As a strong Republican, I look forward to monthly columns authored by David Michael Smith. Smith's writings are the single best motivating factor for voters to select Republican candidates.

It's a certainty that Galveston County Republicans have no one that can compete with Smith's rationale. It's important for voters to be educated, and I think Smith does an exemplary job of demonstrating to The Daily News readers exactly how the political left thinks.

I cannot thank him enough for his contributions, and The Daily News' eagerness to publish them. But I feel that he's being shortchanged.

The Republicans I've spoken to feel that Smith would be more beneficial to the conservative cause if he had a weekly column. Accordingly, we've started a petition at named "Support a weekly column by David Michael Smith Ph.D."

Republican friends, please head over to that website and voice your support for this man to be able to spread his wisdom on a weekly rather than monthly basis. Republicans are sure to be rewarded with electoral victories for as long as Smith can publish his brand of scholarship.

Sandra Tetley


Editor's note: Everyone is welcome to submit columns once a month. We publish the vast majority of them, one about as eagerly as the next. David M. Smith, as a matter of fact, has submitted four this year. Interestingly, Smith did once have a weekly column, which was dropped, despite objection from the editors, over outrage among conservatives. The newfound dedication to free speech and an unfettered marketplace of ideas expressed here is, therefore, refreshing.


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(13) comments

Bailey Jones

It's nice that "strong Republicans" have a real communist to rant against. I'm sure it's a welcome distraction from constantly having to defend and rationalize what comes out of Austin.

I don't actually read Dr. Smith's columns. Maybe I should - some people here seem to take them really seriously. Over 80 comments so far on the last one.

C. Patterson

Is it 80 comments or 5 people arguing back and forth😂🍿

Bailey Jones

I'd like to have an argument, please.

Ed Buckner

Monty Python did so many bits so well. And i say that as someone who dearly loves to have arguments.

Bailey Jones

Ed, I was lucky to come of age in Dallas where KERA had been the first network (PBS, of course) to bring Python to America (in 1974). Teenage boys were delirious. Me and my friends from those days can still quote most episodes verbatim. Driving to the mainland last night I noticed a Spamalot billboard - I guess it's coming to town.

Ed Buckner


David Smith

Pure cosmic debris

Ed Buckner

The technical phrase to describe what you're trying to do, Ms. Tetley, is "whistling past the graveyard." Mr. Smith columns are interesting, often have very strong, supportable points, and are worth reading even if he is occasionally part of the Left that drifts into the sort of rigid, un-nuanced narrow-mindedness I usually associate with the Right. Ms. Tetley's fear that ordinary folks will see some wisdom in Smith's column--the opposite of what she claims--is palpable.

George Croix

“Some of the people all of the time…”

Umbrellas open…

Ed Buckner

Umbrellas, like parasols, are, as the names suggest, more anti-light than anti-water.

George Croix

Well, you should by a better quality umbrella, Ed.

My Napoleon Solo Kevlar model even repels most handgun rounds....

I'll have to think about that more light from a Marxist ex-professor for a while, Ed.....right now, I can't connect those two dots....

George Croix

Cute video.....

But, absent facts, absent law, pound the table......!!


Comment deleted.
George Croix

Hey, TJ.

Keep that on the spot news coming.

Only thing I go to Facebook for is to keep track of my daughter/family and I45 NOW.

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