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Theresa Elliott

I used to rely on the newspaper for information but finally realized the news is really just opinions. EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE has ONE person’s name as the author and it is literally just their opinion or interpretation of the issue and their decision what facts or non facts to include. So, it’s really the Daily Opinion.....

Gary Miller

Theresa> Worse than that. The writers opinion is ruled by the supervisor who follows the wishes of the editor.

Dalton Logan

Who may in turn be following the direction of the owners of the paper.

Gary Scoggin

I thought you had to be a paying subscriber to post comments here. I can’t imagine that is true because there’s no way people who hate the GDN this much would be paying for a subscription.

Bailey Jones


Carlos Ponce

How many years have you been reading the GDN, Gary Scoggin? My reading experience with this paper goes back to the 1960s. It's not the same paper. GDN used to reflect the audience - right of center. As indicated by the ballot counts in recent elections, the Galveston County populace is still right of center. The current paper isn't. Problem is, some of the editors don't see it since Left reflects THEIR values.

I always use the example of the local sports writers. In a contest between two local high school teams they don't pick sides.

Bailey Jones

editor - noun - a person who is in charge of and determines the final content of a text, particularly a newspaper or magazine.

If you can't figure out how to cancel your subscription, I can help you with that, Carlos.

Carlos Ponce

I like the local sports coverage. One of my former students Erin Smith wrote many of the Hitchcock Bulldog football articles. As for the rest of the paper, I am anticipating a renaissance. In the meantime, I will counter Liberal nonsense.

Bailey Jones

Keep fighting the good fight.

Ted Gillis

I too have been reading the Galveston Daily News since the 1960’s.

Your opinion of the paper being reflective of the community is correct, it’s just that your opinion of what “right of center” means.

I think it is you who have moved away from right of center and the rest of use have remained just were we have always been.

And as far as the reporters reporting up to their editor, and the editor up to the publisher, and owners. Well the owner reports to us, and the advertisers, and to all of the people who consume those articles and advertisements.

Carlos Ponce

No, it is the paper and the Democrat Party who moved Left of center. Many believe County Judge Ray Holbrook has always been a Republican. When elected he was a mainstream Texas Democrat. A lot of people voted for LBJ in 1964 thinking he was still a Texas Democrat, slightly right of center. Remember Bill Clinton and Democrats voted for the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Now the Democrats frown on DOMA. Obama first ran on the belief that marriage was between a man and woman then changed his mind to same sex marriage. Bill Clinton ran as a centrist. After winning he ran to the Left, lost Congress to the Republicans then moved back to center.

Do you have access to Newspaper Archives? Reading the editorial content and stories you find very little of the Left in the 50s, 60s, 70s.

November 7, 1972 page 4: EDITORIAL "The Galveston Daily News has endorsed President Nixon for re-election."

Gary Scoggin

The same goes for Republicans by the way. Would Nixon and Reagan be welcome in today’s Republican Party? I think not. Both sides have moved; however, I submit the Republicans have moved further right than the Democrats have left. Neither represents the center or close to it.

Carlos Ponce

"Would Nixon and Reagan be welcome in today’s Republican Party? I think not." People who knew them say yes, they would be welcome.

They would frown on Nixon during Watergate but would compare his efforts to normalize relations with China without capitulation to Trump's efforts. They would also compare Nixon's wanting out of Vietnam to Trump wanting out of the Middle East.

From Reagan.com: "Shortly after Trump’s tenure began, he went to work on an issue that also resonated with Ronald Reagan: government de-regulation. Headlines touting that Trump undertakes most ambitious regulatory rollback since Reagan rankled liberals but energized conservatives who had been anxious for a president with the same passion that Ronald Reagan had for removing big government from Americans’ daily lives. Trump and Reagan both understood that bureaucratic red tape that regulates so many industries deprives Americans of job opportunities and stagnates the economy.

The Trump Reagan similarities encompass many other policy issues: Both have backed religious freedom, invested heavily in building a strong military, pioneered tax cuts to invigorate job growth and put money back in the pockets of working-class Americans and have supported limiting entitlement programs in favor of back-to-work and job-readiness initiatives. Underlying nearly all of their domestic and international positions has been a shared belief in the 'America first' approach—that, first and foremost, the government should be investing in ways to keep the country safe, prosperous and growing."

Carlos Ponce

"I submit the Republicans have moved further right than the Democrats have left. Neither represents the center or close to it."

Hubert Humphrey and Ed Muskie were pro-life; Ted Kennedy and Jesse Jackson also initially opposed abortion. George McGovern would have left it up to the individual states. John F. Kennedy was for tax cuts."A rising tide lifts all boats."

Now if you go way back to 1860 there was a party opposed to slavery and one who fought to preserver it.

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