In response to David Hardee's commentary ("Americans feel superior because they are superior," The Daily News, Sept. 30): Hardee, certain of his view of America’s history over the last 60 to 70 years, concludes by accusing those who aren't “traditional Americans” of “seeking to damn traditional stimulation for superiority ... segregating society by color and denigrating traditional Americans using the racist phrase 'white supremacy.'"

His thinking here is almost unintelligible — yet I think it’s clear what he meant.

Unfortunately, he may have missed a strategy report by President Trump’s Department of Homeland Security. It was published last month to guide law enforcement on emerging threats. Kevin K. McAleenan, the acting secretary of homeland security said: “I would like to ... be direct and unambiguous in addressing a major issue of our time.

"In our modern age, the continuation of racially based violent extremism, particularly violent white supremacy, is an abhorrent affront to the nation.”

Hardee’s external “threats of Nazism, Shintoism and fascism ...” are gone. On the other hand, the internal threat of white supremacy remains with us after 400 years. Unless we work together to change that, white supremacy will be an abhorrent affront to the nation for a long time to come.

David Brakebill



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Carlos Ponce

"white supremacy" - There are white supremacists in this country, but only a relatively small number. The Constitution is our ally in identifying who they are. With the Freedom of Speech they will self identify. As President Trump said, "Racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminal and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans."

David Hardee

Mr. Brakebill - Yes, you are correct in saying “His thinking here is almost unintelligible — yet I think it’s clear what he meant.” That statement clearly indicates a need you should get help for, comprehension. Your response finds elements of RACISM in my article. I declared ALL Americans deserve pride of achieving through work, pride of benevolence after conquest, pride in being recognized as the best hope of humanity. I stated that we should promote and pass on to progeny the stimulus of those proud accomplishments as a stimulus. I state that those were traditional virtues that are being diminished by the new culture promoted by me-ism. And that the legislation and control of the Federal government in the 60’s “Great Society” had and was destroyed traditional culture. And that the lexicon was being bastardized for political purposes to segregate and confuse communications for – example “white supremacy”. Here is Mr. Brakebill’s departure from my theme to his id (The id is the impulsive (and unconscious) causing “His thinking here is almost unintelligible — yet I think it’s clear what he meant.” So sad - Mr. Brakebill’s response proves that “Their strategy is create — Babel — a society is unable to communicate effectively.”

Your specific reference to “White Supremacy” in my article – my article is about AMERICAN superiority. It bestows praise on ALL Americans. The only text using “White Supremacy” declares that the term/phrase “White Supremacy” is an entry in the lexicon for the purpose of being used as a RACIST denigrating phrase to stimulate political objectives.

Your inability to distinguish between historical facts that create a right for America and Americans to be recognized as the SUPERIOR among countries and societies in achieving “best hope for humanity versus the concoction of a social attitude/defect assigned by politicians to only “white” Americans exposes a shallow ability to comprehend anything other than a simple sentence.

Mr. Braebill - Here is a challenge to you – write an article that gives causes and supports your premise that “white supremacy” is a mental or psychological defect in our society that is particularly infecting only the “White” people. Please don’t resort to selective identifying groups that claim “white superiority” as your proof for a systemic infection.

Bailey Jones

One need only read the newspaper, no, not even that, since the crimes are so notorious they are reported everywhere. The El Paso shooter. I can think of 3 attacks on synagogues in the past few years. The burning of the mosque in Victoria. The slaughter of innocents at the Emanuel AME church, the mass attack and murder in Charlottesville, Virginia. The Charlottesville Nazi march itself, the horrific torture and murder of James Byrd. And I could go on and on and on without even having to crack open Wikipedia. And then there's the white supremacist terror that's been common place in the US for CENTURIES. Thousands, literally THOUSANDS, of beatings, murders, rapes, lynchings, bombings, burnings and episodes of ethnic cleansing, motivated entirely by racism.

And sure, these days it's a relatively small group of white males causing all the problems. Terrorists are always a tiny percentage of their community. They're the outliers, the extremists.

