On Sept. 14, 2019, I joined Opal Lee and 100 others in a walk to make Juneteenth a national holiday. Council members Craig Brown and Jackie Cole were also present. Just a few questions:

• Has the city designated anyone to spearhead funding for a Juneteenth National Museum in Galveston? Given the salaries of city staff, it seems that there's money available for a mid-level position to facilitate the effort.

• Has anyone coordinated effort with U.S. Rep. Randy Weber and U.S. Sens. John Cornyn and Ted Cruz to identify federal funds? Smithsonian Museums frequently support auxiliary efforts throughout the United States. This seems perfect for the African American History Museum.

• I believe the State of Texas spent more than $100 million to rehab the Alamo. Where are state Sen. Larry Taylor and state Rep. Mayes Middleton in support? Maybe they could provide seed money from their $1 million war chests. How about $50,000 each?

All of this should've been completed already; it's just not that difficult. Space limits other comment. The facility should be within two to three blocks of the historic marker and free as are the Smithsonians in Washington.

Unbelievable this hasn't happened in such a great city.

Ron Woody




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Bailey Jones


Samuel Collins III

Hopefully we can get some support for the Texas A&M University staff and students that are working to create a task force for the Juneteenth Museum. The TAMU Texas Target Communities program is an award winning program that can benefit the community of Galveston. The Juneteenth Museum project is much larger than one building. No other event in the history of Galveston has a national holiday associated with it. Ron Woody, Tarris Woods, Michael Smith, Ed Cotham and myself have all written about the importance of this Juneteenth Museum for Galveston. As Michael stated in his editorial all the talking points have been made and now is time to do something. We have a team and a plan, but we need more financial support to get it done.

Ron Woody

There are 11 Federal Holidays only 3 of them have specific US locations:

Thanksgiving Day - Plymouth, MA

Independence Day - Philadelphia, PA

Juneteenth - Galveston, TX

The question is what will Galveston do with the opportunity before them?

Thanks to Mr. Collins for keeping this in the forefront of "leaders" minds.

Bailey Jones


Norman Pappous

"Ask not what your country (city) can do for you...ask what you can do for your country." - JFK

Ron Woody

Mr. Pappous, I appreciate your comment and many individuals are working on this concept to make it happen. While I know enough about you to know that you and I share the same beliefs and values on many issues and will most likely support you in any personal endeavor or office you pursue. I do not share your intellect in finance, discipline and self-control that allow me to self-finance a National Juneteenth Museum.

I used the Alamo as an example of how the Texas Legislature has previously stepped up to acknowledge and fund Texas History. Why the Alamo and not Juneteenth?

I know that Mr. Collins has persistently worked on identifying options for a Juneteenth Museum, so no one is waiting around for someone to do something. That being stated it often takes acknowledgement, certifications, legislation, statues, etc. to get things accomplished. No one person does this by themselves.

As stated if all you have accomplished you did on your own, then kudos to you but typically that is not how it works. Most libraries, museums, universities have one major named contributor and then many others follow. That is why every major institution has a development office.

I know you know this so why the arrogant, snide, comment; I truly believe this is beneath your character and I expect better.

While I appreciate your beliefs and values save your arrogant attitude for where it is more accurately placed, especially when you are asking for my vote as GOP Committee Person.

Regards, Ron

Norman Pappous

Mr. Woody, I share your desire to see a Juneteenth museum of international caliber located on Galveston island. I just happened to believe the adage by a famous economist that if you put the government in charge of the Sahara desert you'd have a shortage of sand soon thereafter. Already one of the state's great museums (Bryan) is located in Galveston and was brought to fruition without a dollar of taxpayer funds. When you take taxpayer funds, you also take what comes with it - the whims of politicians that must satisfy their constituency. I've raise a lot of money in my time and I know one thing about 'big' money - they want to be the last one in. They want to skim the cream off the top. They want their money to be associated with a guaranteed winner. That style/size of money will not follow taxpayer funds from the city of Galveston. If you allow the city to fund the museum, you forever curse it to be held hostage to the vagaries of local politics.

