How ironic. Kathryn Eastburn’s article ("As wetlands die, many see a growing coastal crisis," The Daily News, Jan. 27) brilliantly explained how important wetlands are to the health of our county (add state/country) in helping to reduce flooding, serving as a nursery for numerous species, providing food for others, and serving as a pristine place for ecotourism and fishing.

Yet, three days before the article, Galveston City Council voted not to give Artist Boat additional time to find a new home ("Council declines to intervene in Artist Boat eviction," The Daily News, Jan. 25).

Artist Boat has done more to preserve wetlands on Galveston Island than any other organization, including governments, of which I'm aware. They're being evicted from their headquarters/teaching facility because of zoning in the area (and neighbors who object to having kayaks behind the fence.).

What's wrong with this picture? We need to preserve our wetlands, but find “offensive” having Artist Boat, an organization that works for the preservation of those wetlands, as a neighbor for a few months while they try to find a suitable place to move.

Save our wetlands, save our island, please.

E. T. "Bets" Anderson



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Jarvis Buckley

In order to save Galvestons wetlands you want city officials to turn their heads on an obvious city code violation. Sounds as if wetlands in danger if city enforces codes. Well
Your organization is gonna be fine.
Wetlands going to be fine. Just fine a legal place for Artist Boat. To function. City has bent over backwards to accommodate. Quit
Complaining & comply. Just like everyone else.

Ron Woody

WOW! this is the most illogical thought pattern I may have ever seen. Are we not tired of the "Ends Justifies the Means" mentality of our government. I applaud the City Council for their stand on the Artist Boat Offices.
I am new to Galveston, but my understanding is that Artist Boat has known for months that they might have to move. I attended the Artist Boat Gala in November and would consider continuing to support their cause.
However, if their leadership is so incompetent that they can not find a legally codified place for their offices after months of warnings, why should I trust them with my contributions.
This just is not that difficult. To me it appears that Artist Boat is the child that refuses to eat their meal until they get dessert.
I am thankful there are numerous organizations in Galveston to receive my charity.

Miceal O'Laochdha

Ah yes, the "moral high ground". It increasingly serves as a shield to ward off unwanted actions by the "others". It provides that much-coveted impression of being better than the "others". People concerned about wetlands, concerned about marine animals, people who ride bikes and do not contribute to hydrocarbon pollution, those who do not eat the flesh of animals, people who do not smoke cigarettes, those who do not consume more than 3 glasses of wine per week, All so comfortable in their self-satisfied superiority to all the "others" and therefore entitled to have us lesser folks treat them with the deference they so richly deserve. These are all worthy things but, they do not earn extra credit as a human being.

Ron Woody

Hear, Hear!!

George Croix

The “we so much smarter and better’ crowd would do well to pay less attention to their own PR...😀😀😀

Paula Flinn

Thank you, Bets Anderson for calling attention to the irony of the situation. Most people are unaware of the good works of Artist Boat.

Ron Woody

What is the irony of the situation, because I do not understand it. If I rob a bank, give all the money to an orphanage, does that make it OK to rob the bank?

I am evidently to stupid to understand the irony, please explain.

George Croix

PF, doing good work is not an absolution against following rules and regs...any more than losing an election is.....[whistling]

Jarvis Buckley

Paula what makes you say "most people." are unaware of the good deeds of Artist Boat. Perhaps some folks aren't but most folks that read &
have an interest in Galveston understand the fine job they do.
But they are still required to obey city
codes just like you.

Paula Flinn

They asked for more time. Extended time has been granted before in other cases. This time they did not grant it. I get it, everyone.

George Croix

PF, influence can work for us as well as against us.....I suspect plenty of that in play here, as nobody gets the vapors over looking at a kayak....[wink]

Jarvis Buckley

Paula I in no way was trying to sound harsh✌️.

Gary Miller

It is 6 decades too late to worry about the Galveston Bay ecology. I remember,in the 40's, when three or four throws with a cast net would provide a family all the shrimp they wanted for supper. Kids living close to the bay would stop after school and catch a supper of Speckled Trout on cane poles they kept on the beach. Hundreds of people with buckets and tubs walking out on dollar point to get oysters on a low tide. People Blind Gigging for flounder in the fall and getting stringers so heavy they needed help loading them into their cars. Commercial fishermen were earning a living with rod and reel. The bay eco system is not what it used to be, hasn't been for along time. Millions of acres of salt marshes, the nursery areas of all bay critters, have been degraded by habitat destruction.

Charlotte O'rourke

Wetlands are important, but I’m not sure about the writer’s following statement.

“Artist Boat has done more to preserve wetlands on Galveston Island than any other organization, including governments ...”

Artist boat was funded last year by city government via $100,000 of HOT funds annually. As a nonprofit it also doesn’t pay property taxes which impact the city’s general fund which is used for police, fire, streets, etc.

So, I disagree with the referenced statement .... government and the people of
Galveston are contributing money and ongoing support.

George Croix


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