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Carlos Ponce

Not desperation but rule of law which is the President's duty under the Constitution.

There was fraud. Why condone it?

Craig Mason

Carlos you have been hoodwinked. Don’t feel bad, papa joe will take good care of you the next 4 years. If there was fraud then no elected official from any disputed state should be seated, including republicans who won.

Carlos Ponce

Hang in there, Craig. One of these days you will get it right..... I hope.What you post shows indoctrination from the Left, not truth.

Gary Miller

Correction! Trump's claims of voter fraud are not false. They have been well documented and known by people who aren't paying attention to the liberal media. A ilistration would be media reports about the confusion in DC today. The media out blame on Trump and his supporters. In spite of Antifa announcing they would be there wearing Trump MAGA gear to create as much trouble as posible. Antifa was there and kept their promiss to cause trouble., completely ignored by the liberal media. Now that the US government is controlled by China are you sure your glad. China doesn't control every thing . We still have 30 conservative states that will resist China's control.

Craig Mason

Yes they are Gary. He is tool and you have been bamboozled. Sorry but those are the facts.

Charles Douglas

The DEMS better stop worrying about Trump and start worrying about China Joe! Stay tune and you will see what I am talking about

Robert Braeking

The voter fraud in this past election was rampant. It has been supported by the courts including SCOTUS by failing to hear the objections of the citizens. To take a grievance out of the Texas Declaration of Independence and changing a few words, one can imagine that the document needs to be resurrected and presented to the United States and our allies.

When the Federal Republican Constitution of their country, which they have sworn to support, no longer has a substantial existence, and the whole nature of their government has been forcibly changed, without their consent, from a restricted federative republic, composed of sovereign states, to a consolidated central deep state despotism, in which every interest is disregarded but that of the embedded government operatives, both the eternal enemies of civil liberty, the everready minions of power, and the usual instruments of tyrants.

Thomas Carpenter

Is this your miracle, Mr. Ponce? The Democrats control the House and Senate and the presidency and the fascist wannabe dictator has been humiliated on his way out the door and his fascist followers attacked the nation's capital ... some really good people there. Enjoy the next four years!

Carlos Ponce

The miracle has not been implemented.... yet. Be patient!

Antifa was behind the attacks, but yes, they are fascists.

Thomas Carpenter

You gotta be a Russian bot.

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter has been handed the role of Chinese bot number 1 by the Chairman for Galveston County. Do you know Fang Fang?

Bailey Jones

He's a narcissist. He cares about nothing except himself. We've known this for decades. Republicans elected him anyway. Fortunately, Republicans also de-elected him.

Stephanie Martin

This was the biggest fraud in the history of our country.

Thomas Carpenter

The biggest fraud? So why has Trump shut up about the "fraud? and why does he now guarantee a peaceful transition of power? and why, suddenly, are the gutless GOP enablers ducking for cover? A failed coup, fomenting treason: 81,000,000 patriots say there is no fraud, so does every state that certified the electoral credentials. The only fraud has been Trump's, and his enablers, lies that the right wing radicals ate up. And where's Weber ... I wrote earlier that Weber was playing a dangerous game because he's nothing but a bootlicker to the fat dotard, and now five people are dead because of his acquiescence to Treasonous Donnie's lies. Weber needs to resign.

Carlos Ponce

Thomas Carpenter, more name calling?

Ted Gillis

Weber will re-invent himself over the next two years, claiming he has always been the law and order guy, the family guy, the gun rights guy, the pro relgious guy and all kinds of other right wing puffery while waltzing to victory again. The sheep will eat it up and vote for him again.

Carlos Ponce

Weber is a "law and order guy, etc". Absolutely no evidence to the contrary.

Jim Forsythe

Some are pushing for Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to use Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to avoid seating any Republican House members who have publicly supported President Donald Trump’s attempt to steal the election from Democratic President-Elect Joe Biden.

That’s because Section 3 of the 14th Amendment literally says that anyone who has tried to rebel against the Constitution after having pledged to protect it can’t hold political office. This would include any GOP House members who signed onto an amicus brief supporting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s bogus Supreme Court case seeking to toss hundreds of thousands of votes in four swing states, so that Trump can steal a democratically decided election.

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