After I am elected, let's all get together. I'll enthusiastically use the powers and influence of the office to help the museum get funded through private donations first, then federal and state funds. Have a happy new year.

Ron Woody

Mr. Pappous, yes I did as for city support in providing a resource to coordinate efforts for a National Juneteenth Museum. I do not think that is to much of an ask for one of three federal holidays that have a specific location at its origins.

My main comment is the failure of elected "leaders" to support the effort and ask why $100 million was spent on the Alamo and nothing for a Juneteenth Museum? Regardless of viewpoint that is a disparity that has yet to be explained. A "leader" for the chamber, city, county should be jumping up and down in front of the GLO, state legislature, etc.

I have been to events at the Bryan Museum but have never entered. Unfortunately, I do not have millions to acquire a building, collection, curator and staff to support a National Museum. I have heard it is exceptional

I have been involved in politics and around money my entire life. I truly understand the predominant attitude of those with money. Your statement is simply inaccurate about private funding for government entities. Perhaps you have heard of the Smithsonian Institute, those collections and museums were developed predominately with private funds under government guidance. UT & T A&M have two of the top five endowments in the US if not the world. Another example of private money going to government controlled entities. There are thousands of other examples I could give, but a local example would be Sealy Foundation and UTMB. Yes there are strings attached, but it is a strong example of private/government partnership.

I have worked as a government contractor for over 30 years with nine different Departments and a dozen different agencies. I am well aware of how poorly government can operate, but not everything is done poorly.

Again, my problem is not with your viewpoint it is with the belittling, condescending, sarcastic tone of your comments. The explaing of things that us "lesser beings" do not understand. I do not have your net worth, at the age of nine I, sub-conciously, made a decision to store my treasures in heaven and not on this Earth. A decision that I quite often question, but rarely regret. That does not mean my intellect or understanding is less than yours.

I also notice you are willing to assist only if /when you are elected, as you imply typical of those with money. I will only assist after I get what I ask for what happenened " To ask not ...", guess that doesn't apply personally.

Keep responding with your same condescending, lack of humility, sarcastic remarks and I will start looking for someone else to elect to represent me and my values

Regards, Ron

Carol Dean

"After I am elected..." isn't that "putting the horse before the cart"? I am assuming that Pappous is referring to his bid to become Chairperson of The Galveston County Republican Party. I was not aware that that leaders of either party could gather donations on their own and designate them for such a proposed project.

Ron Woody

My comments were in regard to your "mansplaining" as if I was an imbecile and only you know how big money works and thus your ego requires you explain to show your superior intellect. Believe me, I am quite aware of this trait as I am often guilty of this myself as Mr. Gillis will readily attest.

The Kennedy quote was just a misuse of a situation that you apparently are not aware. Years of effort has gone into trying to gain support without a single elected "leader" stepping forward.

To paraphrase the Rverend Jesse Jackson, "looking for a hand up not a hand out" at this time anyway.

I am simply asking why the imbalance in history? Right now the scoreboard reads:

Alamo - $100 million

Juneteenth - $0

Why is this?

Ron Woody

Fact checked myself

Hand up, not hand out, was also JFK. Kind of ironic.

Guess my mom is right, I don't know everything. 🙂

Bailey Jones


Norman Pappous

"Again, my problem is not with your viewpoint it is with the belittling, condescending, sarcastic tone of your comments."

I quoted JFK's 1961 inaugural speech. Interesting how you choose to characterize that. [innocent]

Norman Pappous

@CarolDean " isn't that "putting the horse before the cart"?"

Uh - Carol, how do you hook up a horse to a cart? This explains a lot.

Lisa Blair

Polling h hi jkpo o

Carol Dean

[beam]N. Pappous, just checking to see if you were "awake and with the program"! Still trying to figure out your statement and how you plan on taking control of monies raised if you are elected?

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