Once again, a play on words and no confidence in their ability to handle a criminal case, the Galveston County District Attorney's office does not exhibit a desire to protect our schools from attack from within.

In the article ("'Kill list' didn't merit charges, prosecutors claim," The Daily News, Sept. 8) an assistant DA said a threat must be direct, a list with names on it and using language, to kill is not direct enough. And it was a juvenile who went on a rampage already as we all know. Using the application of law to hide behind is wrong.

The word that comes to mind is deterrent. When one of these trolls thinks they may be prosecuted it could possibly send a message to others. When no attempt to try to prosecute, as in this case, the system failed again. Are we going to wait until the threat is again imminent, and then to witness the carnage before demanding the proper legal prosecution is attempted?

Even trying sends a message. For too long the legal system has been trembling because of political baiting. Our children deserve better.

Gaylon Ray

Texas City


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Paul Hyatt

After reading the article and then re-reading yours I guess my question is do you want the DA to go against the law? If the law says one thing and he does another doesn't then that make him a criminal? If the laws are not to our satisfaction then we need to lobby Austin to change the law.

Carlos Ponce

“We’re very concerned about high school students, especially at Santa Fe, making threats. We would love to charge. I would love to be able to have some control over these students, to be able to learn more about them, about their phones. But we cannot support a case, no matter how much we want to, if we don’t believe there’s sufficient probable cause.” Kevin Petroff, Galveston County’s assistant district attorney
"The two students faced 'consequences' from the district, though officials did not specify what they were."

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