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Charles Douglas

“Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath:”

Ephesians 4:26

It took me a long time to get my PHD. I don't know about others, but when you ascertain a "PHD in Hard Knocks" ....it usully takes a long, long time. I watched Reverend Daniels and a bunch Radicals back in the day March and demonstrate in 100 degree weather for better schools in this very county during Segregation! They quit school, and marched and demonstrated in the heat all day long while I and others watched from the windows of our third RATED school facilities!

They did not go home mad, they were just mad as hell in the heat marching, and shouting for better schools, and better opportunities because that was why their parents were paying taxes. Lololo! They were motivated to act, and I was not! I did not think they had a snowball chance in the home of Satan to change things, but they did! I learned a lesson from all of what I observed out of those Windows! What I learned..served me well the rest of my life in Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, El Paso, Southeast Asia, and everywhere else I ended up!

I never used anger for vengeance, but I used anger to motivate me to STAND-UP when it was time for somebody to stand-up! Many times I stood alone! Sometimes Anger can be like a match to a pilot ...used to get things started! It does not have to last all day, just to jump-start a needed response in order to address an adversed situation! No need to let the sun go down on any wrath, either! [wink].

Craig Mason

Thank you for sharing your experience Mr. Douglas, that was very moving. I know Reverend Daniels and he has always seemed like a voice of reason to me. I would have loved to have known him when her was a young man.

David Hardee

Thank goodness you were allowed to publish a criticism of the local media's opinion piece.

I had a critical Guest Column submission stonewalled until I persisted and was directly told with finality, "why should we waste our" to publish your article of criticism. Must be that you are credential.

Certainly imbedded in your article is the message that the opinion expressions of an author who takes effort to expose their pent up feeling is valuable for it's cathartic effect. And that relief is a satisfier to quell a possible harmful eruption.

Let's hope the GDN management will recognize that though they posses the prerogative to stifle (of a dictator) the duty is to allow and debate any opinion that is reasonably presented (rejection only if threatening, vulgar or other extreme ).

Woeful, is that the 4th Estate, especially the printed local. is disappearing. Woeful is that the local autonomy is disappearing. If we resurrected both local papers and local autonomy our society would reap the rewards from the privileges given the 4th Estate, to use for the good of society and country.

Bailey Jones

What a ridiculous letter. I had to go back and re-read the editorial - surely I had missed an incitement to mob violence. Nope - just a little old lady marching for social justice and a man practicing his art to honor the dead. I'm no licensed mental health professional with a doctorate in psychology, but surely channeling your anger into something positive is the very definition of mental health.

Charles Douglas

Mr. Jones! Here comes one of those miracles again! Thats right! It is coming again! "I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID!" [thumbup][thumbup].

Bailey Jones

Might be a good time to buy a lottery ticket, Charles.

Ted Gillis

David, I don’t know anything about the 4th Estate. I do though suspect that unless you are a paid advertiser, the GDN probably puts little value on yours or my opinion pieces.

Letters to the Editor is just a fun and quick read for most, kind of like Dear Abbey.

David Hardee

I think your correct Ted. And also for the most part they treat local issues as a teaser. They will publish the story authentically to the quotes and obvious facts then if the issue has future ramifications needing investigative reporting and follow up it is abandoned. The issue might arise again if a new element is brought to light but there is no investigative efforts expended.

Recall the $500,00.00 scam perpetrated on the public funds and an additional $21,000.00 spent to audit and investigate. We have never had an in-depth report on the conclusion and or the structural changes or the responsibility assigned to an entity that failed to protect or tax dollars. And the horrid violence in La Marque deserve a report on the on going efforts by the coalition of police agencies and public dignitaries. Interview with the resident would reveal attitudes and might een lead to some identities that are perps. And even a follow up on slime in the ice machines would be a public service.

In depth Local news and 4th Estate public service of the past traditions is like many other traditions disappeared. And circulation/subscribers are withering. Recently the El Paso newspaper shut and that will be the eventual fate of most locals. Gannet and the mega-corps are waiting to pluck them and establish a nation wide broadcasting of agendas and titillating opinion and influences on the public.

The society is weakened as the traditional 4th Estate fails to do the duty of scrutiny on the local establishments/bureaucracies.

Dear abbey, crosswords, sudoku, comics, classified, and obits require no professional journalist so they will prevail.

I miss and am saddened by the situation,

But, Ted, our offerings in the opinion pages do stimulate debate and robust activity. Just look at the number of comments. So keep up the effort all you concerned citizens, a true newspaper champion might appear - it could happen.

Dan Freeman

Here is a link to Mr. Elliott’s professional biography: http://galvestonpsych.com/bio.html It does not list a Ph.D.

David Hardee

He comes across as a bite irregular which does qualify as a psychologist iwhether certified or not

Raymond Lewis

Seems that he has done some good stuff. Not sure why he would come across the way he did or to list a credential that really adds nothing to his view. Ms Batiste' column did not come across at all in the way suggested to this retired mental health professional. Of course we are all entitled to our own interpretations.

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