Red states and counties can breathe easier since private researchers reported on the voting habits of people moving from blue to red. They had worried people moving from blue cities or states would vote Democrat.

Blue cities and states may be pleased to learn most people moving out are conservative.

With 5.3 times more red than blue counties in the United States, it could be bad news for blue. As red counties gain and blue counties lose population, red gains power.

The good news? Most people moving from blue to red are looking for Black, brown or white conservative neighbors.

Gary Miller

Texas City


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Charles Douglas

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."..

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Gary Miller

Tesla from California to Texas, Starbucks from Seattle to Idaho, Ford from Michigan to Kentucky. Tennessee and Texas, GM from Michigan to Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia, Illinois to Arizona and Texas, Amazon from Seattle to Idaho, New York to Florida, New Jersey to Georgia. Millions of voters moving. Included is a movement from unionized Blue to right to work Red. The ability of unions to force membership for employment must end.

Ted Gillis

This theory of yours Gary, makes absolutely no sense to anything relevant to what anyone cares to know.

Gary Miller

Ted > I have you in the political group that still hasn't learned the Democrat party started it's terminal decline when Joe Biden was nominated. Nominating the worst possible candidate then violating state laws ( not cheating they claim) to elect a loser is all it took.

Ted Gillis

And you Gary are from the party that will deny someone the right to vote because of some flimsy rule, that would require them to stand in line with potentially infected people. Your party flatly would not budge on that. Why? What’s the real reason Gary?

The rule of law? Please. Your party breaks rules all of time.

Carlos Ponce

"that would require them to stand in line with potentially infected people"

Ted, I was at the Old School Museum most of the time during early voting and on election day, often without a mask. I held the door open for those who looked like they needed an assist and females (my dad taught me to always hold a door open for a lady). No one got ill by voting. Masks weren't required to vote or serve as an election clerk. Most did but not 100% of the time. They gave them a large cotton swab to vote. Most (me included) didn't use the swab. They sanitized the screen after use.There were hand sanitizing stations for those who wished to use them.

Ted is old enough to vote absentee if he did not want to come in person. Others lied about being out of town to get an absentee ballot if they feared infection.

But I can see Ted sanitizing his mailbox before obtaining his ballot. Then he used 6 foot tweezers and scissors to open the envelope. Then with a 6 foot pen he voted and signed the ballot. Ted didn't lick and seal the envelope. He got his trained dog Lassie to lick and seal the envelope. Lassie then applied proper postage, sealed the envelope and reinserted the ballot into the mailbox and raised the flag. Good dog, Lassie!

Is that what happened, Ted?

Thomas Carpenter

Miller's ghost writer has gone off the deep end.

Gary Miller

Thomas > The truth scares you?

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