If you look at the perpetrators of the mass shootings we've endured over the last few decades, it's a pretty even mix of the mentally ill, white supremacists / nationalists, and Muslim extremists. I hear a lot about the mentally ill lately (although I see no action), we've spent - I've lost count - $6 trillion? on the "war against Islamic terror". It's time we make a similar effort to eradicate the scourge of white supremacy from our nation.

Extremism is like a magnifying glass - it takes the ideology that permeates every society and concentrates and focuses it into a white hot hatred. White supremacy is just an extreme form of the casual racism and white nationalism that we are all raised with. It's embedded very deep in American culture - so deep that many Americans can't (or won't) even see it. The way to destroy it is to destroy the roots. But you can't destroy the roots unless you can admit that they are there.

I would ask everyone to look at themselves for a moment. Do you live in a mostly white enclave? If so, why? Go through the friends list on your facebook page - mostly white? If so, why? How much time do you spend at work chatting with your own race vs other races? (Are there even any non-whites at your job?) What assumptions do you make when you see a black or brown person walking down your street? Or running for office? Or at your office? Or walking into your store? Or knocking on your door? The problem of white supremacy is a problem of the heart - the heart of America.

Gary Scoggin

Well said, Bailey

David Hardee

Again Bailey gives a retort - A retort that is wonderful for those that want to use emotion as substitution for reason. So Bailey says it is density of whites that causes supremacy. Here is the central cause says Bailey "Do you live in a mostly white enclave? If so, why?" Bailey answers his question with a paragraph challenging whites to spend less time with each other and intentionally seek to co-mingle with non-whites. Or in essence if the population density was less white it would change the HEART OF AMERICA. No matter their color, race or religion the heart of America is where most of humanity wants to be. Across the planet people are coming to America wanting to reap the benefit of being an American. Unless they assimilate to and help keep the Heart of America pure the "original America" will die. The heart is getting weaker from the POPULIST LIBERAL BENEVOLENT Bailey types. When the heart of America stops where shall we go?

Steve Fouga


Jim Forsythe

Steve, read between the lines.

Wayne Holt

Bailey, I usually find more in your words to agree with than to disagree with, as you probably have noticed. But I would respond to your post this way.

Until Americans are willing to face reality, and be willing to talk about it openly without animosity or defensiveness, we're probably going to be paddling in circles.

Your first and third paragraphs list some of the egregious recent actions of a few mass killers, plus the very real history of racist behavior among white society in the past. There is no room to argue with that, those are facts.

Here are two inconvenient facts that need to be recognized as part of the same dialog: According to studies that have used the FBI data of annual crime in the US, 75% of murders of black Americans are committed by black Americans, mostly young males. Further, whites in the US are victims of crime by black perpetrators at a rate seven times what the rate is for white on black crime.

Yet, amidst a sea of rhetoric regarding white nationalism and pervasive white racism, I never see these facts brought up for discussion. Why? Is it racist to talk about these things? If these statistics were reversed, would it not be a national shame, a crime? And yet, somehow, it is glossed over in search of the elusive yet ubiquitous White Nationalist. How can we have true equality without speaking the truth about these things, discussing how we can do better, and not demonize blacks in general nor white society as a whole in the process?

If white supremacy was the problem of the heart of America, we would not live in a demographically white society with black Supreme Court justices, Joint Chiefs of the Armed Forces, president, secretaries of state, cabinet level positions, education innovators, cultural icons, sports leaders, arts legends. Those who cannot admit the value of others would never let those they consider inferior rise to these levels of social prominence.

My conclusion: there is no such thing in broad American society as "white supremacy." There are small groups of racist lunatics with problems best left to long-term psychiatric care. But as for the average white, it is not a problem, but it will become one if those who practice the virtues you mention in your last paragraph are vilified for being something they are not. (See current Neely spectacle for reference).

Bailey Jones

I don't disagree with most of this, Wayne. The issue of black on black crime is a real one, and one worth talking about. In fact the whole spectrum of statistical disparencies across racial lines deserve to be addressed. But this letter was specifically about white supremacy. The fact that we celebrate Obama and Thurgood Marshall as examples of racial equity simply reinforces how little of it we have. (I remember reading an issue of Jet probably 25 years ago, a previous issue had celebrated someone who had become the first black something, I forget what - and a letter to the editor said something along the lines of "I'll be so glad when we're no longer celebrating black firsts - then we'll know we've made some progress.")

