

Anyone could’ve predicted this outage.

We need more natural gas and, yes, nuclear generation. Keep lignite plants on standby.

The climate change extremists have had their day and we’re paying the price because no one is allowed to question them.

Oliver Klinger



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Thomas Carpenter

Sheer idiocy.

Raymond Lewis

You would be correct Mr. Carpenter.

Diane Turski

Read Laura Elder's editorial in today's edition for more accurate information.

Paul Harrington

Don't be a sheep and repeat the message given to you!

Bill Broussard

We have a new definition for Brain freeze!

Bailey Jones


Kevin Moran

While I'm all for free speech, I'm thinking newspapers have a responsibility to label lies as lies. This letter qualifies.

Emilio Nicolas

Wow! You must have missed the news that Abbot backed off the LIE that the wind mills were frozen. There has been plenty of other news explaining what really caused the problem. Sadly, you seem to choose ideology to filter your information, proving incapable of independent or honest thought. So sad for you.

George Laiacona

If you bother to take the time you will see that texas is almost completely dependent on fossil fuels. Why is this ? It’s the money stupid! There is absolutely no inventive for the greedy oil barons to make any kind of attempt to lessen the amount of money that fills their pockets. The scapegoat naturally is the sources of energy that they don’t make money on. Those of you that are against clean energy are obviously making your financial living off of the oil companies. Therefore you have a biased opinion based upon what funds enter your personal bank account.

Gary Scoggin

George -- there is a lot of diversity of thought among oil companies here. Painting them all with a broad brush as gr oil barons misses the point. The world is in an irreversible transition to more renwables and lower-carbon sources of energy. In twenty years, there will be two types of energy companies: Those that acknowleged this transition and learned to manage it, and those that have gone out of business. The forward thinking companies, and there are a lot more of them than you might expect, are rethinking their business models. This is being led by the European majors (Shell, BP, Total, etc.) but many large American companies (XOM) and others are coming to the party as well. There are still quite a few energy transition deniers out there but they will eventually be gone.

Gary Scoggin

"greedy oil barons" I meant to type.

Bailey Jones

Are "oil barons" even a thing anymore?

Carlos Ponce

Let's see:

Windmill generators don't work when there's little wind or when frozen.

Solar panels don't work when it's night, overly cloudy or when covered with snow.

Natural gas is plentiful. Some gas generators failed during the big freeze when they had to take up the slack when "green" sources failed. It's like playing a basketball game where everyone fouled out except for the 4 on the court. It can be done but that places a burden on those remaining players.

Gary Scoggin

Many of the gas generators that went down did so because the wells froze up and there was no gas to be had. Its kind of like the wind not blowing or the sun not shining.

Carlos Ponce

All they have to do is tie in to city's gas supply to supply the generator in emergencies. No well needed since it's already there in distribution lines. No well needed.

The freezing point of Natural gas is - 296.7 degrees F.

The freezing point of propane is -44 degrees F.

My big propane tank supplied LP for cooking. Couldn't use the central heat because it needs electricity for the blower. Even without a stove spark igniter I was cooking with gas with a match. I didn't use it for heat. Mom used to put on all 4 burners back in the day but that's dangerous.

Gary Scoggin

Where do you think the city's gas comes from? It's not the gas that freezes but water co-produced with it, especially in small pneumatic lines at the wellhead. There were lots of gas wells that went offline during the big freeze.

Carlos Ponce

Filter the water out.

Gary Scoggin

Wow, Carlos you are amazing! It’s stunning that you just solved a problem that has frustrated oil producers for generations. You should patent that idea. Or, maybe, this is another case where MAGAs don’t know enough to know what they don’t know.

Carlos Ponce

No, just another case of common sense.

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