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Bailey Jones

That's hilarious. [thumbup]

Leigh Cowart

Please consider saving your newspapers for the Humane Society....either BARC or GIHS...thanks!!

Allison Buchtien

[beam][thumbup][thumbup] Love this! If all else fails please recycle!

Stuart Crouch

Wowza! There's one for the scrapbook, right there! Is this really a real person that wrote this? Does someone actually believe these things that this letter offers? Could we at least have a picture of some of these folk, in case we run across them out in public? We've now been enlightened about Murder Hornets, virus maps and masks, U.S stormtrooper rent-a-thugs and now this rare gem of a being. Go ahead and trash your paper; if it's a puzzle you need, just find a mirror. [batman]

George Caros

Putin/trump 2020 MAGA making Russia great again

Carlos Ponce

When I read your post George Caros I remember the words of the Desiderata:

"listen to others, even the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story".

Bailey Jones

This would be too easy.

Bill Broussard

I think you just called the author full and ignorant Carlos. I would think you should show a little empathy to someone with your DNA but I guess I was wrong.

Carlos Ponce

"full and ignorant" - your words, not mine, Bill.

"someone with your DNA" - No, he does not have my DNA.

Bill Broussard

Ok. Facts. 30% drop in GDP this quarter

150,000 dead and rising

We are great in that we are among the top five Nations in total infections

There is a stalemate in assistance for those out of work at congress

We have unemployment equal to or greater than the Great Depression

We have a historic presidency in that it’s suggested we postpone the election in November for the first time in our history

As requested, I leave it to you to reach your own conclusions

Carlos Ponce

Just be patient.

Carlos Ponce

"We have unemployment equal to or greater than the Great Depression"

Sorry Bill, the current unemployment rate is high at 11.1% but not as bad as the Great Depression at 24.9%.

Bill Broussard

Sorry, I forgot one:

It’s estimated that by the time our president leaves office next year we will have added to the national debt by at least 7 trillion dollars

Our boys remain in Afghanistan and Iraq but we’ve added to the number by sending 1500 to Saudi Arabia

As soon as the great tax cut went into effect my taxes increased by 9000.00

The only place where we’ve seen legitimate troop withdrawal was in northern Syria and left the field to Syria, Russia, and Turkey

John Kennedy only had one relative in the White House

Protests are both vilified ( BLM-bad!) and encouraged ( “free Michigan!”-good)

I’m identified in voter registration as a Republican and think conservative.

I work daily on sorting this mess out based on facts

Carlos Ponce

If that's all you got, Bill, it tells me one thing - RE-ELECT TRUMP!

Carlos Ponce

From the above posts it looks like they had a late night Liberal kool-aid party!

Tom Russo gets it! The Trump haters are getting four more years to vent their anger.

Bill Broussard

Carlos. I see you did use the facts to make up a decision just like the author said. Good for you! I think that his plea for facts only falls a bit short though because 1) two smart people can come to very different conclusions and 2) I suspect you were leaning that way before I payed them out. BTW we did hit the depression level number or close to it. Your number, quite accurately, reflects a resound since we opened sort-of. When you attribute the improved rebound number to our administration please also include the 160,000 dead

Carlos Ponce

"BTW we did hit the depression level number or close to it." Only when you consider the US population is higher in 2020 than 1929 and mostly males were affected in 1929 as opposed to today where both men and women are out of work. Percentage wise - not even close. At the height of the Great Depression 12,830,000 were unemployed in 1934. But you have to remember this number represented almost exclusively men who were the sole source of income for their family. The 1930 Census showed 122,775,046 Americans. Today's population is over 331,000,000 almost 2.7 times as many people. At that rate you would need 34.64 million unemployed today (June 2020 it was 17.8 million) to come close to Great Depression levels. Not even close.

Patricia C Newsom

Agreed Mr. Russo. Please give us facts, not opinions. There are good results by both parties.

Joshua Moore

I've let my subscription expire. The only real reason I had a subscription was for Capt. Kent's Reel Report. Plus it gets old looking in the comments section and seeing the same two goons replying to everything.

Bailey Jones

Bye Felicia, we goon miss you.

Charles Douglas


Straight Out Of Compton!!!!!!![wink]

Charles Douglas

I meant Staight Outta Compton!!!!! [beam]

David Shea


Tosha Jones

Agreed Tom A. Russo!!!!

Emile Pope

The truth always has a liberal bias...bye Felicia...

Carlos Ponce

Truth has no bias in either direction, Emile.

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