In my studies of American history and society an awful lot of our issues come down to our history of race and racism. It's an open wound that has infected every aspect of our culture (not to take away from the the real progress that's been made - because it's been phenomenal). It also happens to be the history of my family - the white, the brown, and the blacks sides of it, both recent and ancient, so I tend to harp about it. I do disagree that there isn't a veneer of white supremacy across our society, at least in the socialization of my generation. Maybe when enough of us who were raised to be racists are dead the nation can move on. In the mean time, there's always a Gary to make my point.

Wayne Holt

"I'll be so glad when we're no longer celebrating black firsts - then we'll know we've made some progress.")

I'll give all four of my thumbs up on that. I truly believe the vast majority of white Americans feel this way. Among friends in my age cohort, it is VERY uncool to express racist remarks...and this is among mostly Republicans and independents. It's the fastest way to get shut out of interactions with others.

What Mr. Douglas said is the God's honest truth: we need to change our hearts. It's not our leaders, not our civil rights attorneys or pastors, not our business people. We need to look into the eyes of both the mentally troubled black man and the white female police officer AND SEE A HUMAN BEING THERE. Once that happens, there is no telling how much healing will be accomplished. Don't look UP for help from leaders; look IN for strength to do what is right.

Gary Miller

I and other whites prefer spending time with other whites because they are more like us. The white culture is real and we prefer it to other cultures. We aren't interested in improving other cultures by joining them. If members of other cultures want to be more like the white culture we support them but resist having our white culture changed to be more like their culture.

Raymond Lewis

As you wish Mr. Miller. As you wish.

Gary Scoggin

“We aren't interested in improving other cultures by joining them.”. Did you ever stop to think that maybe “their” culture isn’t the one that would be improved with more interaction.

Bailey Jones


Keith Gray

Well I didn't feel real supreme with that pick ax in my hand digging ditches in the early 80s, or hooking poles and restoring service in the wee hours of the night... You don't have to fear whites, blacks, brown, or what ever color you self prescribe to others... you just have to fear bad people... and they come in many different packages.

Ted Gillis

Miller, Really?

Isolate yourself all you want to. Grow old and die a bitter old man without ever experiencing life from someone else’s perspective. The world changes and life changes along with it. Keep up with it and join in on it or risk having your lonely existence be your tomb. Us white folks do not have a monopoly on American culture.

Charles Douglas

Here we go again! Mr. Miller spoke on how he feels and in a free society is allowed to feel. Nothing wrong with that! I did not hear him say he would not render aid to a black or brown person in need! He just said he feels comfortable hanging out with people who looks like him! That's It! This is what ushered in all this PC stuff. "OH you cannot say this anymore or that anymore!" "OH you can't wear that anymore you will offend this or that group!" I get tired of it all! In full disclosure my family right now, is mixed with black, white, and Hispanic, and it is me that keep all their #$#$$ in check where race is concerned! It is not a matter of if I WANTED it this way .....IT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS! Me personally, my father who from thirteen years to twenty years old had a white guardian in the twenties! How about that! He lived in a small house on a rich white man's homestead because his own family abandon him! So let me say this and I'm done. I was six foot four inches, nineteen years old on my way to play college football when he cornered me up and pointed his finger in my face for a racial remark! He did not have an education, but he jerked the slack out of my rope that day! He said, "Boy where you get dat?" "I ain't learn you dat!" "Long as you live, I bet not never hear you say dat again, or me and you ga have it now!" "I mean it now!" He was half my size and all I could do was stand there, head down crying! Then he told me his story and I never will forget IT! You cannot legislate a loving heart, it must be developed and used in doing loving things for others. People need to be exposed, they need compassion and not condemnation. Let me say this, I could have been the worse crackhead, or SOB in the Walls unit in Huntsville Texas but for my parents and my father in particular! I hope this help somebody!

Jarvis Buckley


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