Wednesday's insurrection is an example of those who believe the lies of President Donald Trump and the Republicans about the results of the election.

They've yet to prove that there was more than a few illegal ballots cast in the election.

It's been 202 years since an assault on Washington by the British. Who would've thought that it would be Trump Americans who would have attacked the Capitol?

David Detmar

League City


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Bailey Jones

[thumbup] Exactly. These poor saps have no idea how they've been played. These delusions are an addiction, I believe. Each new one has to be a little stronger than the last. "Nancy Pelosi runs a Satanic child sex ring." - Oh yeah... that hits the spot.

I've seen some of the media interviews. These dupes actually believed that if they took the Capitol, they could crown their savior, set up their gallows, and start the tribunals. What a glorious revolution it would have been. It's madness. And sadness.

Craig Mason

And many of the riots participants will do jail and or prison time, all for worshipping at the alter of Trump.

Carlos Ponce

You will find only a few Trump Patriots imprisoned. The majority are Antifa. Libtard News isn't reporting those names but of a Trump Patriot pops up it makes HEADLINES! Don't be so gullible, Mason.

Thomas Carpenter

Anybody who knew anything about Don the Con, knew it would end this way: no tax returns, three wives and numerous hookers, five bankruptcies, tax cheat, birther claims, the Central Park Five, his inauguration payoffs to family and friends, nepotism ... and the president "who has done more for the blacks than anybody but Abe Lincoln" paid $85,000 out of his pocket for a full page ad to bring back the death penalty so five innocent black men could be put to death. He's a real winner, and he won bigly for all of us, especially those terrorists he turned loose on the Capitol. Five dead, and Weber did nothing except betray the nation.

Carlos Ponce

Can you repeat your post without the BS, Thomas Carpenter? The BS filter on my computer just blocked out most of your post. The only thing left was "has done more for the blacks than anybody but Abe Lincoln".

Bailey Jones

Yes, it was inevitable. If you actually believe his BS - that an American election was stolen by a vast conspiracy of corrupt election officials in cahoots with courts in every state and the SC - if you actually believe that your nation has been stolen from you and all legal avenues to justice are being thwarted - then violence is the only answer. That's how America came about - through our glorious revolution.

But it's all lies. All the lies of a desperate narcissist who doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself. "We're marching to the Capitol - I'll be there with you!" It's the crime of the century. He has destroyed our nation by turning a third of the population against it.

Carlos Ponce

Conservatives do not believe "violence is the only answer, Bailey. Again you're letting your Liberal bias dictate the words and actions of others. Liber GROUP THINK at work.

The phrase you select "We're marching to the Capitol - I'll be there with you!" Isn't in the transcript in that form.

What is there?

"We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women." and "After this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you." Essentially similar to what you posted but in no way is this a call to riot. Thinking so is just a LIE.

Jeff Patterson

The Trump presidency was never going to end well; at least it has ended

Carlos Ponce

It will end in four years.

Jim Forsythe

Well said Thomas!

L'ee Graham

Absolutely. Anyone who chooses to defend and support the MAGA creed after this travesty is no better than the members of that angry mob that desecrated our Capitol. Those were not Antifa. Those people outted themselves or have been outed by oyhers on social media as hardcore Trumpers, MAGAS, QAnon, etc. Yet people continue to make the baseless claims. Unbelievable and shameful.

Thomas Carpenter

The GDN should demand the immediate resignation of the lunatic occupying the White House.

Carlos Ponce

Words of Satan repeated by Thomas Carpenter.

Virginia Stone

I agree with Thomas and Baily about this horrible president he is the worst of all humankind so self-absorbed he has only his own self-interest at heart and he behaves in such an un-American way it's dangerous and as far as any Christ-like behavior I haven't seen much of that either, Do you think he is repentant, it seems not. I'm sorry for those who have been caught up in all his lies, he said what he needed to say to get the evangelicals to vote for him during his first campaign, and he was successful in getting conservative justices seated on the courts so let that be the positive part of what he did for you, but he was not and is not about Christian or American values, he is about Donald J Trump.

Carlos Ponce

This is about Christian values, this is about God whom Democrats have betrayed by spreading falsehoods.

Ted Gillis

You can tell when Carlos starts running out of rebuttal ammo. He resorts to religion.

Jeff Patterson

And labels and insults...

Carlos Ponce

Ted, God is the center of my world. One day you will stand in judgement before the Great Judge. I hope you are ready.

Carlos Ponce

Ted, I was responding to Virginia's statement that "this isn't about Christian values". It is. Note the number of religious; Protestant, Catholic, Jewish who stand by President Trump. The prophets still say there will be a second term for President Trump but some claim the Inauguration will be delayed until January 27.

The policies Democrats want will usher in the anti-Christ. Don't be fooled.

Jim Forsythe

Trump is not a person who should have the power to unleash hundreds of atomic bombs!

As of this week, people are working to unarm Trump and takeaway any possible Trump Temper tantrums leading to global destruction.

This is a area that we, the USA, needs to change, as at anytime we could have another Trump as President.

Under existing policy the only sure way to safeguard the nuclear arsenal from an unstable president is not to elect one. Once in office, a president gains the absolute authority to start a nuclear war. Within minutes, Trump can unleash hundreds of atomic bombs, or just one. He does not need a second opinion. The Defense secretary has no say. Congress has no role.

As a nation, we need to ask ourselves: Why are we taking this risk? Do we really think that Trump is responsible enough to trust him with the power to end the world?

But here’s the even bigger question: Do we really think any president should have the godlike power to deliver global destruction in an instant? By now, it should be clear that no one person should have the unilateral power to end our civilization. Such unchecked authority is undemocratic, outdated, unnecessary and extremely dangerous.

Stephanie Martin

No lies from President Trump. There are hundreds of signed affidavits of fraud.

Carlos Ponce

Stephanie Martin[thumbup]

Hang in there, Stephanie. The Left is trying to remove truth seekers from these forums.

George Laiacona

Poor Carlos he still thinks that his version of a Republican God will change the outcome of this legitimate election

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